Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults – How It Works

Resetting a printer to factory-set default will change all the current settings and replace them with the ones fixed with factory default. If your Samsung printer is constantly running into issues, the best option is to Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults. The process is known as cold resetting. It will bring back the settings to the factory level, that is, to the settings that the Samsung printer was on, prior to using it.

Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults –Steps To Follow

reset your samsung printer to default settings

If you are somebody who uses printers on a regular basis, you must also be familiar with all the troubles that it entails. There are numerous ways of dealing with errors. If you are out of solutions and your Samsung printer still won’t work, you should go ahead with performing a cold reset. Which implies, Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Default Settings.
The following are steps meant to be followed in order to Rest Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults. Carry them out in sequence. It will enable your printer to work again.

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Basic Resetting– To put in simple words, Basic Resetting is a process that needs no additional input whatsoever. It is just a matter of few clicks that you can Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults. The steps to be followed –

  • Go to ‘Menu’ then press these keys in quick succession,#1 9 3 4, the display henceforth will show ‘Tech’
  • Again, go to ‘Menu’ and click select ‘Enter’ The Display now shows ‘Tech Mode’
  • Now press the ‘>’ key twice. The operator panel will pop up and show ‘New cartridge’
  • Select ‘Enter’. The panel now shows ‘Yes’
  • Press ‘Enter’ again.
  • Exit from this menu by pressing ‘Menu #1934’ again

These steps will erase the current settings and will reset to Factory Default Setting. It is often the best solution to your Samsung printer acting up.
Raw And Simple Packages
The Raw Package contains original firmware upgrades from Samsung. If you use this package you would have to run the whole process/steps, from top to bottom.

Whereas the Simple Package contains the patched version of the firmware. And therefore, you would have to run only the final step.

  • Run the firmware downloader. Make sure not to turn off or disconnect the printer/computer.
  • Not to exit the downloader, press any key, and turn off your Samsung printer for few seconds and turn it back on.

Manual Reset
You can also opt to, Reset Samsung Printer To factory Defaults manually.

  • Push the ‘Power’ button for a few seconds. Wait for the LED light to turn off.
  • Remove the power cable from the Samsung printer jack and leave it as such for close to 10 minutes.
  • Plug the power cable back in.

Press and hold the ‘Stop’ button for a few seconds. Release the button once the ‘Demo Page’ begins to print.
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