How to Contact Xerox Support- Phone, Live Chat, and Email

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Last Updated - February 13, 2024
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How to Contact Xerox Support- Phone, Live Chat, and Email

Xerox Support

Xerox printers are reliable and efficient in carrying out heavy printing tasks. But what if you are working on an important project and suddenly your Xerox printer gets stopped? You check the manual, and by any means, it is not working. Thus affecting your task deadlines. However, at this point, you should contact the Xerox Support team for assistance. One can call Xerox customer service by dialing the support number or can start a live chat with one of the customer care team members of Xerox.

Xerox Support

Xerox Support Number

  • Small to Medium Printers ( U.S. and Canada): 1800-835-6100
  • Office Multifunction and Production: 1800-821-2797 (US), 1800-275-9376 (Canada).
  • Service Maintenance Agreements (US): 1866-382-4865.
  • Warranty and Extended Service: 1866-242-7451.
  • Parts for office multifunction and production: 1800-828-5881.
  • Live Chat Support.
  • Customer Support Form.
  • Twitter Support.

How to Connect with Xerox Support?

One can contact the Xerox printer customer care support team to get answers to their problems and for any other assistance. The customer service team will be connected to provide complete guidance related to the printers. You can contact the support team in many ways, such as phone, live chat, support form, and Twitter support. All the methods allow you to connect with a live representative.

Let us have a look at each method one by one.

How to Contact Xerox Support Over the Phone?

One of the best ways to seek assistance from Xerox printers is to connect with them via phone. Xerox printers are available worldwide, and therefore, there are different phone numbers for specific regions. Customers can also call the specific department of the Xerox support team for quick assistance.

To get the Xerox support customer care number

  • You must first visit the official website of Xerox.
  • After that, go to the Contact Us page from the main menu.
  • Herein, you will see many options to connect with the team; choose the Phone option.
  • From the section on phone numbers, choose your preferred number according to your location.
  • Now, the IVR instructions will ask you to choose the desired key to proceed.
  • Later, the live agent will be connected to the call, and you can share all the concerns related to the Xerox printer.

Passengers should check the calling hours for quick response. Xerox support team’s U.S. phone number is 1800-821-2797. It is available for all seven days and works for 24 hours. Moreover, by connecting through a phone call, people might get instant solutions compared to other modes.

CountryPhone Number
United StatesEnglish: 1800-821-2797 Spanish: 1800-821-7726
Canada+1 800 835 6100 Language: English and French
MexicoEnglish and Mexican: +1 800 000 93769
BrazilPortuguese: +55 21 4009 1212
United KingdomEnglish: 0 370 900 5501
Xerox Support Phone Number details

How to Contact Xerox Support Via Live Chat?

You can request any kind of assistance through a live chat feature, which is provided by the Xerox Support team. The customer care provides a detailed knowledge about the product and its features. To start the live chat option, you should follow the simple steps.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Xerox.
  • Now, continue the process by going to the Contact Us page.
  • From the section, choose the Chat with Support Option.
  • Herein, a box will pop up on the screen, stating to choose your country.
  • After that, many options will come related to the Xerox printer.
  • Choose the category carefully, and later, the chat will begin.

Fill Out the Xerox Customer Support Form

It is a very unique way of connecting with the Xerox support team. You will not be speaking to the team on a real-time basis. However, Xerox ensures that the customer service team will respond within one business day.

Xerox Customer Support Forum

Customers can also join the Xerox forum platform to discuss problems and solutions with other peers. It is an online community that provides knowledge and information related to Xerox products. If you find any difficulty while working, you can visit their links on which they have described all the do’s and don’ts of the products.

Communicate with Twitter Support

Social media platforms are becoming popular ways to provide solutions and feedback. It is not only for entertainment; one can also connect to solve their problems with Xerox. People can direct messages to the Xerox account, and a live agent will respond. There is a waiting time of up to 30 minutes, and they will be connected for their answers.

Get Instant Answers through the Xerox “At Your Service”

Xerox provides assistance in many ways, one of which is service blogs. It is their way of giving support to the people. Service blogs are articles on different topics related to Xerox products, which help people to get answers to their concerns while reading them. It helps people to understand and use the features available for the product.

  • One can check service blogs by visiting the official website.
  • Then, go to the Contact Us page.
  • From the section, choose the Service Blogs feature.
  • A homepage will open for the category.
  • While scrolling down, select the topic that you want to read about.

Xerox MySupport – Online Portal

MySupport is an online portal where you can customize your support view, meter, and supply information for specific equipment. You can personalize the display products that you want to see, whatever the location. Somehow, if you have full-service maintenance with Xerox, you may get the benefits of My Support.

  • A personalized online portal support.
  • Just a click for drivers, documents, and support knowledge base.
  • Notifications of new drivers, security alerts, and content for the products.
  • Get a subscription to software updates and support bulletins.
  • Do check the status of a request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Xerox support?

You can contact the support team in many ways, including phone calls, live chat, Twitter accounts, or through customer support forms. All the methods will provide you with live assistance.

In what languages does the US Xerox printer team offer assistance?

When customers call the Xerox printer support team in the US, they can speak to the executive in Spanish or English. For support in English language, they can dial +1 800-821-2797. On the other hand, for assistance in Spanish, dial 1800-821-7726.

What is Xerox MySupport?

Xerox MySupport is an online portal where customers can customize their product supplies and support interface. The portal provides access to drivers, documentation, security patches, and any other request made. It is available to customers who have a full-service agreement or lease/rental agreement with Xerox.

How do you contact Xerox via Twitter?

Xerox has an account on Twitter for updates and deals for their products. Moreover, one can also connect to solve their problems with Xerox. People can direct messages to the Xerox account, and a live agent will respond. There might be a waiting time of up to 30 minutes. After that, they will be connected for the answers.

Do Xerox printers offer live chat support?

Yes, Xerox printers offer live chat assistance to the customers. Customers can chat about Xerox’s products and services with the support agent. The assistance is available 24/7.

What assistance can the support team provide?

The printer support team helps out the customers in numerous ways. The customer service team assists in driver issues, technical faults, updates, security upgrades, and more.

What is the Xerox printer email address?

Xerox printer does not have any general email address. Customers trying to contact Xerox printers through an email can prefer online chat or phone call instead for assistance.