Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup – Printer Driver Installation

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Last Updated - January 12, 2024
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Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup – Printer Driver Installation

Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup

Brother DCP T300 Multi-function Color Printer with refillable ink tank is the best that you can get for your office and home use that prints quality pages at an affordable price. This elegant and durable inkjet printer delivers high-quality and consistent results with crisp text and sharp images. On top of its special print quality, it offers unique color enhancement that is designed to optimize your prints of color with true-to-life precision. Even on standard paper, the Brother DCP T300 provides you with super clean documents without any smudge whatsoever. Go printing with Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup control from anywhere.

Its other abilities to scan and copy make it an ideal choice at pocket-friendly prices. Here we will see how best Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup can be done with step-by-step instructions.

Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup

Before we begin, certain conditions must be met to make the best use of the WPS pushbutton method for connectivity of your printer to your other devices.

Ensure that the access point contains a physical WPS push button.

Plus, your network must be capable of utilizing the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol. For specifications on the security method being used on your wireless system, check the wireless connection configurations on your computer before starting with Brother DCP T300 Setup.

Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup – Step By Step Guide

  • Make it sure that the wireless router is close to your Brother DCP T300 printer & the WPS button is ready to be used.
  • Now, press and hold the Wireless button on the Brother DCP T300 printer until the wireless lamp starts flashing.
  • Press the Wireless button until the Direct lamp switches on.
  • Press the wireless button and make sure that the ON lamp as well as the wireless lamp start to flash. Then press the WPS button on the wireless router within a time gap of two minutes. Now, while it searches, the blue WiFi lamp on the printer continues to flash, and once connected to the access point, the Power & WiFi lamps start flashing during the Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup.
  • When the Brother DCP T300 Setup happens successfully to your wireless network, the WiFi and Power lamps will stop flashing and keep in a lit state. The network lamp now lights up.

Brother DCP T300 Printer Wireless Setup Successful – Check Through Network Settings

To confirm that your Brother DCP T300 printer is successfully linked to your wireless system, you need to print the network configuration page:

  • First, ensure that your Brother DCP T300 printer is turned on.
  • Load a sheet of Letter-sized paper or A4 plain paper.
  • Press & hold the WiFi button until the WiFi lamp starts flashing once; then release it.
  • Press the Color, WiFi, and the Color buttons one after the other.

The network configuration page will start printing indicating a successful Brother DCP T300 Setup.

On the printout you can find “Connection” as “Active” and the SSID – Service Set Identifier indicates the correct name of your network. This concludes the WPS method of DCP T300 set-up.

Download the Brother DCP T300 driver software from the Brother printer’s official site, install it and you can start printing.

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Unsuccessful? Let us Try the Standard Connection Method

In case your access point does not support the WPS feature, you can use the following method of Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup

First, download the software and save it on your Windows device.

  • Double-click the downloaded .exe file to start Setup.
  • Select your country and region – click Next.
  • Click on yes to accept the terms of the license agreement.
  • Next, select Wireless LAN Connection & click on Next.
  • Make sure that your printer is powered on and click Next.
  • The application will now search for printers already set up on your network as a step towards  Brother DCP T300 Setup.
  • If it doesn’t display in the list, set up the network connection as described above and click on Next.
  • The setup will take you through connecting your Brother printer to your network using the wireless connect process. Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare your printer for connection for Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup. Click for the next step for Brother DCP T300 Setup.
  • Once you are through with the necessary configurations on your printer, the application will temporarily disconnect your computer from your wireless network. It will connect directly to your printer to configure the network configuration. Now, your computer will reconnect to your wireless network by itself once this has been completed.
  • The moment the connection is established, click on Next to continue with the software installation.
  • The printer driver application will now install and register into your computer.
  • Now, click Execute to do a test print. Once successfully printed, click on Next.
  • The Brother DCP T300 Setup of your printer is now complete. Click on Next to see a list of optional applications you can install.
  • Click on Exit to finish the installation.

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Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup with Your Mobile Device

Most Brother printer models provide a WiFi Direct facility which allows you to set up a wireless network between your mobile device and printer without using an access point or wireless router. This can make it easy to print, scan, and copy directly from your wireless tablet, phone, or any other device.

Below are the steps to set up your Brother printer in this manner:

1. Press the Down or Up arrow keys to choose the following:

a. Select Network and press OK.

b. Choose WiFi Direct and press on OK.

c. Choose Group Owner and Press on OK.

d. Choose On and Press on OK.

e. Select Manual and Press OK for the next step for Brother DCP T300 Setup with your mobile device.

2. When Wi-Fi Direct On? Comes on your screen, press accept with the Down arrow key.

3. The printer now displays the Password and SSID name for a few minutes. Note down the SSID name/Password. You will need these later.

Setting Up Your Android Device

1. Swipe down the device and tap the Cog icon or simply tap the Settings icon to reach the settings menu.

2. Tap on Connections and then on WiFi.

3. In case your WiFi is not on, turn it on.

4. Search for the SSID or Network Name you noted earlier, and then tap on it.

5. Enter the Network Key Password, and then tap on CONNECT.

6. This completes the Brother DCP T300 Setup for wireless connectivity.

7. Come to Google Play and download the Brother iPrint&Scan for Android devices for free for wireless printer operations.

Setting your Apple devices

1. Tap the Settings icon to start the Brother DCP T300 Wireless Setup for Apple devices.

2. Tap WiFi.

3. If your WiFi is not switched on, turn it on.

4. Find the Network Name or SSID you wrote down, and then tap on it.

5. Enter the Network Key Password, and then tap Join.

6. The completes the Brother DCP T300 Setup connection for Apple devices.

7. Visit the App Store and Download Brother iPrint&Scan for iOS-supported devices and start printing operations for iPad, iPhone, and iPod at your convenience.

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