HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup- Wi-Fi & Driver Installation

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Last Updated - January 10, 2024
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HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup- Wi-Fi & Driver Installation

hp deskjet setup

The HP Deskjet 2540 offers premium-quality printing at a low cost. It boasts an LCD screen with multifunctional capabilities as well as wireless connectivity. The printer can wirelessly print, copy, and scan documents over a network.

In this article, we will go over how to complete HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup, including installing printer drivers, assembling the printer, and connecting it to a wireless network or USB cable. Using this printer, you can print from anywhere in the house or office since it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Also, it allows multiple connections at the same time.

Which Device has Compatibility with HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup?

HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup

A wide range of devices is compatible with this printer, such as computers, laptops, Air Print, tablets, phones, iPods iPads, and much more. You can check the operating system requirements and choose the HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup device. For more details, refer to the list below:

  • Windows Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Vista.
  • Mac Operating System: Mac OS X v 10.6, Mac OS X v 10.7, Mac OS X v 10.8, Mac OS X v 10.9, Mac OS X v 10.10, Mac OS X v 10.11.
  • Android devices with Android 5.0 or above
  • Apple Devices

How to Install HP Deskjet 2540 with the Computer?

  • Check that your computer and printer are turned on, and a wireless connection must be present.
  • Your printer and the computer must be associated with the same wireless network.
  • Set up your printer and put all the essential things.
  • Load A4 sheets with 10-20 stacks of paper into the input tray.
  • Install the ink Cartridges.
  • Turn on your printer, and keep your printer near the router.

By this, you have installed your HP Deskjet 2540 with your computer.

How to Download the Drivers Online for HP Deskjet 2540 Setup?

For downloading and installing the drivers online, first, arrange a compatible device with an internet connection for HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup. After that, follow the steps below:

How to Install Driver After Downloading Wirelessly in HP DeskJet 2540?

After successfully downloading of drivers, you can install them easily by following the steps below:

  • When you run the downloaded file, click on the Agree button to continue.
  • Then, click on the Next button and follow the instructions.
  • Stop on ‘Connect Window’ and do not continue.
  • Turn your printer ON.
  • Check the blinking of the wireless light.
  • Press the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Simultaneously click on the ‘Start Copy Black’ button two times with the power button.
  • After that, click the Cancel button three times.
  • Now, release the power button and check that the wireless light is blinking.
  • Now, go to the installer wizard, and click the ‘Continue’ button for Connect.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking the Next button.
  • Stop at the ‘Connection Option’ screen for HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup.

After that, follow up with the HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup connection using the installer wizard directly.

How to Setup HP Deskjet 2540 Wirelessly Over a Network?

The wireless connection uses a high-speed internet connection. So, before following up with the wireless connection, arrange an active WIFI network and follow the steps below:

  • Continue with the installation wizard with the Connection screen.
  • Choose the radio button “Wireless – Make a Wireless Connection to the Printer” and click on it.
  • The next step display “HP Auto Wireless Connect.” Choose the ‘Yes’ radio button and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • After that, continue with the instructions flow and complete the wireless installation.
  • Finally, click on the Finish button.

So this completes the wireless connection between the printer and the router. The last step is to connect the printer to the computer and then follow up remotely with the print, copy, and scan functions.

What Steps to Connect Your HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Printer to a Computer? 

First, to maintain a secure and reliable connection between the printer and the computer, check that both devices are connected to the same network or WIFI. After that, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, go to the control panel of your displayed screen.
  • Go to the Settings options.
  • Click on “Devices and Printers.”
  • After that, click on “Add a printer.”
  • Choose the name of the printer you are using. It might be shown as ‘HP Deskjet 2540’.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Finally, close all the windows and send the print command from your computer to the printer.

By following these steps, you have successfully set up your HP Deskjet 2540 with your computer.

How to Connect my HP Deskjet 2540 with USB?

For a non-wireless connection, you just need a 3m USB cable for the HP printer to your computer, as the HP Deskjet 2540 series recommends using a USB 2.0 High-Speed port for good connectivity.

  • Install the printer software into your computer on a CD-ROM drive.
  • Only connect your USB cable to your printer once you get instructions from your computer.
  • After installing, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When your computer prompts you to connect your USB cable to your printer, connect it.
  • Select USB on the connection options.
  • Now follow all the on-screen instructions.

If your printer software is installed, then the printer will operate efficiently. But in case your software is not installed, insert the CD that came in your printer box and afterward follow all the on-screen instructions.

HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Printer

WPS Wireless Connection for HP Deskjet 2540

There is another method for the wireless connection of HP printers. HP Deskjet supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) using the WPS Push-button. Here are the steps to follow for the Hp Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup using the Push Button Method:

  • Firstly, turn ON the printer.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for a few seconds.
  • Check for the connection message on the screen and release the button.
  • After that, press and hold the WPS button on the router.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on the Printer’s screen.
  • Enter the password for your router.
  • Finally, click on the Connect or OK button to continue.

Check for the successful connection by printing the test page. If the page is printed successfully, then it means that you have established a proper connection.

How can I Connect the HP Deskjet 2540 Printer using the PIN Method?

You can also follow up with the HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup using the WPS PIN that can be printed on the configuration page and then used for the connection. So, follow the steps below to continue:

  • Firstly, turn ON the printer and wait for it to respond.
  • Insert the blank sheet into the input tray and open the output paper tray as well.
  • Press the ‘Wireless’ and ‘Start Copy Black’ buttons at the same time.
  • This will print the network configuration page. 
  • After that, check for the WPS PIN on the configuration page.
  • Now, press the power button on the printer and hold it for a few seconds till the wireless status light blinks.
  • Open the configuration utility for the router and enter the WPS PIN.
  • Finally, wait for 2 minutes and check the connection.

Why is my HP Printer not Connecting Wirelessly?

There can be various reasons for the connection failure during HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup. Here are the factors responsible and the steps to fix the issue for a successful connection.

  • Incompatible Device

The connection failure can be due to the incompatible device connected to the printer. Check that the device meets the system requirements. If it does not, then arrange a new device that is compatible with the printer and then follow up with the connection process again.

  • Outdated Drivers

The wireless connection failure can also result from outdated drivers in your system. So, you must first check whether the drivers need to be updated. If yes, then go online on the official HP website to download the latest version of the drivers and software.

  • Low Internet Speed

The low speed of the internet is responsible for connection failure at the HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup. You need to make sure the internet is running at active speed. You can restart the router and reconnect the devices. Also, place the router close to the printer at setup. During the HP Deskjet 2540 setup it can be difficult to do without any live help and human support to get human support go through our blog in which we shared how to connect with HP Printer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do You Setup HP Deskjet 2540?

To set up the HP printer, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Printer Drivers and Software Package.
  • Install Printer Drivers and Software Package.
  • Connect the Printer to WIFI.
  • Connect the Printer to the Computer.
  • Print the Test Page to Confirm the Connection.

How do I get My HP Printer Deskjet 2540 onto WIFI?

The user can use the HP Smart App for a direct and quick connection for the HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup. For this, follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Download and install the HP Smart app from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Then, check that the printer is on WIFI Setup Mode.
  • Connect the Printer to WIFI.

How do I get my HP Printer to recognize my Wireless Network?

For the HP printer to detect the wireless network, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, place the printer close to the router.
  • Go to settings and open network or wireless settings.
  • Click on Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • After that, choose the name of the network.
  • Enter the password of the network.
  • Finally, click on the connect option for HP Deskjet 2540 Wireless Setup.

How to change from a USB cable to a wireless connection in your HP Deskjet 2540 printer?

First, ensure the printer is connected to a USB cable until your computer prompts you to disconnect it. Also, your computer and printer must be connected to the same wireless network. Then follow these steps on your computer.

  • Go to All Programs and click ON HP.
  • Go to HP Deskjet 2540 series.
  • Click on Printers Setup and Software.
  • Now Click ON “Convert a USB-connected printer to wireless.”
  • Now Follow the on-screen instructions.

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