Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink

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Last Updated - January 11, 2024

Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink

Brother 2270DW Wireless Setup


Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink


Brother Printer Unable to Recognize Ink Cartridges

Brother printer cannot detect ink If your Brother Printer cannot Detect Ink, you should start off by evaluating all the potential reasons for this snag. Most of these causes are easy to work on, and the rest can be corrected by technical help from experts. We are writing down all the possible causes, you are advised to check if your Brother printer has any of these matters.

  • Dusty or Impaired Ink Cartridge Chip Chips fixed in the Ink cartridge might be dirty or even damaged. These ink cartridge chips are responsible for connecting the cartridge to the printer and transferring data thereby. Sometimes, dust pile up on the ink cartridge chip, this will hinder the printing work. Cleaning the cartridge every once in a while will help you take care of this complication. You must be precautious of handling the cartridge with care, to make sure the chips are unharmed.
  • Ink Cartridge Improperly Lodged If you have not installed the ink cartridge correctly, it is likely that your Brother printer won’t detect ink. This is a common occurrence. Users often lodge the ink cartridges hurriedly, leaving it loose or tilted in the printer. If your Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink, it is probably due to this same reason.
  • Updated Printer Software Has Left The Chip Data Unusable Or Marked It With An ‘Empty Status’
  • Internal Printer Software also called Firmware, if updated, can sometimes make the ink cartridge chip incompatible with the printer. That is, the printer does not recognize the ink cartridge chip and the data fed therein. In such cases, the Brother printer Cannot Detect Ink.
  • Protective Kit On The Ink Cartridge Has Not Been Removed Ink Cartridges come with layers of packaging. This is to ensure its safety. Most of the cartridges come with a protective plastic strip wrapped compactly around the Ink Cartridges. It is not uncommon to miss this coating of the strip. And if the Ink cartridge Chips are not in contact with the printer, the printer will not acknowledge its presence. Thereby resulting in error like, ‘Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink’.
  • Internal Memory Cannot Recognize A New Ink Cartridge Although every printer is designed in such a way that it recognizes every new hardware input, there are times when the Brother printer does not take cognizance of the new ink cartridge. If you have had to face this problem, you should reset the internal memory of the Brother Printer.
  • Ink Cartridge Replaced When The Brother Printer Was Not Ready Another reason for Brother printer not detecting ink is, you, placing the ink cartridge before your Brother printer prompts you to replace it. Or if you have fixed it in when your printer had no power.

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How to Fix Brother Printer Not Detecting Ink

brother printer unable to recognize ink This trouble crops up almost every time you replace your ink cartridge. We have come up with ways to deal with this problem.

  • Uninstall The Ink Cartridge

If your Brother printer cannot detect ink, you should probably take the ink cartridge out and place it back in after some time. Also, make sure that the printer is ready to take in the ink cartridge. Another point to be cautious of is, that your Brother printer is connected to the power switch.

  • Move the Ink Cartridge Back And Forth

The ink in the cartridge might be accumulated. This can result in the printer not detecting ink. Shaking the ink cartridge back and forth will spread the ink evenly all over the cartridge.

  • Update The Printer Driver

Outdated printer drivers can cause the printer to halt its activity. This is a probable reason for the printer to not detect ink. The easiest way out is to update your printer driver. The updated printer driver will accept the new ink cartridge.

  • Clean The Ink Cartridge As mentioned earlier, soiled, or damaged ink cartridges chips will not process any information, making sure that these chips are all fine, will help a great deal. Take the ink cartridges out clean them up thoroughly.

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