Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup- Connect MFC-J3520 to WiFi

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Last Updated - January 11, 2024

Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup- Connect MFC-J3520 to WiFi

Brother Printer MFC-J3520 is a multi-functional printer with inkjet technology that performs printing, copying, and scanning tasks. It allows easy printing with its built-in wireless and Ethernet facility. It is compatible with a large number of devices. So, you can connect the printer with these devices and use it remotely using an internet connection. Here, we will discuss the entire process of setting up the Brother Printer. You need to make sure to use a compatible device and a high-speed internet connection for the Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup process.

Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup – Device Compatibility

To use the Brother Printer and connect it to your system, first make sure that the device is compatible with it. So, let us now check the system requirements and the device compatibility for Brother Printer MFC-J3520.
    • Windows Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
    • Mac Operating System: Mac OS v10.15, Mac OS v10.14, Mac OS v10.13, Mac OS v10.12.
    • Android
    • Window Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Linux
So, you can perform the Brother Printer setup on all these systems and successfully connect your system to the printer. These are the devices on which you can perform the setup process with a successful connection. In case you use other devices, then the drivers will not work properly and you may not be able to perform the printing and scanning jobs.

How do I set up Brother Printer to Print Wirelessly?

To perform the Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup, you need to follow up with the three main steps. After that, you can continue with the printing, scanning, and copying of the files directly from the system. Make sure for the wireless setup process, you need to arrange a high-speed internet connection and connect the device to it. So, the three main steps for Brother Printer wireless setup are as follows:
    • Downloading Printer drivers and software package
    • Installing the drivers
    • Connecting the device with the Printer using the WIFI Connection
Let us follow the entire procedure to complete all these three steps. As a result, you can print using your Brother Printer reliably and efficiently after completing the setup process. After completing the setup process, you can print the test page to check the connection.Also check: Brother MFC-L2700DW WiFi Setup

Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup – Download and Install the Drivers

After checking the compatibility of the device with the Printer, you can now proceed with downloading and installing the drivers in this system. Without the drivers, you may not be able to connect the device to the printer and perform the printing jobs wirelessly. So, follow the steps below to download and install the drivers for Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup.
    • Firstly, switch ON the device and connect it with a high-speed internet connection.
    • Now, visit the browser and open the official Brother printer site link.
    • Go to the Driver and Printer section.
    • After that, check for the driver package that relates to the model of the Brother Printer MFC-J3520.
    • Then, hit the download button and wait for the process to complete.
    • After downloading the driver package, launch it by clicking on the link.
    • It will open up the installation wizard.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions of the installer.
    • Go with the flow of instructions, and finally complete the installation process by hitting the ‘Finish’ button.
So, you have now completed the Brother Printer driver installation. After that, you need to connect the device to the printer using a wireless connection. Alternatively, you may also connect using a wired connection. However, it is not reliable, and the chances of errors and failures are high in the wired connection method.Also check: Brother MFC-7360n Wireless Setup

Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup – Connect the Printer Wirelessly

The connection process for the Brother Printer with the system mainly involves three steps:
Connecting the Computer with the Router
Firstly, you need to connect the computer with a wireless connection. so, Follow the steps below for it:
    • Switch ON the computer, and go to the WIFI option.
    • After that, choose the name of your network.
    • Enter the password and finally click on the ‘connect’ button.
    • Check for the successful connection and the ‘Connected’ status.
    • Also, check the high signal strength of the network.
Connecting the Printer with the Router
Secondly, you need to connect the printer with the same network connection to which you connect your computer. If you connect the two devices over a different network, then the Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup process may fail. So, follow the steps below to connect the Printer to the router.
    • Turn ON the printer and hold it WIFI button.
    • Wait for the LED light to flash.
    • After that, go to wireless settings and enter the SSID name and password.
    • Hit the connect button.
    • Check for the stable LED WIFI light for a successful connection.
Also check: Brother MFC-7840w Wireless Setup
Connecting the printer with the computer
Lastly, you need to connect your Printer to the Computer. So, follow the steps below to proceed with the Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup:
    • Make sure that the two devices connect with the same network connection with high signal strength.
    • Now, navigate to the control panel and then go to settings.
    • After that, click on ‘Devices and Printers’.
    • Then, a new window will appear on the screen.
    • Choose the name of your printer, and finally click on it for the connection process.
So, it completes the entire Brother MFC-J3520 Wireless Setup process. You can now print the test page to check the connection. If the connection is a success, then you can proceed with the printing, scanning, and copying tasks successfully.Also, in case of any failure in the connection process, you need to check the internet connection and other factors such as:
    • Devices connect to the same network
    • Device compatibility
    • Server downtime
    • High-speed internet
    • Pending driver updates
    • Hardware and software faults and failures in the Printer
    • Paper Compatibility
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