Troubleshooting – How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Turn On

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Last Updated - January 12, 2024

Troubleshooting – How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Turn On

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Many of the users face this issue. When they are about to start their day in the office with some important work at hand, their Brother Printer Won’t Turn On. This leaves them completely stranded looking all around for solutions to get their printing documents tasks back on track. This situation with the Brother printer undoubtedly is quite annoying unless it gets resolved as quickly as it can. Of course, there are quite a few reasons that can cause this error which include damaged hardware problems, power button malfunctioning, damaged cable wires, damaged ink cartridges, loose connection, paper jams, etc.

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Turn On?

brother printer not turning on

There are reasons that can be assigned when your Brother printer does not start at the beginning of the day when you want it to begin printing. Looking around for reasons can indeed help. Here we provide a few of the probable causes with detailed procedures to fix the issue when your Brother Printer Won’t Turn On. With many troubleshooting steps mentioned below, we suggest you to follow and implement them accordingly as you go step by step to resolve this issue:

Procedure 1 – Disconnect and Reconnect the Power Cable

This is by far the most obvious step that we can take to resolve the defunct status of your Brother printer. What you can do is to disconnect and reconnect the power cable from your Brother printer at lease once. This is because sometimes due to the improper connections this error can appear on your device. So, ensure that the connectivity between cable and socket is firmly established and they are properly connected to the printer as well as the power system. If not, better to reconnect them. To do this follow these steps hereunder:

  1. Detach the cable from the Brother printer and also the power socket.
  2. Now wait for a few seconds
  3. Thereafter, reconnect the printer power cord to the power socket and then press the Power button of your Brother printer to see if the power light indicator has started blinking again.

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Procedure 2 – Check the Printer’s Power Button and Power Cable

Sometimes, the “Brother Printer Won’t Turn On” error can arise if the power cable is not in a good condition or damaged. In this case, you should first check if the power cable is in a proper working condition or not. You can do this by unplugging the power cable from the power socket and check for any perceptible damages. If any damage can be seen, it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible.

Subsequently, you also need to check if the Brother printer’s Power button is in a proper working condition or not. If not, then try to repair it as soon as you can to get your Brother printer to power on.

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Procedure 3 – Clean the Printer

There are times, when you come across any short circuit within your Brother printer there is a probability that your printer ink cartridge is leaking. Thus, it is highly recommended that you clean your printer ink cartridge in the best possible manner. Having done that, you may check if the Brother Printer Won’t Turn On problem has been resolved.

brother printer wont turn on

Procedure 4 – Check the Print Head and Cartridge

Remove the Printhead from the Brother Printer and examine it properly. In case the cartridge has dried up and you are still trying to print documents and images from it as well as performing the printer cleaning cycle, your printer might heat up beyond the limit and the print nozzles might then catch fire.

So, it is recommended to take off the print head and disconnect the power for the printer for at least an hour. After an hour, switch on the printer once again without putting back the print head. Once you have been through this, check if it solves the Brother Printer Won’t Turn On issue.

Procedure 5 – Disconnect the USB

If, somehow, the above-mentioned procedures did not assist in resolving your printer trouble, you may then try to disconnect the USB connector located at the backside of your Brother printer. After disconnecting the USB, you may try to power on the printer and check if the Brother printer starts working normally.

Thus, the above-mentioned are the finest ways and procedures by which you can easily troubleshoot the Brother Printer Won’t Turn On issue altogether. You need to go through these procedures with care and precision handling and go through it one-by-one to get rid of this issue on your Brother printer. Still, your brother printer is off, contact our brother hl 2170w wireless printer setup experts to get this issue fixed.

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