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Canon MG3600 Setup – Connect It Easy With Us For An Ideal Digital Life

Getting the right type of printer for your job can be an overwhelming task. With so many features to consider, Canon MG 3600 printers make for the closest what an ideal printer can be for your quick and easy printing solutions. Fitting right into your office/home and your digital lifestyle, MG3600 has stunning print quality, enhanced connectivity, easy-to-use drivers, and beautiful design that best suits your unique needs. Get this printer at your doorstep and call us for Canon MG3600 Setup. Or simply go through the steps as we go on describing that relates to the specifications for Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup.

Canon MG 3600 is an inkjet printer that provides full functionality features for printing. It is a part of a series of Canon Pixma Printers. These printers make for the closest what an ideal printer can be for your quick and easy printing solutions. Fitting right into your office/home and your digital lifestyle, MG3600 has stunning print quality, enhanced connectivity, easy-to-use drivers, and a beautiful design that best suits your unique needs. Get this printer at your doorstep and call us for Canon MG3600 Setup. Or simply go through the steps as we go on describing that relates to the specifications for Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup.

How Do I Use My Canon Pixma MG3600 Printer?

Canon MG3600 is wireless Office All-in-One Inkjet is a reliable companion for all your needs of printing, scanning, copying as well as faxing. Simply go mobile with Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup and print, scan, and fax all that you create with this relatively miniature device. Given its mind-blowing wireless capabilities, you can print and scan from your Canon MG3600 from anywhere within your big or small location. Get an MG3600 as a one-stop solution for your needs of reliable printing. Get going with Canon MG3600 Setup.

Before proceeding with the actual setup, you need to unpack the printer from the box. Then you need to take out all the accessories and keep your printer device on the flat surface. Next, plug your device in the nearby wall socket. When the ways to connect your Canon printer to your desktop or mobile devices come, Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup is the best way out. To use the Canon Pixma 3600 printer, you need to perform a series of simple steps including,

  • Assembling the Printer
  • Turn Printer ON
  • Installing the drivers
  • Connecting the Printer using the USB or Wireless Connection
  • Complete Canon MG3600 Setup
  • Print a Test Page

How To Connect Canon MG3600 To WiFi? Wireless Setup

Canon MG3600 takes pride in offering the best in image quality. With Canon MG3600 Setup, we would like to enable your ideas and creations brought to life with easy steps to connect. Why choose any other printer for high-quality prints when your printer can produce great images from the comfort of your own home with Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup? Using Canon’s professional-quality printers suits the needs of marketers and designers alike, no matter where they are and what they do. When you connect Canon MG3600 To WiFi you get the best quality prints as a professional or when you are just looking to decorate your home.

Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup – How Do I Connect My Canon Printer to WPS?

One such method of connecting your devices to the Canon MG3600 printer is via Wi-Fi protected setup or WPS. By this method, you can obtain Canon MG3600 printer setup easily without the requirement of entering the password for the same. Here we present Canon MG3600 Setup methods and steps:

You can go ahead with the WPS method of Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup if the access point already has a WPS button. This is an easy way to obtain your Canon Printer Setup easily. Follow the simple instructions below to Connect Canon MG3600 To WiFi:

  1. First of all, you require to switch on your Canon MG3600 printer and ensure that WPS button on the router is properly accessible for starting with Canon MG3600 Setup. In other words make it certain that the button on the wireless router is ready to be handled.
  2. Next, press and hold the Wi-Fi button situated on the Canon MG3600 printer till the ON Lamp starts flashing.
  3. Thereafter, first press the black button on the printer and then the Wi-Fi button for moving ahead with Canon MG3600 printer setup.
  4. Here you need to make it sure that the Wi-Fi lamp keeps flashing quickly as the ON Lamp remains lit. Next, you need to go to access point and press the WPS button within the next 2 minutes.
  5. Thereafter, Blue Wi-Fi Lamp will remain in a flashing mode while it is searching. Here, both the power lamps and Wi-Fi lights will keep on flashing while it links to the Access Point to Connect Canon MG3600 To WiFi.
  6. Once the connectivity is properly established with wireless network, both Wi-Fi and Power lamps will stop flashing. They will remain lit and we have to ensure that Wi-Fi and Power lamps are both lit that way.

This way, you are done with the Canon MG3600 Setup. If this method of wireless connectivity suits your device and is convenient enough, you can continue with it, or simply move to the next method.

Complete Connection Guidelines for Canon MG3600 Setup

In case, there is a possibility that the access point you are using does not support WPS functionality, there is the other method of Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup.

  1. When the starting screen displays, click on “Start Setup”
  2. Now the system will check in case there is a need for updating the printer driver. In case updating is needed, it will start downloading automatically. You only have to wait for a few minutes until the downloading successfully happens. Then you can proceed with Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup.
  3. Then, you need to go ahead by choosing your region and country. Then click on “Next”.
  4. Thereafter, you require to accept the term and conditions of the license agreement and then click on “Yes”.
  5. In case, you want to participate in the Extended Survey Program, click on “Agree” or otherwise click “Do not agree”.
  6. Next, you require to click ‘next’ to allow Install Wizard Process.
  7. Now choose “Wireless LAN Connection” for Canon MG3600 Setup and then tap on “Next”.
  8. After that you need to choose Connect via wireless router and then click on Next.
  9. Here you need to make it sure that the printer is turned on and click on “Next”.
  10. Now to Connect Canon MG3600 To WiFi, select “Setting printer could not be found on the list” and then click on Next.
  11. A setup guide emerges and you only have to follow the on-screen instructions as it goes on with the Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup.
  12. Now you need to wait for a few seconds before the setup to discover the Canon MG3600 printer for setup.
  13. Once the Canon MG3600 Setup gets completed, you have to click on next.
  14. Finally, click “Exit” to get out of the entire process to connect Canon MG3600 to WiFi.
How to Connect My MG3600 Printer to Windows OS

Installing the Canon MG3600 Printer Driver software

  1. Insert the CD and choose the option to run MSETUP4.EXE. In case no prompt comes up, you need to open Windows Explorer, select the D: or E: drive as the case may be, and double-click on MSETUP4.EXE.
  2. Down the software and double-click on the file to begin the installation.
  3. Select Start Setup. Check the box Use the updated software found on the internet for the installer to check for the latest versions of the software online.
  4. Click on Next and read through the License Agreement and choose Yes. When selected No, the installation stops then and there.
  5. Now choose between Agree or Do not agree to the extended survey.
  6. Now wait for the setup program process to continue till it finishes.
  7. Select Next.
  8. Choose USB Connection, and tap Next.
  9. Now, you must ensure that your computer is connected to the MG 36  printer via a USB cable for a Canon MG3600 Setup to take place.
  10. Next, the printer driver installs and the installer checks if the printer is linked.
  11. Select Next.
  12. Choose execute to run a test printing task or ‘Next’ in case you want to skip it.
  13. Select Next.
  14. Check the box to choose any optional application to install, or choose Clear All to deselect all selections by default. Select Next to continue.
  15. Select Next or Skip.
  16. Once installation for Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup is completed, tap Exit. 
Canon MG3600 Not Connecting to Wifi

Check Your Printer:

For establishing the connection between wifi and canon printer, first check that your router has a wps button. Reboot the cannon printer and turn on wifi by press the wifi button. A light will start blinking next to wifi button. Once your canon printer locate the wifi, the light will stop blinking and will be solid green. On your desktop or laptop find your canon printer on the network. Make sure that your printer is connected to the same network. Now check if the printer is printing or not after the connection is established.

Check Usb cable:

Some people use the usab cable for connecting your computer to canon printer. In such cases a loose usb cable can create connectivity issue. To resolve this problem you have to make sure that the usb cable is connected properly to the printer and the computer. If you are unsure, then remove the cable and reinsert it properly. After connecting the printer with the computer, check if the printer is working or not.

Canon printer driver:

Sometimes outdated or corrupted canon printer drivers can printer from connect to the wifi. So make sure that the drivers of canon mg3600 printer is up to date.

Update drive-

  1. Go to driver section of the canon mg3600 printer.
  2. Now check if there’s a driver update.
  3. If available then install the driver update.

Now you’ll be able to connect canon mg3600 printer to wifi.

Run the printer troubleshooter

If you are still not able to connect canon mg3600 printer to wifi, then follow the steps below to start printer troubleshooter.

  1. Go to pc.
  2. Open settings.
  3. Click devices.
  4. Select printer and scanner option
  5. Select printer then click on manage.
  6. Now click on run troubleshooter.

Now windows will start for printer issues. Once the troubleshooter is finished you’ll get what the issue is and how you can fix it.

Contact canon

Now, you are done with Canon MG3600 Printer Setup and you are good enough to go printing for all your ends and purposes. Still, when you face issues with Printer Setup or are confronting troubles while printer setup, you can always connect to advanced printer setup specialists at our Canon printer helpdesk. Our master technicians are accessible round the clock for all your needs of technical instructions as well as troubleshooting. This is the finest helpdesk that caters to all your concerns and queries related to your Canon MG3600 Setup. Connect to Canon printer setup anytime, and we will take care of all your concerns of Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup.