HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup

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Last Updated - January 10, 2024
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HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup

HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup

A new technology printer with high-end features. This printer works for Windows and Mac. It can handle around 50 sheets of paper in its tray. You can use this for printing envelopes and cards. However, for all these features to make you available. You must set up your HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup with your device. To know more about this, read this article for quick guidance.

Attain HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup

Connect HP Deskjet 3510 to a wireless network. Follow the easy, simple steps for obtaining HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup.

  • Start unpacking the printer and removing the packaging by following the instructions.
  • Now, take out the power cord. Connect with printer and wall socket.
  • Proceed with turning on the printer. Now install ink Cartridges.
  • Load the paper in the input tray for printing
  • Install the Printer Software for HP Deskjet 3510 Printer Setup.
  • Lastly, you can obtain drivers for computers and printers by visiting HP Support.

Install HP Deskjet 3510 using a Wireless Connection for Windows

To prepare for the installation, follow these easy steps.

  • Switch on your printer and place it in setup mode for easy installation.
  • For printers with button only, click cancel and wireless button to wake the printer for HP Deskjet 3510 setup.
  • Navigate to the wireless or network setting menu for printers with LCD or text display. Further, select Restore Network Settings.
  • To proceed with the HP Deskjet 3510 wireless setup, ensure the computer and the HP printer are connected to the same wireless network.

Steps for Downloading the Printer Software and Driver On a Computer

Here are the detailed steps for downloading the printer software and driver to the computer before connecting the printer.

  • Open a web browser in Windows and go to printer setup. Afterwards, select Download.
  • Now open the saved, downloaded file for extracting the software for proceeding with the HP Deskjet 3510 Setup.
  • Select Continue to make changes to your computer when you see the prompt for the same on the screen.
  • HP Printer will be detected automatically. If the HP printer is not detected, select MY printer if it is not shown.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions now and select the software.

You have successfully downloaded the Printer Software and Driver for HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup.

Add Printer after Downloading the Printer Driver and Software

After downloading the printer software to your computer, it’s time to add the printer. Follow the easy steps below to connect your printer to the computer easily.

  • Navigate to the setup page click download, and then open HP Easy Start.
  • Click the Set up My HP option and click Accept to proceed with HP Deskjet Printer Setup.
  • Proceed by checking for the light on the printer control panel.
  • The connect screen will be displayed. Select your printer and click Continue.
  • Fill in the required info and bang on the Join option.
  • Allow the network to be accessed and click Allow.
  • Now click Add a printer.

Restore The Default Wireless Settings for Your Printer

  • Press the printer’s power button to wake it up to proceed with the HP Deskjet 3510 Printer Setup.
  • If the wireless light is not blinking, press the Wireless option present and the cancel button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Continue with installing the software for the HP Deskjet 3510 wireless setup.
  • Use HP auto wireless, and connect to complete the software setup.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to install Deskjet HP 3510 software and printer driver.

Setup HP Deskjet 3510 Printer with the Help of a Windows Built-In-Driver

You can also set up your printer without adding any additional drivers. All you just need is a good Wi-Fi Connection. To know more, follow the steps given below.

  • On your computer device, click on Windows and open the ‘change installation device settings.’ Afterwards, select these settings as YES.
  • Make sure that your printer and router are placed near each other.
  • Connect the printer to the same network from which your desktop is connected.
  • Click on the window and look for Add a Printer or Scanner.
  • Click on Add a Printer or Scanner; now, the desktop will locate the available network.
  • Once the printer name appears on the screen, click Add the printer.
  • Now, follow all the instructions that are shown on the screen. 

By this, you have successfully installed your printer driver’s built-in-driver on your Computer device. 

Steps Follow To Connect HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Network Using WPS

There are two methods for connecting your HP Deskjet 3510 to a wireless network using WPS, either by Push Up Button Method or PIN Method. Below there are the steps given for both. Have a look and follow the best which suits you best.

Steps for Push Up Button Method in HP Deskjet Printer Setup

  • In all WI-FI Protected setup devices, the push button is often optional.
  • This method can help you connect multiple devices to the network.
  • Continue with the HP Deskjet 3510 Printer Setup by Pressing and holding the WPS button on the control panel for some time until the LED present blinks.
  • Press again the PBS button present on the wireless router.
  • The intensity of light blinking will increase as compared.
  • The printer will start establishing a connection to the wireless router for the HP Deskjet 3510 Setup.
  • After the connection is stable, the WPS LED will also become stable.

Steps for the PIN Method in HP Deskjet Printer Setup

  • PIN method entry is compulsory mostly in all WI-FI Protected setup systems.
  • A unique PIN is essential for every HP Deskjet 3510 Wi-Fi Protected setup connection for each device to connect to the network.
  • Proceed with HP Deskjet 3510 Setup by selecting a start and then Network. Now click on “Add a wireless device.”
  • Select your printer and then click on the Next button.
  • After that, Input the PIN that the LCD shows. It is an 8-digit PIN. After specifying the PIN, it starts searching for access.
  • Now, Select the desired network and click “Next” for HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup.

Process For HP Deskjet 3510 Setup With USB

  • The printers that do not have touch displays, you can use this method during printer software installation for HP Deskjet 3510 Printer Setup.
  • Connect the USB cable with your HP Deskjet 3510 printer and system during installation. Connect or disconnect the USB cable when prompted by Printer Software.
  • Also, printer software can detect wireless printing automatically.
  • Proceed to establish a USB setup by downloading and installing the printer software.

Follow any of the above methods for the HP Deskjet 3510 wireless setup.

HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Setup

Replace the Ink and Cartridges in the HP Deskjet 3510 Printer

When it comes to handling and replacing ink and cartridges in your printer, it is an effortless procedure—all you need to follow these steps for quick guidance.

  • Switch ON your printer. Press the Power Button.
  • Now load the paper into the input tray.
  • Simultaneously, open the access door of the cartridges.
  • Remember to place the carriage in the centre of the printer.
  • Now, let the printer set idle and must not make any sound.
  • After that, gently press down the cartridges to release them and then pull them out.
  • Once you have replaced it, do not touch the ink nozzles, as it can result in a bad connection and can cause clogs and ink failures. 
  • Now take the new cartridges and pull them out from their packaging
  • Hold the Cartridges from its side and keep the nozzles facing towards the printer.
  • Slowly insert the cartridges into their respective slot.
  • After inserting it, push it forward and snap it down in its place.

After following all these instructions, you can close the access door and follow all the on-screen instructions. Then the machine will take hardly 30 seconds to settle down and can start printing again.

HP Deskjet 3510 Printer Not Connecting to the Network

Here are some possible ways to get the printer back connected to the network

  • Firstly check for the network connection and try to place your device near your router.
  • Restarting the printer can also eliminate low connectivity.
  • Sometimes the printer automatically goes to sleep mode, so try to wake your printer by pressing the Power button. 
  • Ensure your printer shows light or blinks next to the wireless connection sign. 
  • Also, check that the wireless settings in the system are turned ON.
  • Lastly, if nothing works, go and search for the HP Customer Support website and discuss a possible solution.


How to set up e-print in HP Deskjet 3510 Printer?

To set up an e-print from anywhere, follow these instructions:

  •  To enable web services on your device, click the e-print button in the printer control panel and accept all conditions.
  • After pressing the e-print button, go to the web settings service menu.
  • Click on Display Email Address to view the printer’s email address.
  • Create a new email and send it to the Printer’s email address.
  • The printer will print the attached document.

How to change the wireless network settings of my HP Deskjet 3510 printer?

Firstly make sure that printer software is installed and requires a USB cable. Only connect the USB cable once you are prompted to do.

  • Click on Windows and then select HP.
  • Click on HP Deskjet 3510 Printer.
  • Press Printer Setup and Software.
  • Now select the wireless configuration settings.
  • Now follow all the onscreen instructions.

Which Cable Does HP DeskJet 3510 Printer Support?

The HP Deskjet 3510 wireless printer does support a 2.0 rear USB with High-speed support to connect it from the computer.

What are the methods to connect your printer wirelessly?

Two methods exist and help you to connect your HP Deskjet 3510 wirelessly, i.e.,  WIFI or Bluetooth.

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