Stop Wasting Time | Quick Canon MG3022 Wireless Setup

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Last Updated - February 16, 2024
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Stop Wasting Time | Quick Canon MG3022 Wireless Setup

canon ts3122 error code e59

If you have a Canon MG3022 setup printer, you should discover the remote design of this printer on the Internet that will help you interface with your printer. However, at the same point, you might consider picking the working system installed on your PC, regardless of whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac, or Other. On the off chance that you are looking to group mg3022 wifi set up your printer to a PC using remote connectivity, at this point, you must take note of two vital scenarios:

  • Make sure that your Internet connectivity caters to a secure, accessible path to WiFi or, sometimes, WLAN with the initiation of a security protocol because most wireless networks function via this protocol.
  • Also, ensure that the Canon printer has a physical WPS key, Wi-Fi device should have a secured setup at the access point. You can also take a look in your printer’s user guide to figure this out.

Step-By-Step Guide for How to Install Canon MG3022 Setup to Wi-Fi

  • To start with, turn on the printer. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the marker light flashes. Make sure that the blue light should blink.
  • Now make sure that the WPS button is turned ON on your passage for at least 120 seconds. Also, notice that there should always be a Blue light Flash that will keep squinting while at the same time looking for your passageway.
  • In the scenario that the update installation passes, this will stop the two halts.
  • Begin to initiate printing the system settings functionalities of your Canon printer to confirm whether the procedure is passed or not.
  • Put on a piece of paper.
  • Click on the resume button and then hold it until the sparkle light sparks numerously and sooner discharge it.
  • Your Canon MG3022 Setup printer will print the system’s data page, and this implies the establishment was fruitful.
  • At the point when your printer is associated with your web association, the two markers turn off.

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How To Check Whether Canon MG3022 Setup Is Securely Installed Or Not

Canon MG3022 Wireless Setup
  • To confirm whether or not your printer is connected to your WLAN network device, you can initiate to test print for keeping your record which is the last requisite in Canon’s MG3022 setup for Windows printers.
  • Ensure your Canon MG3022 Setup printer is running.
  • You must check the connection on your Canon printer display and ensure that your connections are meant to be “dynamic”.
  • Check the name of your web connection, and make sure if it is your remote name that is troubling or not.
  • Now make sure that the paper tray must be fed high-graded A4 size papers.
  • Begin the catch again, hold it down until the pointer streaks up to multiple times, and leave it.
  • Your test record will be printed.

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