Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup | Tackle Troubles Smoothly

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Last Updated - February 5, 2024
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Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup | Tackle Troubles Smoothly

Brother HL-5370DW wireless setup

Brother HL-5370DW wireless printer supports top-quality printing. One of the finest printers from the house of the reputed Brother Printers, this printer also supports Ethernet network interfaces. It also ensures a top print speed of up to 32 pages per minute. Brother HL-5370DW Printers are capable of connecting wirelessly which has several advantages over ordinary cable-connected printers. Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup is the way to start using this top-class printer at your home or workplace for all the necessities of printing.

Wireless printers are smart systems that can be positioned away from the computer with which it is linked, which creates centralized access for a printer that can be shared by various people as well as helps in reducing noise to some extent. Moreover, Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup also eliminates the trouble of using long cables that may cause a tripping hazard. For any type of printer such as inkjet wireless, photo wireless, or all-in-one wireless printers, installation can be managed with simple steps.

Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup Using Automatic Wireless Mode

If you have a WLAN access point/router with SecureEasySetup, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), or AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS), it gets easy to connect your Brother machine wireless for Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.

STEP I: Configuring wireless settings:

  1. Firstly, you are required to position your Brother HL-5370DW printer within range of your WPS, SecureEasySetup, or AOSS access points.
  2. Here, take care that your Brother printer’s power cord is plugged in.
  3. Power on the printer and see that the machine achieves a Ready state.
  4. Now, hold the WPS, SecureEasySetup, or AOSS button on the WLAN router for a few seconds as a step toward Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.
  5. Next, press and hold the setup button positioned at the Brother HL-5370DW backside for less than 2 seconds.
  6. The Brother machine will self-detect which mode your access point utilizes to configure your machine.
  7. A connection indicator shows up on the LED. If the LED shows as ‘Connected’ in green, your Brother machine has properly connected to your access router and the Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup is complete.

If the LED shows a Connection Error, it indicates that the Brother machine has sensed more than one access point on your network. Just make sure that there is only one access router and try starting from step 4 again.

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STEP II: Printer Driver Installation For Network:

The following steps will help install Brother HL-5370DW printer driver for network connection. Even when you might have printed with a USB connection, you still require to install the driver for network connectivity.

It must be noted that the screens may differ from OS to OS being used with your Brother printer.

  1. Please ensure that your computer is powered on and you are logged in as Administrator.
  2. Insert the installation CD into the CD drive.
  3. Start program install for Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.

For Windows users, the opening screen will come by itself. When asked, you need to choose your language and Brother HL-5370DW model.

For Macintosh users, double-click the Brother HL-5370DW icon on the desktop. When prompted, select your language and model.

  • Starting your CD-ROM, open the main menu. Click Install for HL-5370DW Printer Driver.
  • Click on users for Wireless Network.
  • Select Driver Install Only, and then click on Next.
  • Next, Keep following the on-screen instructions to go through the driver setup for Brother HL-5370DW.

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Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup Using The Installation CD-ROM

The following details how to setup your Brother machine for a wireless network utilizing a network cable and the Wireless setup wizard. It is to be noted that the computer must be on your network.

STEP I: Before wireless settings configuration:

You need to be aware of the wireless network settings of the WLAN access point. You must check and note the wireless network settings.

  • Network Name – SSID: Service Set ID; ESSID: Extended Service Set ID
  • Network Key (Security Key, Password or Encryption Key, etc.)

STEP II: Configure the wireless settings:

Follow the steps below:

For Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup to be done properly, it must be noted that the screens may vary based on the OS used and your Brother HL-5370DW printer.

  1. Connect the power cord to the Brother HL-5370DW and then connect it to the electrical socket. Power on the Brother machine.
  2. Log in with Administrator rights and power on your computer.
  3. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  4. The main menu comes up. Click on Install Brother HL-5370DW Printer Driver.
  5. Click Wireless Network users as the next step for Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.
  6. Select Wireless Setup and Driver Install and click on Next.
  7. Select step-by-step installation and then click on Next.
  8. Select installation with cable and then click on Next.
  9. Use your network cable to link the Brother HL-5370DW Brother printer to your access point and click on Next.
  10. Select Brother printer to configure, and click on Next. This moves you to the next step for Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.
  11. The wizard will look for available wireless networks from your printer. Select the access point to associate the HL-5370DW printer, and then click on Next.
  12. With the following screen, follow this step

This screen comes up if you select the Network Name (ESSID, SSID) of the WLAN access point. Configure the WLAN security settings of your access point to avoid unapproved access to your network for Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.

If you want to configure WLAN access point security settings, click on Cancel to exit the wizard. After configuring, you need to start from the beginning again.

If not, click on OK and then continue to Step 14.

  1. When configuring your Brother HL-5370DW wireless printer, you must set your printer to match the Authentication and Encryption settings for the existing wireless network. Select the Encryption Mode and Authentication Method from the pull-downs. Enter the Network key with confirmation and click on Next for the next step in Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.
  2. Click on Next to send the settings to the HL-5370DW Brother machine.
  3. In case you need to change the IP Address, click Change IP Address to set it manually.
  4. If you click Cancel, the settings will get disabled.
  5. Check the printed Network Configuration page. Click on Next for Brother HL-5370DW Wireless Setup.
  6. If your status for Wireless Link Status on the Network Configuration page link is OK, go to Step 17.
  7. Click on Finish.
  8. Delink the network cable between the Brother HL-5370DW printer and your access point hub and click Next.
  9. The starts the driver installation. Go on with the on-screen guidelines to install the Brother HL-5370DW printer driver for network connection. Even when you might want to use your printer via a USB connection, you still have to install the printer driver for network connectivity.

In case, the Brother HL-5370DW printer driver for network connection is already installed, click Cancel to finish.

If you’re having an issue please check our setup guide brother printer setup.

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