Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup

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Last Updated - January 12, 2024
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Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup

Brother 2270DW Wireless Setup

Brother Printers – Features Of The Printer Model MFC 7840w

The Brother printer MFC 7840w is designed to multi-function. It can print, fax, copy, and scan. The printer is compact considering all the tasks it is capable of taking on. These printers from Brother are highly efficient and help you complete your regular tasks in the shortest time possible. These printers can print and copy 23 pages per minute, which is a better record than most of the other printers out in the market.

Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup

Before you start off with the Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup, make sure that you have noted down the network name, also called SSID and the password or security key to your wireless network.

The SSID and the default password are usually written on the bottom portion of the router. And if you have previously changed your password, you must have it noted down. Keep the record of these two.

  • Place you brother printer closer to the computer. And make sure there are not too many gadgets between the router and the printer, if there are, the signal will be distorted over and over, which in turn will lead the printer to work slower than usual.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer and plug the other end into a power outlet. Turn on the printer by pressing the ‘Power’ button on it.
  • You can scroll through options by pressing the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow keys on the control panel of the Brother printer.
    First, select ‘Network’ or ‘LAN’ and afterwards press ‘Ok’.

Then select ‘WLAN’. And similar to the previous step, press ‘Ok’ afterwards.

Next, choose ‘Setup WLAN’ and press ‘Ok’.

You will be directed to the ‘Setup wizard’ option. Select the option ‘Setup wizard’ and press ‘Ok’.

In few seconds, a ‘Network I/F switched to wireless’ option will appear. Once this option appears, enable the wireless network. This will prompt the Setup wizard to start.

  • The Brother printer will search for the available networks around. It will display a list of networks and their SSIDs.

From among the options, select the SSID of your wireless network.
Make sure that the SSI or the network name you fill in is correct. It is a vital step in the Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup process completion.

  • Once you have chosen your wireless network on the Brother printer system, you proceed further with the process. Using the ‘Up’ and ‘Down arrow buttons, scroll through the options and select ‘Infrastructure’ and then, ‘Ok’.
  • If your wireless network device is configured for encryption and authentication, you must look at how to make suitable setting for you to complete the Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup.

The authentication and encryption methods vary form router to router.

  • If there is not authentication and encryption you can follow this simple process –

Choose the ‘Open system’ option and press ‘ok’. When it asks your answer for ‘Encryption type’ select ‘None’ and press ‘Ok’. Once you are done with filling in the options, the settings will apply.

  • If it asks for no authentication with WEP encryption, follow this method –

Go to the ‘Open system’ feature and press ‘Ok’.

It will further ask you to choose your preference for ‘encryption type’, select ‘WEP’ from the list of all options and press ‘Ok’.

Select the key number and press ‘Ok’

Next, you will be asked to enter the WEP key also called the Network key, type in the network key and hit ‘Ok’.

Then hit ‘Ok’ one more time to apply these settings.

  • If the system asks for Authentication with WEP encryption go through the following steps –

Go to ‘Shared key’ and press ‘Ok’

Next, it will ask you to select the appropriate key. Do as it says and select ‘Ok’.

Then, enter the WEP key or the Network key and hit the ‘Ok’ option.

Press ‘Ok’ one more time to apply these settings, and select ‘Yes’.

  • If there is authentication with LEAP, follow these steps –

Go to ‘Leap’ and hit ‘Ok’

Next, enter the Username and press ‘Ok’.

Enter the Network key or the WEP key and hit the ‘Ok’ button.

Apply the setting by selecting ‘Yes’.

  • This process prompts the Brother printer to look for the wireless network and connect to it.
  • If the connection has been established, the LCD on the Brother printer will display ‘Connected’. This will indicate that the Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup is complete.
  • In case the Brother printer fails to establish the connection, The LCD will show ‘Connection fail’ or ‘Connection NG’ or ‘Connection error’.

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If you do face this issue, make certain that the Access point on your router is blinking and also double check the network verification step.
The problem could also have been caused due to distortion in the signal. Therefore, try placing the printer closer to the router and remove unnecessary obstructions from around the router and the printer. Too many gadgets between these two devices can cause the wi-fi signal to break. Which ultimately distorts the Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup process.

Although the whole Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup process is easy to carry out, users might face some trivial issues. If you do face any of these issues and need our assistance with it, you can reach out to us at any hour of the day. Our Brother printer wifi setup team of experts is at your service day in and day out.

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