Fix Mac or Ios Devices Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time

Some PCs and their operating systems have been found to be notorious for connection issues with printers. Unfortunately, this might sometimes happen when you need to print an important document at your home or office. Nonetheless, there are a few troubleshooting steps to take when you are Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time. In any case, reestablishing a connection to your printer is simply a series of troubleshooting attempts and methods. That being said, with our technicians fully equipped to handle such issues with expertise, hopefully, their tips and tricks will be able to resolve your issue quickly.

If you rely too much on your peripherals and computer for your day-to-day operations at your office, you know the sort of frustration that sets in when even one of these stop operating as it should. Although adding any printer on your local area network to a Mac/Windows computer may look simple in theory,in reality, it could be an onerous process. Sometimes it may happen that your printer doesn’t show up in the list of available printers, and you get an error message that says “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time”. Some easy troubleshooting steps can often solve the problem.

A printer can become inoperative from a number of causes. Since a lot of factors are involved in the working of a Mac and printer, you may need to take care of separate aspects just to get to the fundamental cause.

Cables and Connections – Mac Systems

Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time

In such cases where several peripherals and cables are plugged into your computer, your printer’s cable may not be securely tight or may have somehow disconnected. This is necessarily the first place to look to check when your PC displays “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time”. Unplug the wires and cables between your printer and computer and plug them back properly. Every Mac PC has multiple USB ports. If your printer is still not functioning, then try using different ports one by one. There are times when USB cables do not work.

  • Now, you may open the System Profiler application from the Apple menu, and open About this Mac.
  • Click the More Info button, and select Printers. If your printer system is not showing in the System Profiler, try using another USB cable.
  • In case more than one printers are listed, check whether the needed program is installed for your second printer, and try again printing with the second model. This should resolve “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time” error with your Mac system.

Network Issues

network issues

Networked Mac systems via AppleTalk may cause communication issues as well. When file-sharing systems are not switched on, or browsing is not available, your printer may throw up “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time” error.

From Apple Menu Select System Preferences, then click on the Network icon, choose Advanced, and select Apple Talk. Ensure AppleTalk is live and active.

In case you find another printer active in this menu, try printing to the device. When you print with another wireless printer it is better to add it to your network.

This ensures a speedy way to get rid of “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time” error.

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Clear the Print Job Queue and Delete the Printer

You may check if there are multiple print jobs in the printer list in case you have been trying to print from the same app without success. This invariably differs from the printer model. Most printer brands use a standalone utility application that helps you checking with ink levels as well as clearing print jobs in the queue to stop with “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time” error.

You may also use the Mac OS X System Preferences’ open Print Queue feature in the Print & Fax pane. Select the print job stuck in the queue, and get rid of the same.

Further, you may erase the printer itself from System Preferences once more, and then Fax and Print. Click on the padlock icon in the window and enter your admin login credentials. Select the minus icon in the Printers panel to erase specific printers from the list. Add it again by choosing the Add Printer button. In case the “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time” error still comes up, remove the printer, and add it back.

delete printer

Restore Your Printer to Factory Settings

If all attempts to regain connection with your printer has failed so far, then you can attempt resetting your printer to factory settings and setting it up as new. The set-up and restore process can vary across a wide range from one printer model to another. It is good to search for the restore process suited to the particular printer model. In case your printer model instructions are not found easily, you can try steps below for a reset:

  1. Turn the printer off and remove the plug from power for a few seconds.
  2. Now insert the printer plug into the power socket.
  3. Press and hold your printer resume button. This presumably will get rid of your “Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time” error.

Our Technicians Help The Best

When, despite all the effort, you are not able to establish communication with your printer, our technicians help with the best solutions. They quickly get down to the nitty-gritty of your printer issues and ensure that the troubleshooting help is prompt and comprehensive when are Unable To Communicate With The Printer At This Time. We have been in the business of printer troubleshooting for years and provide the best help with cutting-edge knowledge and the finest tips, tools and suggestion for your printer.

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