How to Connect Ricoh Printer to Wireless Network

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Ricoh printer to a wireless network: An effective printing model

Since its Inception, Ricoh has been a market leader in printer designing. Ricoh is the most trusted brand as they always ensure performance-up-gradation. Ricoh recently launched its machine fully capable to refined printing and is loaded with optical and image processing technologies. Ricoh has a user base of over 1.4 million over the world. Ricoh printers render not only to official workplaces but also to other places where its utility is highly needed. Serving people to work smarter using our technology-based services.

Ricoh has a reputation for rendering quality work at high speed. This explicitly means that if one has got connected Ricoh printer to a wireless network, then, printing job hassles can be combated. The  Ricoh printer to wireless network configuration helps to cut costs. For instance, you need not have connected a printer to each user via wires, instead, one wireless network-based Ricoh printer can handle the task. This will enable multiple users to effectively perform their printing tasks without any hassle while saving a great deal of money is worth by the day.

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Connect the Printer Hardware to the Computer

Step 1

Interface Your Ricoh printer and a Master computer system via the printer cable that came in packaging. In case if you also keen to connect your printer machine on the wireless network then do insert the WLAN card in the WLAN interfacing module. Now plug the printer cable on a power outlet.

Step 2

  • Go to the Start menu, and select the control panel option.
  • Select the print folder, among other hardware options available.
  • Hardware options should be chosen by checking the compatibility with the installed Operating system version.

Step 3

  • Select the option on the taskbar to view connected printers on the network.
  • Keep a tab to click on the icon for your Ricoh printer.
  • In case, if no icon list prompts, then return to the “Printer” folder in the taskbar and select the task to scan add the available printer on the wizard and then save it.

Step 4

  • Return to Menu
  • Run the “Network Setup” wizard and click OK to close the printer options
  • Run a test print command to ensure that Ricoh printer to a wireless network is interfaced.

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Ricoh printer to wireless network Connectivity Issue– Probable Causes

When users encounter this connectivity issue while connecting Ricoh printer to a wireless network,  it is generally a case meant for the users to take a close watch of the setup installed and just check out whether you might also not have made the same mistakes as shared below.

This issue generally appears when the user is unable to set a communication channel between printers and master computer via busses. This issue also arises when a user connects to an invalid SSID. This issue can be checked if proper connections are made and WLAN mode is checked timely to ensure fault-free printing experience when connected Ricoh printer to a wireless network. Most probable reasons for this network connectivity issue to occur:

Check for following commonly made mistakes while connecting Ricoh printer to a wireless network

  • Check whether the wireless LAN access point is correctly configured.
  • Check whether a wireless LAN access point is receiving considerably good signal strength
  • Check whether you Switched the WPS button in ON state or not.
  • Check whether the PIN configured correctly?
  • Check whether LAN configured to Ethernet802.11
  • Check whether connections of Ethernet cable made properly.
  • Check whether the communication mode of WLAN is set to Ad-Hoc Mode.
  • Check whether you have configured the setup with an authentic password and SSID.


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