Canon TS9020 WiFi Setup | Simplifying Your Printing Needs

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Last Updated - February 29, 2024
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Canon TS9020 WiFi Setup | Simplifying Your Printing Needs


Canon TS9020 is one of the finest wireless printers from Canon. These printers are extremely useful. With wireless printers, you can print from any computer on your network. And with a little bit of extra configuring, you can also use the Canon TS9020 printer from your Android or iOS device.

Modes Of Setting Up The Canon TS9020 Printer

Here are the various methods available for setting up your Canon TS9020 printer:

Canon TS9020 WIFI Setup
  1. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Method: This method allows you to connect your printer to the wireless network easily without the need for entering SSID or password. Simply press the WPS button on your router and then on the printer to establish the connection.
  2. Standard Connection Method: This method involves connecting the printer to the wireless network using the SSID and password. It provides a secure connection and is suitable for situations where WPS is not available or preferred.
  3. USB Connection Method: You can set up the printer by connecting it directly to your computer using a USB cable. This method is straightforward and suitable for users who prefer a wired connection or do not have access to a wireless network.
  4. CD-ROM Installation Method: If your printer comes with a CD-ROM, you can use it to install the necessary software and drivers for setting up the printer. This method is suitable for users who prefer installing software from physical media.
  5. Online Software Installation Method: If you do not have the CD-ROM, you can download the setup files from the internet and install them on your computer. This method ensures you have the latest software versions and drivers.

Before proceeding with any of these methods, ensure you have the appropriate power cord and that the power supply and switch are functioning correctly. Additionally, keep the SSID, password, and network name handy, although they may not be required for the WPS method. This preparation will streamline the setup process and ensure a smooth connection to your wireless network.

Canon TS9020 Wireless Setup

The Easy Wireless Connect method stands out as one of the most user-friendly approaches among the four available methods for setting up the Canon TS9020 printer. With its intuitive process, even users with minimal technical expertise can navigate through the setup without encountering any significant challenges. This method streamlines the connection process, minimizing the need for manual input of network credentials. By selecting Easy Wireless Connect, users can swiftly establish a connection between their printer and the wireless network, ensuring seamless integration into their home or office setup.

Place Your Canon TS9020 Printer Close to Your WiFi Router

The foremost thing is to select the most appropriate spot for the Canon TS9020 Setup. Placing the Canon TS9020 printer closer to the router will help it work better. Make sure there is no hindrance between the Canon printer and the router. Any electronic or metal device in between these two gadgets can cause the wi-fi network to slow down. Ensure that the Canon TS9020 printer is closer to the router network. 

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Switch On The Power Button On The Printer

The Wireless Canon TS9020 printer will connect to the wireless network directly. The users are not required to connect it to the computer first. Once you have unpacked and assembled the printer you can go about switching it on.

Connect The Canon TS9020 Printer To The Wireless Network

  • Before starting the Canon TS9020 Setup, gather the Wi-Fi network name, password, and SSID (Service Set Identifier).
  • Refer to the Canon TS9020 Printer manual for detailed instructions.
  • Some printers offer an in-built menu system for wireless network connection.
  • If the manual is not available, download it from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Tap the ‘Home’ sign located on the left side of the screen.
  • If errors occur, click ‘OK’ to dismiss them.
  • Click ‘Home’ after addressing any displayed errors.
  • Navigate to the bottom left tab displaying ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘LAN settings’.
  • Tap on the tab to access WLAN settings.
  • Locate the SSID near the ‘Home’ sign.
  • Below the SSID, find the ‘Wireless LAN security’ setting.
  • Choose ‘LAN settings’ from the options presented.
  • Under ‘LAN settings’, select ‘Wireless LAN’.
  • This selection leads to another screen with three options.
  • Choose ‘Wireless LAN setup’ from the available options.
  • Within ‘Wireless LAN setup’, opt for ‘Easy Wireless Connect’.
  • Confirm the setting by selecting ‘Yes’ when prompted.
  • Follow any additional on-screen instructions provided by the printer.
  • Return to the Setup application screen upon completion.

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Select ‘Start Setup’

  • To begin, select ‘Start Setup’ on your printer.
  • If you have the CD-ROM, download and install the setup file from it; otherwise, opt for the ‘Use the updated software found on the internet’ option.
  • This option ensures the installation of the latest software and drivers.
  • Alternatively, the setup program will install drivers and software from the CD if you do not select this option.
  • Choose your region on the next screen.
  • Review the license agreement and select ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  • Decide whether to participate in the ‘Extended Survey Program’ and select ‘Agree’ or ‘Do not agree’ accordingly.
  • Select ‘Next’ to proceed to the next page.
  • Confirm the connection method when prompted; select ‘Yes’ if the printer model number is displayed.
  • If prompted, choose the wi-fi network you wish to use with the printer.
  • Note that this step might vary depending on your router’s settings, especially if it requires confirmation before allowing new devices.
  • Wait for the ‘Canon TS9020 Setup’ process to complete, which may take a few seconds.
  • Once the connection is established, the screen will display the ‘Setup complete’ window.
  • Proceed by selecting ‘Next’ and navigate to the ‘Software Installation List’ screen.
  • Choose the software you wish to install from the list.
  • Upon successful installation, the final screen will indicate ‘Installation Completed Successfully.’
  • Tap ‘Exit’ to complete the Canon TS9020 Setup process.

Canon TS9020 Setup – WPS Method 

The method is also called the Push Button Method. The Wi-fi Protected Setup method allows users to connect the Canon printer to a wireless network. One advantage over the ‘Easy Wireless Connect Method’ is that you can connect the printer to a secure wireless network even without knowing the SSID. Since Canon TS9020 has the WPS push button, you can opt for this easy and efficient method for Canon TS9020 Setup.

  • Go to the ‘Wireless LAN setup’ and select ‘WPS (Push button method)’. The following screen will show ‘connect to a wireless router supporting the WPS push button method’. Here select the ‘OK’ tab. Once you have given your confirmation of the mode of connection, the screen will display the instruction for you to press and hold the WPS button on the router. Once you have pressed the button, tap ‘OK’.

Within a few seconds, the Canon TS9020 Setup will be complete.

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Connect The Canon TS9020 Printer to Windows

If you are using the Canon printer with a Windows computer, follow these instructions for Canon TS9020 Setup –

  • From the ‘Windows’ icon, open the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Thereof select ‘Devices and printers’
  • At the top, you will see the ‘Add a printer’ option. Tap this option.
  • You will see a list of all the printers and other devices that are near the computer.
  • Select the ‘Canon TS9020’ printer from among the options. If any driver is available, install it. Though most of the time, Windows will automatically install the driver.

The Canon TS9020 Setup is complete and now your computer has also picked up the respective printer. You can also connect the printer to mobile phones, for any help with the installation contact the Canon printer setup team for help.

After this, if your problem is not solved, please get in touch with Canon Support.


What is the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup?

The Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup is a process that allows your Canon TS9020 printer to connect wirelessly to your devices. This enables you to print and scan documents without the need for a physical connection.

How can I set up my Canon TS9020 for wireless printing?

Our guide provides easy-to-follow instructions for the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup. It will guide you through the process of connecting your printer to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to print wirelessly from any device.

Can I print from any device using the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup?

Yes, once the Canon TS9020 is set up on your Wi-Fi network, you can print and scan documents effortlessly from any device connected to the same network.

Can I use the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup to print from anywhere in my home or office?

Yes, the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup allows you to print and scan documents from any location within your Wi-Fi network’s range. This means you can print from anywhere in your home or office.

Is the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup difficult to do?

No, our guide is designed to make the Canon TS9020 Wi-Fi setup process as simple as possible. It provides step-by-step instructions to help you connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network.