How to Install Lexmark Printer Driver, Software

Lexmark Wireless Printer Setup

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Along with software setup, the hardware of your Lexmark printer also needs to be setup. For Lexmark Wireless Printer Setup, start off with arranging the hardware. Then carry on with the software set up.

Hardware –these are the hardware settings that you need to perform. This is just as important as the software setup. Carry out the entire process with precision.

Arrange The Cables
The printer comes with various cables. Arrange and assemble them.

Assemble The Lexmark Printer Hardware –

Generally, the printer is delivered with its spare parts disassembled. Once you are ready for Lexmark Printer Setup, assemble the pieces together and place the printer close to the computer system you want to use it with.

These spare parts are – spare parts provided with a printer are
Toner or ink cartridges
The process here includes taking the plastic packaging off the toner cartridge. Another essential aspect is to gently move the cartridge back and forth so as to, get the toner evenly spread throughout the cartridge. Evenly spread toner ensures good quality print. And is also more likely to work longer.

Paper Tray
This tray is fixed on the front of the printer. This is where the papers go in. the other end of this tray is connected to the printing drum.

Connect It With The Computer
Connect the Lexmark computer with your PC through the cables provided. After assembling the whole setup, connect it to the power switch as well.

Lexmark Printer Setup – Software Setup

Installing The Software
You can access a copy of the software installer package from any of these two sources – from the software CD that was delivered with your Lexmark printer; or from the website, thereon, select your printer model and the Operating System you are using.
Download and run the installer. Follow the instructions showing on your computer screen.

Installing A Printer Hard Disk
One important step in Lexmark Printer Setup is installing a printer hard disk. Following are the steps –

  • Make sure to unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. This is a safety precaution.
    Open the controller board access cover. Since the electronic components therein are prone to damage by static electricity, we suggest you to first touch a metal surface on the printer before touching any other component.
  • Unenclosed the hard disk and attach it to the controller board. it I suggested not to touch or press the center of the hard disk.
  • Next on, attach the hard disk interface cable to the controller board.
  • Enclose the access cover and connect the power cable to the printer.
  • Turn the printer on. It is all set to use.

Connecting The Printer To A Wi-fi Network

  • From the control panel, go to ‘settings’ then ‘network or ports’ further on to ‘wireless.
  • Select ‘setup’ on the Printer Panel and follow the instruction thereon. On the final screen, you will be asked to select the Wi-fi connection.
  • Some models of Lexmark printers are Wi-fi Network Ready. It will connect to the wi-fi right at the initial setup.

Connecting The Printer To A Wireless Network Using Wi-fi Protected Setup

  • To connect your printer to a Wireless network through WPS, make sure that the access point is WPS certified or WPS certified. Read the instructions manual.
  • Go to the control panel, from thereon, ‘settings’, ‘network/ports’, ‘wireless’, ‘wi-fi protected setup/ WPS’, and finally select the ‘start push button method’
  • You will be directed to the instruction page. Follow the mentioned steps.

Connecting The Printer To A Wireless Network Using A Wi-fi Protected Setup Using The Personal Identification Method or PIN

  • Click on the control panel. Navigate to- settings’, ‘network/ports’, ‘wireless’, ‘wi-fi protected setup/ WPS’, and finally the ‘start PIN method’
  • You will see a window pop up, containing an eight-digit WPS PIN. Copy it from there.
  • Open a web browser, and in the address, field type the IP address of your access point.
  • Open the WPS setting and enter the eight-digit PIN.
  • It will connect to the wireless network.

Altering The Printer Port Settings After Installing An Internal Solutions Port

  • Go to the printer’s folder.
  • Open the printer properties from the shortcut menu of the Lexmark Printer with the new ISP.
  • Configure the port from the given list and update the IP address.
  • Next on, you will see the option ‘apply changes’. Select it. And you are done with the Lexmark Printer Setup.Following points are to be kept in mind –
    Do not change the configuration if the printer already has a static IP address.
    Do not alter the configuration, if your computer is configured to use the network name instead of an IP address.

The aforementioned process will help you with Lexmark Printer Setup.