Brother is one of the famous printer manufacturer known for its unmatchable feature and superior quality printing experience. As time passed brother printer became a more prominent name in the printer industry as it meets the requirement of users in a more convenient and affordable manner. But sometimes users need to face common issues as well. If you are getting any unwanted errors or your Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi then it may be due to various reason which needs to resolved within no time.

Printers can create a great nuisance when you need to print essential documents. Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi is the most common issue which can be resolved easily by following some of the troubleshooting if you have any technical skill only then. If you don’t know how to perform any troubleshooting steps then you need to reach out to the professional technicians who help you out in resolving Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi issues within a desired budget and dedication.

Common Reasons Why Your Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi!

brother printer not connecting to wifi

If your Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi then there are some major as well as minor issues that can be responsible for these unwanted issues. Some of the issues are listed below:

  • Low signal WIFI connection.
  • Invalid Wi-Fi settings.
  • Outdated or corrupt drivers installed.
  • Recent changes in router configurations.
  • Invalid firewall settings stooping the network connection.
  • Routers and printer are placed very far.
  • Invalid printer spooler.
  • Recent changes in VPN settings.

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Some Steps To Eliminate The Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Set Your Printer As Default Printer – If Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi then try to set it as your default printer. Sometimes a printer install unwanted software’s that has a virtual printer so when a user tries to give command it automatically send to the virtual printer and it saves that file automatically which results in the network errors: users can easily resolve these issues by following common issues:

  • First of all, click start then head to control panel and then hardware and sound.
  • Now select driver and printer
  • After that right-click on your desired printer and choose Set as a default printer. Now click ok to confirm it.

Restart Your Devices Again – Sometimes restarting all your devices including router, printer and desktops can easily resolve the issue with Brother Printer Wifi Connection as some software issues can be resolved easily. A single technical glitch in any of the devices can affect the printing and connectivity so, before reaching to any technician’s users need to restart their devices as well.

Troubleshoot The Printer – Another method to resolve the Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi issues is by troubleshooting the printer. Follow these steps and troubleshoot your devices:

  • First of all, users need to open the control panel then head to hardware and sound after that device and printers.
  • After that uses need to do right click on the printer icon and select troubleshoot. It can automatically detect the issue and fix all the concerns affecting connectivity.
  • Alternatively head to the search box on the taskbar and type printing problems in and after that choose run troubleshooter to install the printing troubleshooter and follow all the required steps to resolve your issues.

Inspect Router Settings – If you are not sure about the router settings or replaced your router recently you can reconfigure your settings to eliminate the Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi issues. If you don’t know how to perform them follow below-listed steps:

  • First of all, users need to start with opening the browser and type the IP address of the router and press enter.
  • Now search for the wireless security sections and modify the settings to default for the connected router.

Try To Update Router Firmware – If you already checked the essential router settings and it didn’t help then you need to update the firmware of your router to eliminate the Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi issues. Users need to check the manual instruction to update the firmware.

Disable Unnecessary VPN Connections – Another factor by which Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi is VPN’s. If you are using any VPN to connect your printer and desktop to a securely remote network then you could get the connection errors because of security reasons. Try to disable all the VPN and try to connect them again with the home network to get hassle-free printing experience.

Install Or Download All Corrupt Or Outdated Drivers – Drivers play an important role in connecting printer and other devices in a convenient manner. If you are using any corrupt or outdated driver then definitely you’re Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi. For that users need to install all the latest printer drivers. To uninstall and install them:

  • First of all open the control panel and head to programs.
  • After that select programs and feature and then uninstall a program
  • Now click on your printer model or name and click on Yes to confirm the uninstallation process. After that visit the official website or use any official disc to install the desired and updated drivers for your model.

Follow these steps to install the required printer drivers again.

To install printer drivers again start with the start and then head to settings and then update and security after that click on check for the updates. If there is any updated drive available for your printers. It will download and installed automatically so you get the hassle-free printing experience.

We all need hassle-free connectivity and printing results from our devices. If you get any trouble while following nay of the steps in resolving the issues and your Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi even after following all steps you can reach to our helpdesk and get the required assistance from the Brother printer setup certified tech experts.

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