How Do You Get Paper Jam Out of the Back of a Brother Printer?

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Last Updated - January 11, 2024

How Do You Get Paper Jam Out of the Back of a Brother Printer?

Brother Printers works excellently and reliably. But, like other printers, it can also stuck with paper jamming issues. As a result, you got stuck with the printing jobs and needed to reassemble the entire machine to resolve the problem. Here we will discuss various factors that are responsible for the Brother Printer’s Jamming in the Rear. Also, we will follow up with some troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem and continue with the printing tasks efficiently.

Why is Paper Jamming at the Back of Brother Printer?

It is a very frustrating situation when you feel that most of the time your Brother Printer shows a paper jamming issue when you try to give the printing command. Possibly, various factors are responsible for the problem. So, you can work on these factors to fix the problem and proceed with the printing tasks. So, the reasons for the problem are as follows:

    • Overloaded Paper Tray: if the input tray is overloaded then you may face the error. Overloading means it contains papers more than the maximum mark on the tray.

    • Wrong Paper Types: You may face the jamming issue if you are using paper that is not compatible with the printer. So, before printing, check the paper size and type that you are inserting into the machine for its operation.

    • Multiple Commands: In case you are giving too many commands to the Printer at the same time, then also you may face the Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear issue.

    • Foreign Object in the Printer: There can be some paper leftover or any other small object inside the machine that is restricting its operation.

    • Dusty and Dirty Rollers: If the paper rollers are dusty or dirty, then also the machine may show a paper jamming problem.

    • Hardware Issues: There can be some hardware problems within the machine that limit its functionality.

    • Software Issues: You may also face a paper jamming problem due to some software bugs and failures.

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Troubleshoot and Fixing Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear

You can follow up with these series of simple steps to resolve the paper jamming issue corresponding to your Brother Printer.

Check and Remove the Jammed Paper from the Machine

Firstly, you need to check for any paper or its parts inside the machine and remove it. So, follow the steps below to proceed:

    • Firstly, unplug the Brother Printer from the main power source.

    • Navigate to the back of the printer and open its Jam cover.

    • Slowly check inside the machine for any jammed paper.

    • If yes, slowly pull it out of the machine.

    • After that, check for any torn parts or pieces of paper. If yes, then remove it.

    • Then, close the cover properly and securely.

    • Now, open the machine scanner, and check inside it for any other paper pieces.

    • Also, check the left and right covers for any pieces of paper and remove them.

    • After that, close the scanner cover.

    • Now, plug the machine into the main power source and switch it ON.

    • Finally, check for the solution of Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear.

Check Paper Capacity, Size, and Type

If you do not have the desired solution in the above step, then there can be an issue corresponding to the papers you are using. It can be a possibility that you have inserted more papers in the paper tray. So, try to resolve the problem by checking the capacity mark on the paper tray and placing a sufficient amount of paper only. Also, check for the specifications of the papers that are compatible with your Brother Printer. If you are using the papers that the machine does not support, then also it will show an issue as Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear.

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Cancel All Commands

The Brother Printer may also show up the paper jamming issue if you have sent multiple commands to the printer at the same time. So, to resolve the problem, you need to cancel all the previous commands and again sent the print command which you want recently. After that, check for the solution to the problem ‘Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear’.

Dusty and Dirty Rollers

Sometimes, the dust and dirt present inside the machine is also responsible for the Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear issue. So, there is a need to open the machine and clean the rollers thoroughly. You can use a damp wet cloth to clean the rollers. After that, dry the rollers thoroughly and then again place them inside the machine. Finally, send the printing command and check for the solution to the problem.

Hardware Issues

In very rare cases, the problem Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear may correspond to the hardware faults in the machine. So, try to check your machine with a professional for any hardware faults and damages. If yes, then make it repair and again check for the solution to the problem.

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Software Issues

You may also face Brother Printer Keeps Jamming in the Rear issue if the software and drivers are not updated or are corrupt. In this case, you need to uninstall the driver from the device and re-install it again for the accurate functioning of the Brother Printer. You can download the drivers online from the official website. After that, click on the downloaded link and follow up with the installer instructions for the installation process. Check for any pending updates and perform them as well. Finally, check for the solution to the jamming problem with your brother’s printer.

If still, you are still facing the same issue, then try to consult the customer care expert and ask him for a solution. The expert will check your machine thoroughly and resolve the problem corresponding to it. Also, it will try to fix the problem permanently.


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