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Connect Dell e310dw wirelessly

The Dell e310DW Printer has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and automatic two-sided printing. Have you already purchased the printer and facing issues with setup? Follow the easy steps in the blog for setup. In case you still come across issues while setting up your Dell Printer, you can communicate with experts at Dell Support to help you with the same.

dell e310dw

Dell e310 Setup guide

Ensure the following essentials before proceeding with Dell e310dw Wireless Setup

  • Make sure to keep your printer close to wireless LAN access pint/router.
  • Note down Network Name (SSID) and Network Key (Password) as you will be requiring both of them forsetup

Dell e310dw Wireless Setup using WPS or AOSS

  • Ensure that Wireless access point/router supports WPS
  • Select the network option by making use of up and down arrow buttons. Then Press “O.K”
  • Select WLAN option for Dell e310dw wireless setup and Press “O.K”
  • Now choose WPS option and the press “O.K”.
  • When WLAN Enable appears, press “O.K”.
  • Start the wireless setup wizard. Now press the back button to cancel for proceeding with your Printer Setup.
  • Press the WPS button on wireless access router, when “press key on rtr” is displayed on LCD Screen.
  • Now, continue with pressing the arrow on the printers control panel. The printer will automatically detect the mode of a wireless access point/ router and will try to connect.
  • The printer’s LCD screen displays connected if Wi-Fi is successfully connected. And it will print the machine’s wireless status report. In case the connection fails, check the error code on the printed report.

Dell e310dw Wireless setup using Printer’s Control Panel Setup Wizard

  • You require Network Name (SSID) and Network Key (password) for starting with Dell e310dw setup. Just note down somewhere on a piece of paper
  • Now, make use of arrow keys, select network option and then press O.K.
  • Proceed with your printer setup by choosing a WLAN Option. After, choosing the option press O.K.
  • Now select setup wizard option and press O.K
  • WLAN Enable option appears. When the option appears, click on the “ON” option.
  • The printer will start searching for your network and display list of SSIDs available.
  • Go ahead with Dell e310dw setup by selecting SSID you want from the list displayed.
  • After selecting SSID, enter the Network Key (password).
  • The printer will now try to connect to a wireless device that you have chosen. The printer’s LCD screen displays the connected message if the WIFI successfully establishes the connection.
  • Now, the printer prints the wireless status report.
  • When you are done with Dell e310dw wireless setup, go ahead with installing the necessary drivers and software for operating your device from the Installer CD-ROM.

If still have queries regarding the setup of Dell e310dw, just pick a phone and dial toll-free Dell Support Number to address your printer concerns.


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