Canon Ts9020 Setup – Connect Canon TS9020 Printer to Wifi

Last Updated - December 18, 2020
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Canon TS9020 is one of the finest wireless printers from Canon. These printers are extremely useful. With wireless printers you can print from any computer on your network. And with a little bit of extra configuring, you can also use the Canon TS9020 printer from your Android or iOS device.

Modes Of Setting Up The Canon TS9020 Printer

All the methods used for Canon TS9020 Printer Setup have been listed below. But before you start off with the setup, make sure that you have the apt power cord and that there is no fault in the power supply or the switch.
You are also advised to keep the password, SSID and network name handy. Although you would not need the SSID or the password for the WPS method.

Canon Ts9020 Wireless Setup

Easy wireless connect method is one of the four methods for Canon TS9020 Setup. The process will help you with the setup. Users can carry out these steps with no trouble whatsoever.

Place The Canon TS9020 Printer Close To Your Wi-fi Router –

The foremost thing is to select the most appropriate spot for the Canon TS9020 Setup. Placing the Canon TS9020 printer closer to the router will help it work better.
Make sure there is no hindrance between the Canon printer and the router. Any electronic or metal device in between these two gadgets can cause the wi-fi network to slow down.
Ensure that the Canon TS9020 printer is closer to the router network.

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Switch On The Power Button On The Printer

The Wireless Canon TS9020 printer will connect to the wireless network directly. The users are not required to connect it to the computer first. Once you have unpacked and assembled the printer you can go about switching it on.

Connect The Canon TS9020 Printer To The Wireless Network

Before you start with the Canon TS9020 Setup, you should acquaint yourself with the Wi-fi network name, its password and the SSID. SSID here stands for Service Set Identifier.

Refer to the Canon TS9020 Printer manual for all the details on the subject. Some printers have in-built menu system that allows you to connect to the wireless network. If you cannot find the manual, you can always go to the website and download the instructions manual thereof.

On the left side of the screen you will see ‘Home’ sign. Tap the ‘Home’ sign.

In few cases one or more errors will show up on the screen. If the error is displayed, click ‘Ok’. Once done with it, click ‘Home’.

The bottom left tab will show two symbols of ‘Wi-fi’ and ‘LAN settings’. Tab the option and you will be directed to the next screen with WLAN setting list. By the ‘Home’ sign you will see the SSID. And below that will be the ‘Wireless LAN security’ setting. The ‘Wireless LAN security setting comes with two options namely, ‘LAN settings’ and ‘Print details’

Tap ‘LAN settings’ it will lead you to the next screen. Under the ‘LAN settings’ head, you will see four options namely, ‘Wireless LAN’, ‘Wireless direct’, ‘Wired LAN’ and ‘Common settings’ from these options, choose ‘Wireless LAN’, which will ultimately lead you to the next screen.

This screen has three options. ‘WLAN active/inactive’, ‘Wireless LAN setup’ and ‘WLAN setting list’. Tap ‘Wireless LAN setup’. ‘Wireless LAN setup’ screen also has four different Canon TS9020 Setup options. Select ‘Easy Wireless connect’ once you have selected this setting, you will be asked to confirm to the ‘Settings will be made on a computer or smartphone, etc. OK?’ setting. Select ‘Yes’ thereof.

Once the printer has carried out its necessary actions, you will see the screen with ‘Follow the instructions on the computer or smartphone, etc. to perform the operation’ option. Return to the Setup application screen therefrom.

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Select ‘Start Setup’

If your printer came with the CD-ROM, you could download and install the setup file from that. If not, you can choose ‘Use the updated software found on internet’ option. This will help you install the latest versions of the software and driver. If you do not select this option, the setup program will install the drivers and software contained on the CD.
On the next screen, select the region. Next, the license agreement will be displayed on the screen. Read it and hit the ‘Yes’ tab. Further, an ‘Extended Survey Program’ request will be displayed. Select ‘Agree’ or ‘Do not agree’ as per your choice. Then select ‘Next’. It will lead you to the next page with ‘Check The connection Method’ window. The printer model number will be displayed on the screen. Select ‘Yes’.

Some users might come across the ‘Select wireless router’ screen. Here, select the wi-fi network you intend to use with the printer.

This screen setting varies from router to router. If your router is programmed to ask for confirmation before giving access to any new device, it is likely that this ‘Select wireless router’ option will be displayed on the screen. The ‘Canon TS9020 Setup’ will take few seconds to complete.

Once the connection is complete, the screen will show you the ‘Setup complete’ window. From that window, select ‘Next’ and move to the ‘Software Installation List’ screen’. Choose the desired software. The final screen will show ‘Installation Completed Successfully’. Tap ‘Exit’ and your Canon TS9020 Setup is complete.

Canon TS9020 Setup – WPS Method

The method is also called Push Button Method. The Wi-fi Protected Setup method allows users to connect the Canon printer to a wireless network. One advantage over the ‘Easy Wireless Connect Method’ is that you can connect the printer to a secure wireless network even without knowing the SSID. Since Canon TS9020 has the WPS push button, you can opt for this easy and efficient method for Canon TS9020 Setup.

  • Go to the ‘Wireless LAN setup’ and select ‘WPS (Push button method)’. The following screen will show ‘connect to a wireless router supporting the WPS push button method’. Here select the ‘Ok’ tab. Once you have given your confirmation to the mode of connection, the screen will display the instruction for you to press and hold the WPS button on the router. Once you have pressed the button, tap ‘Ok’.

Within few seconds the Canon TS9020 Setup will be complete.

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Add The Printer On A Windows Computer

If you are using the Canon printer with a Windows computer, follow these instructions for Canon TS9020 Setup –

  • From the ‘Windows’ icon, open the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Thereof select ‘Devices and printers’
  • At the top, you will see ‘Add a printer’ option. Tap this option.
  • You will see a list of all the printers and other devices that are nearby the computer.
  • Select the ‘Canon TS9020’ printer from among the options. If any driver is available, install it. Though most of the time, the Windows will automatically install the driver.

The Canon TS9020 Setup is complete and now your computer has also picked up the respective printer. You can also connect the printer to mobile phones.
For any help with the installation contact Canon ij setup team for help.

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