Fix Brother Printer Says “Drum End Soon” or “Replace Drum” Message

Last Updated - April 1, 2023
While you are with your Brother Printer printing some important pages for the day, you are suddenly confronted with error messages like ‘Replace Drum’ or ‘Drum End Soon’. The Brother Printer Drum End Soon error messages somehow keeps on recurring until and unless you reset your Brother Printer’s drum counter on replacing the old with the new drum unit. The drum unit in the Brother printer is a detachable component that typically should be changed after the use of 3 or 4-toner cartridges.  Additionally, your printer utilizes a page counter to track your printer usage, which needs to be reset manually each time a new drum unit is installed. If you use a Brother laser printer and you are receiving a Brother Printer Drum End Soon message on your machine’s display unit, the time has come when you should get a new drum for your printer.  Instructions for replacement may vary based on which Brother printer model you are working with. While you may check Brother printer user guide for specific drum change instructions for your machine, we can help you the best when you are confronted with Brother Printer Drum End Soon error. related: How to fix Brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridge

What do I do when my Brother printer says drum end soon?

The Brother machine has separate compartments for the toner cartridges and the drum unit. You need to find if you need to replace the toner cartridges or drum unit when you need help with Brother Printer popping up such messages. As a step in the direction of resolving the Brother Printer Drum End Soon notification, you definitely need to reset the Brother Printer drum counter once you have replace the drum unit of your Brother printer. In is worth a note that even if you have reset the drum counter during the life of drum unit, then the residual drum life wouldn’t get displayed correctly. It is also to be understood that the following error messages will keep on appearingin case the drum counter is not reset as and when you replace the drum unit with another one:
  • Drum Stop
  • Replace Drum
  • Brother Printer Drum End Soon
  • Drum Near End
Check out the steps as listed below to reset the Brother Printer’s drum counter- As a first step, remove the old Brother printer drum and replace it with the new drum:
  1. Ensure that your Brother printer is switched on.
  2. Now, open the front cover.
  3. Next, remove the drum unit and toner cartridge and from the printer.
  4. Next, push the green lock down and pull away the cartridge from the drum assembly.
  5. Now, remove new drum unit packaging.
  6. Put the toner cartridge into the newly installed drum unit till you hear it locking in its place.
  7. Now, slowly insert the green tab from right to left and left to right a couple of times to clean the corona wire inside the drum unit.
  8. Install the drum and toner cartridge into the printer.
Also check Brother HL-2270dw Toner Reset Once the drum is in place, you will now need to reset the drum counter:
  1. First, open the front cover.
  2. For the next 2 seconds, press and hold OK .
  3. To reset the drum counter, press the Up arrow key or 1

Reset Brother Printer Drum Counter

If you’re still facing the issue after replacing the drum unit, then you can try resetting the drum counter to fix this issue.
  1. Open the brother printer front cover.
  2. Press and hold the ok button until drum unit is displayed.
  3. Now press ok again.
  4. Press ▲ the button on your printer to reset. You’ll get a message “accepted”.
  5. Close the cover.
Now the brother printer drum end soon issue will be resolved on your brother printer.

What does drum end soon mean on my Brother printer?

  • Firstly, the steps that have been shown above for resolving the issue are from the representative Brother Printer product and may differ with the make and model of your Brother printer Machine.
  • The Brother Printer Company always recommends to use genuine Brother printer products of drum units and /or toner cartridges assemblies.
  • I should further be noted with each of the Brother printer make and model that it should to work at pre-set temperatures which is in tune with the user’s personal toner formulations. Care should be taken to avoid Brother Printer Drum End Soon issues.
  • Each of the individual components as assembled to function with the other parts is always checkedfor reliability and quality.  Non-Brother Printer machine parts may adversely affect the printing quality, optimum performance and the reliability of your machine.
  • Furthermore, the Brother printer’s limited manufacturer’s warranty will not be applied to any Brother Printer Drum End Soonissue which could be caused owing to the use of unapproved third-party toner cartridges, drum units, or Brother Printer toner.
Finally, if you have any issues and further queries related to Brother Printer or Brother Printer Drum End Soon then our technicians at our Brother HL-2170w Wireless Setup experts give you the best assistance. Thus, our experts are your competent and quick assistants if you face any issues in dealing with the brother printer troubles.
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