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Brother is known for providing most of the revolutionary printers for both office and home needs. Print documents from your computer wirelessly. Print without the clutter of wires with exceptional wireless capabilities. The process is easy and does not require much effort. You just need to configure your Brother printer correctly to print wirelessly, by understanding proper keys to press. Follow the easy guidelines below for Brother Wireless Printer Setup.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Preparation for Brother Wireless Printer Setup

You need to know wireless network settings of your wireless router or access point for proceeding with Brother Printer Setup. Check and write down the current wireless network settings below as you will require it later on for Wireless Printer Setup

  • You require Network Name (also known as “SSID” or “ESSID”)
  • And Network Key (also known as “Password”, “Security Key”, or “Encryption Key”
  • FOR the Network Name and key :
  1. You can check the details at base or side of the wireless router or access point.
  2. You can also check the documentation with your wireless router or access point.

Obtaining Wireless Printer Setup for Brother

Follow the easy steps below for Brother Wireless Printer Setup

  • Firstly, connect the power cord to Brother Printer and then connect to the socket.
  • By pressing “Menu button” on Control Panel for printer proceed with Brother Printer Setup
  • Now make use of Up or Down Arrow keys to select Network. Now press O.K
  • Select WLAN by making use of up or down arrow keys. Then Select O.K
  • Now proceed with Wireless Printer Setup by making use of same arrow keys to select Setup Wizard. After doing so, Hit O.K
  • Select Yes to enable Wireless network when you see “WLAN Enable” on screen. Doing so will start the Setup Wizard.
  • Now, the machine will search your network and showcase, the names of the available networks (SSIDs)
  • Follow the below steps for going ahead with Brother Wireless Printer Setup
  1. Enter the network key if you are using Authentication and Encryption method that needs Network Key (Password). After    doing the needful, press O.K to apply the settings
  2. Jump to the next step, if the authentication method is Open System and encryption is none.
  • Now the printer will try to connect wirelessly.

If the Brother Machine successfully establishes the connection, The LCD machine display will show connected. In case the connection fails for Brother Printer Setup, the machine will print error code on printer report

Brother Machine Software

After Brother Wireless Printer Setup, ensure to download and install the drivers. You can visit Brother Support page for downloading the drivers.

Still, require assistance with Wireless Printer Setup? Communicate with advanced tech experts at printer setup for helping you with the same.

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