brother printer says not connected

Brother Printer Not Connected

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What Can I Do When Brother Printer Says Not Connected

Printers are commonly found gadgets of utility in every office as well as household anywhere. All kind of facts and figures as well as notes of importance can be set on a hard copy via printers of varying models and features. This makes a huge market for the printer and there are many renowned companies working their business up by offering all types of printer ranges. Among them, Brother printers are the leaders in their own right. While dealing mainly in electronic devices, their printers are the products on high demand in the market. Brother printers perform well. However sometimes a special issue of Brother Printer Not Connected crops up holding up your printing operations at the oddest hour. Although Brother printing machine completes its work in no time this special error makes it tough to print.

Fixing Brother Printer Not Connected issue takes little or more time depending on the type of reason that has led to this. Brother printers overall have improved and clear printing experience. But while connecting sometimes, due to various reasons, networked printers take more time to print or simply get abruptly snapped the moment they start printing.

Brother printers undoubtedly offer the finest printing quality at a minimal cost. While it is the most excellent choice for official and other home-bound printing purposes, like other printer devices, it is also prone to tocommon issues. Brother Printer Not Connectedproblem arises when your Brother printer suddenly gets disconnected from the system and starts displaying error with no print task. Since you are already here, we will make it sure with certain trouble-free resolutions to fix this problem as soon as we can.

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Brother Printer Not Connected – Reasons

Brother Printer Not Connected crops up with reasons that are easy to resolve as well as those that need express help from our expert troubleshooters. This is an issue that can happen with any printer brand and any point in time. There are various reasons by which this problem pops up. The most common causes of this problem are:

  • Improper USB connectivity
  • Faulty hardware issues
  • Obsolete version of the printer driver
  • Paper jamming issue or paper being put into the tray in an improper manner
  • Some sudden changes in printer settings

With the intention of fixing this Brother Printer Not Connected issue, you need to follow certain guidelines and steps that can be understood as we go on describing them one by one.

brother printer says not connected

Fixing Brother Printer Not Connected Issue – Basic Requirements:

  • Confirm that your Brother printer is well connected you’re your PC. In case your printer has wireless connectivity make it sure that both the devices are properly connected over a robust wireless network.
  • Need to check whether your Brother printer is set as default or not to get hold of the Brother Printer Not Connected issue. Simply open printer folders and see for a checkmark. If there is a checkmark on your Brother printer icon then it is set as default and if no checkmark can be found, then set it as a default printer by right-clicking on this printer.
  • You need to ensure in the Windows devices and printers section that the status of your Brother printer is set as online.
  • The outdated or faulty rather printer driver software can also cause Brother Printer Not Connected problem. So, in order to get rid of this issue, you need to use the compatible and correct printer driver in your Brother machine.
  • Check whether your Brother Printer is switched on and not left in the sleep mode.
  • Make it sure that there is no ink toner low/empty issues or no paper jam on the LCD screen.
  • There are times the overwhelmed queued print jobs cause Brother Printer Not Connected error. So, you need to clear all the printer jobs from the queue as well as from the devices window.
  • It may happen that another copy of your Brother printer is listed in the ‘devices and printers’ menu in your Windows PC. You need to delete the copied version and then set your printer as the default machine.

Connect Your Brother Printer Via Ethernet Cable

Connect Your Brother Printer Via Ethernet Cable

  • Start by downloading the printer driver and P-touch Editor
  • Start the Brother printer driver installer.
  • Select for the connection type, and then follow the instructions of the installer to go ahead with the installation.
  • Before linking it via LAN cable, make it sure that your Brother printer is switched off.
  • Next, Connect the LAN cable to the Port situated at the back of the printer.
  • Then connect LAN cable to any active LAN Port on the network.
  • Now power on the Brother printer.
  • Install and commence P-touch Editor to create and print labels.
  • Now your printer is ready since the Brother Printer Not Connected issue has been resolved.
Setup Brother Printer to Wireless

Wireless networks have been pretty convenient and most active users prefer this network over any other for their printing jobs. Wireless gives the liberty to give the command from anywhere without bothering about cables, wires, or proximity. It is not necessary to connect your PC to the printer via Cable. Wireless is the connection of choice in offices and other household places. Here is the setup procedure:

  • Check if the Brother printer is active on its interactive screen.
  • Now, you need to press the menu key situated in your Brother printer.
  • Locate a network by using the up/down arrow keys & choose a network, then enter OK.
  • Having done this, select WLAN and press OK.
  • Next, select the setup wizard for your Brother printer and press OK.
  • Now It would ask you to either enable or disable the WLAN.
  • You need to select Enable and press OK to connect your Brother printer wirelessly.

You can read our detailed guide of brother wireless printer setup.

These are a few of the easy steps to fix the Brother Printer Not Connected issue. After going through the above-mentioned ways, you will be able to overcome Brother Printer Not Connected issue within no time.

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