How to Get In Touch With Brother Support?

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Last Updated - February 12, 2024
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How to Get In Touch With Brother Support?

Brother Support

Brother is an MNC Company that deals with electronics and electrical items. These devices are highly reliable and work with full integrity and accuracy. But sometimes, the users may face an issue or error with the Brother devices. The company offers unprecedented support services to its customers and users to handle Brother devices and also support them in managing their functionality. You can demand any service from the Brother Support executives and get instant help without any hassle over the call or live chat with the expert. There are various ways to contact Brother expert assistants to deal with the device issues and make then resolved by an expert.

What are The Different Ways To Contact Brother Support

There are various ways to contact Brother’s expert assistant for help and guidance relating to the device. Also, you can connect with the executive to resolve any issue or error within your device. Here are the ways to connect with the agent:

  1. Call Brother Support Executive: The customer can make a call to Brother USA Support on the official toll-free phone number at +1-877-640-8752. The helpline number is active 24/7 for help and support of the customers.  
  2. Live Chat with the Agent: The live chat agent is available all over the world at The chat hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  3. Chat on WhatsApp: The customers can also send a message to the Brother Support executive on WhatsApp at 7045-450-450. The agent will chat with you and provide entire help with the Brother services.
  4. Connect on Social Media: You can also connect with the agent on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  5. Brother Online Help Centre: Brother also deals with help and support services using the online Help center at There is a quick response from the online help center.

Brother Support Phone Number

Brother provides help and support services on toll-free numbers at 1800-284-4329. There is a fully-fledged support solution around the clock. You can connect with the agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call up for various services like printing, scanning, setup and installation, troubleshooting, network connections, and much more. Here are the details for the support number.

Brother Support Executive Number1800-284-4329
Call Back AvailableYes
Call Pick by Real PersonYes
DepartmentBrother Help and Support
Call Centre Hours24/7
Best Time to Call10:15 AM
Quality of Communication87%
Quality of Help83%
Alternate MethodsWeb, social media, email, WhatsApp

How to Start Live Chat with a Brother Agent?

Brother Support services are also available via live chat with the expert on the official website. You can start the chat by logging into the account and then sending a message to the executive for any help. The executive will help you maintain your device and deal with all the issues you are facing. So, follow the steps below to start the Brother expert live chat:

  1. Firstly, connect the device to the internet and open the web browser.
  2. Type the link
  3. After that, click on the ‘Ask Brother’ button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  4. Now, type the query in the message box and send it.
  5. Finally, the agent will reply to you back immediately and handle your query.
Contact Brother Support Team

Contact the Brother Support Team Online for Assistance

Brother also handles the queries of its customers online at its official website. You can visit the site anytime to get help. All you need is to enter the product name and its model number, and the web page will display all the queries relating to it with the support solution from a professional. So, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly, visit and open the web browser.
  2. Visit the link
  3. Type the name of the device with its model number in the blank field with the title “Enter your Model Number for Support Options.”
  4. After that, hit the search button.
  5. Go with the flow of instructions.
  6. Access the list for support queries and solutions.

How to Contact Brother Team Over Social Media Sites?

Brother Support executives are actively present on various social media sites to help and support their customers and offer them reliable services on time. You can post your query on the wall or send them personally in the message box. Here are the links for Brother’s social media pages:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter

How to Request Services for Your Brother Device?

In case of any query or issue with the Brother device, the users can also submit online call registration at the official website. The agent will call you accordingly on the submitted mobile number and handle your request. So, follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Firstly, open the web browser.
  • Type the link
  • Click on ‘Log a Service Call.’
  • Now, enter the serial number of your device in the field “Enter Machine Serial Number.”
  • Hit the ‘Submit’ button.
  • After that, enter your mobile number and email address.
  • Click on ‘Get OTP.’
  • Submit the OTP for confirmation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Wait for the expert to call you and handle your request.

How to Check the Warranty at Brother Support?

Brother also offers online help services for its users to check the warranty status and the coverage for their devices. You can directly enter the serial number of the device to check its warranty and coverage status. So, here are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, connect your computer to the Internet.
  • Visit the link
  • After that, enter the serial number in the blank field.
  • Click on the ‘search’ button to proceed.
  • The web page will display the entire details.
  • In the next section, you can also check the warranty status for multiple devices.
  • You need to submit a CVS file for this check.

How to Check Status Request for Brother Repair?

After requesting a service online with the Brother executive, you can check the request easily by submitting the Call ID or Serial Number. So, here are the steps to follow:

Where can I find Brother Printer Support?

To connect with the Brother executive for any issue or glitch within the printer, you can call the executive on the official toll-free phone number at 1800-209-8904. There is 24/7 help and support over the call to the agent. You need to first follow up with the automated steps and then speak to the agent to get printer support. Customers can also book an appointment for printer repair and protection services. There are also other methods of contact:

  • Call the agent at 1800-209-8904.
  • Live chat with the executive online at
  • Send a message to the agent on WhatsApp.
  • Connect on Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The printer has become a necessity in today’s life. The important device has a huge say in the day to day life. Whether printing textbooks, banners, or referring to a piece of information, printers cater to all your needs. Brother produces some genuinely quality printers. The printers produce quality printouts while catering to daily workload needs. Get some real work done by versatile and reliable Brother Printers. To maintain the smooth working of printers, they also require repair and service needs. The well-experienced experts at Brother Printer Support provide all the measures to tune up the printers.

Brother has spent years producing top-notch printers. All you need to do is to choose among the quality printers suiting your requirements. Have a look at some of the printer-related concerns addressed at Brother Printer Support.

  • Tune-up and printer optimization.
  • Paper Jams.
  • Slow Printing issues.
  • Unprecedented support for re-installing drivers and repair.
  • Inferiority quality printing.
  • Get the best guidance to fix Spooler issues at Brother Printer Support.
  • Printer setup and configuration issues.
  • Printer connectivity and network issues.
  • Best support and assistance in installing drivers.

What Are The Benefits Of Contacting Brother For Support?

Brother executive handles the request and services of the customers with full reliability and integrity. There is a range of services that the expert can handle online as well as offline. Refer to the list below:

Setup and InstallationOrder and PaymentSoftware Maintenance
Protection ServicesProduct SupportDriver Installation
Maintenance ServicesTechnical SupportNetwork Connection
Diagnostic and Repair ServicesHardware SupportWarranty and Replacement

Brother technicians are proficient in rendering fast and personalized services. The experts provide unprecedented support and services. They put in extra effort to repair your devices well in time so that you get back on the job well in time. Brother Printer Support provides the best genuine parts to increase uptime and productivity and drive your business growth. Brother Support is always by your side and provides you with innovative printer solutions in an hour of need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Brother support?

Brother Support executives are available on the toll-free phone number 24/7 for help and support of their customers or users at 1800-284-4329. You can make a call to the executive anytime round the clock and demand professional service.

Can I chat with the Brother support team?

Yes, you can chat with the Brother support team. Firstly, you have to visit the official website and log into your account. After that, click on the chat box and start chatting with the executive.

Can I request Brother’s support on social media?

Yes, Brother frequently resolves customers’ concerns on social media also. Customers can send personal messages or tag them on Facebook or Twitter to get in touch with the executive. 

How much is the wait time over the phone?

According to Brother, there can be a wait time of 10 minutes on Monday and Tuesday. On the other hand, the hold time increases to 30 minutes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.