Brother Printer Won’t Print- Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Brother Printers are used worldwide. A name that holds trust of many.Brother printers and all-in-ones are versatile, reliable, and ready for some real work. The brand aces in providing quality in every kind of printer it produces, be it inkjet printers or the laser ones. Get the one that will suit your needs the best and with it, will come the assurance of quality. With its goodwill comes the responsibility to ensure smooth and uninterrupted work through and through. And considering all the work that a printer has to do, it might some time or the other face difficulties in printing. We are here to help you with when the Brother Printer won’t print. You just have to go through the easiest of steps to get yourself out of the ditch.
Getting stuck in the middle of your important job can be grinding and not being able to submit a report on time when your Brother Printer Won’t Print can cause some troubles. There are always some do-it-yourself steps that you can go through, but if that does not work, you can always rely on our customer service team.

Although the chances of your printer not printing are scarce, too much of work on it can sometimes create problems. And to make certain that you do not lag behind with your work, we are providing you with several easy to go through steps.There are always ways you can get yourself out of the puddle of not being able to print on your Brother printer. Here are some tips to help you eliminate the Brother Printer Won’t Print issue for your convenience.

Brother Printer Won’t Print- Possible Causes

A printer not printing on time can cause havoc in the routine work of any organization using it. Knowing what causes the trouble would shorten the time spent on its repair. If your Brother Printer Won’t Print, you can have a quick look at the following tips to get ahead on the issue. Here are some things you could re-check to see if the fault is easily fixable.

Ø Ensure the printing machine has enough power supply
Ø See if the printer is properly connected to the PC
Ø Make sure the printer driver is up to date

Also do remember to check if brother printer is not connected at all as this can cause the printing issues

Brother printer won't print
Troubleshoot your brother printer won’t print issue

If you are someone who uses printers often,you might some time or the other face issues when your Brother Printer Won’t Print. These are some simple steps you can carry out to make sure there is no trouble at your end. And if the problem still persists, you can contact the support team to help you out with the issue.

Ensure Brother Printer’s Power Source Is Intact

Check to see if there is any glitch in the LED light. A stable LED light on the power option shows that the printing machine is on. If the error light is blinking, check your icon/option that signals error. It could be a toner or paper error. This error signs that your Brother Printer might be out of toner or papers. And it is as simple as it sounds, you will just have to check the cartridge to ensure there is enough toner, and if there is, the issue might have been caused by shortage of paper. Fix it by putting in more paper.
If no lights are on despite it being connected, check on your power exit, or reconnect the power cable. Most of the problems relating to Brother Printer Won’t Print issue can be resolved by reconnecting the power cable.

Note: Sometimes setting up proper brother printer wifi connection can fix printer issue
Check The Connection Between The Brother Printer And Your PC


  • Ensure that the connection between the PC and the Brother printer is done well. Reconnect if necessary. It is important to see that the PC has connected to the Brother Printing machine. One needs to open all the devices and click on the Brother Printer Model.
  • Verify status if the Brother Printer has been established as the default printer. And if it is still not so, you will have to add the Brother Printing Machine as your main printing device.
  • Inspect the Access point and router shared by the Printer and the PC. Make certain that the Ethernet cable and access point settings are in order.
  • Observe if the printing device status has stopped. Brother Printer Offline or not set as default. The Brother Printer need to be set as the default model. This will help resolve the issue when your Brother Printer Won’t Print.

Confirm If The Brother Printer Driver Is Up To Date

Outdated Printer drivers are known to cause many serious problems. This driver is a piece of software designed to help your machine communicate with your mobile device or computer.Think of your Brother printer driver as the translator who helps your technology to communicate more effectively.Your Brother Printer Won’t Print if the printer driver is not updated. Therefore it is important that you keep your printer driver updated at all times. Check if the one you have on you is up to date. If not, you can update it by downloading the later version from-

  1. Using downloaded utility driver
    2. Visiting Brother Printer Website.

Also,check how to fix brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridge

Run A Cold Reset-

If everything mentioned above is perfectly fine, and still your Brother Printer Won’t Print, you will have to perform a cold reset. A Cold Reset will surely help you get rid of your trouble. And since Cold Reset or Network Factory Default Setting will remove the recent settings and all the unnecessary archives having backup is important. Therefore, it is advised to have a backup before going ahead with this procedure of running a cold reset of your Brother Printer.

Going through the above-mentioned steps will definitely go a long way in eliminating your Brother Printer Won’t Print issue. Still, if you need some help, you may contact our Brother 2270 dw printer setup experts to fix printing issues


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