How Do I Get My Brother Printer Out Of Sleep Mode

Last Updated - July 27, 2020
Brother printer is the most prominent manufacturer of advanced printers and has been widely used by millions of users across the world. With smooth, crisp, and user-friendly interface and printing experience brother printers became the first choice of home users and business professionals. But sometimes users get unwanted errors and unable to use the printer as it goes in the sleep mode. Don’t get worried as these issues can be resolved easily by disabling the sleep mode by performing some troubleshooting steps.If you have any concerns related to Brother Printer Stuck Sleep Mode and wanted to know the exact causes related to sleep mode issues then you need to check some of the factors including stable connectivity, outdated drivers, and overheating issues as well. If you wanted to rely on someone who can handle these issues on your behalf then you can reach to our helpdesk we make sure that you get the genuine solutions from certified experts instantly.

How to Fix Brother Printer Stuck in Sleep Mode?

How fix brother printer in sleep modeWe can understand it is very annoying when you need to print something important but your desktop screen shows you the sleep notification on the display as your brother printer is stuck in the sleep mode. If you don’t know how you can fix Brother Printer stuck in sleep mode? Then you have lots of concerns and questions in your mind. Follow these below-listed steps to resolve all your printer sleeping issues and get the most reliable printing experience from your brother printer:
  • Start by heading to the control panel and then press OK.
  • After that, it will show the menu of the brother printer.
  • Now access the general setting of the printer by using arrow keys navigations.
  • Now locate the ecology menu by using arrow keys.
  • Press ok on the ecology menu.
  • Locate the sleep time menu by using arrow keys and press Ok.
  • After clicking Ok press the down arrow and cancel together.
  • Now users get access to the deep sleep menu.
  • Click on Ok again and continue until you will get the access to the main display screen.
  • In the end, restart your printer again and give the command to check whether the issues are resolved or not.
If the above-listed steps don’t help you in resolving the sleep errors then you need to turn off the sleep mode in your printer which can be performed by following some essential steps.Also, check how to fix brother printer won’t print error

Steps To Turn Off Sleep Mode on Brother Printer

It is important to get back the brother printer online to print the desired documents and resolve the sleep mode issues. Some easy steps to turn off the sleep mode are listed below:
  • First of all, users need to click on the menu button and head to the general setup menu.
  • Now locate and click on the ecology option to aces the sleep time.
  • After that based on your printer model and type enter the desired time for which brother printer remains active.
  • Users can also enter the desired time by using a dial pad and range 00 to 99. If you don’t know then follow with the below-mentioned steps:
  • Start by pressing the start and options button altogether.
  • Wait until your display shows the sleep mode message then turn it off by using arrow keys.
In the end press ok along with the stop or exit button

Factors Related To Printer Offline Errors When The Brother Printer is Stuck in Sleep Mode

It is very annoying when users get brother printer not connecting to network face offline errors even when the printer is in sleep mode. This can affect the printing experience of users and complex the concerns associated with the How Do I Get My Brother Printer Out Of Sleep Mode. There are lots of numerous issues associated with this kind of issue. Some of the steps are mentioned below by which users get an in-depth understanding of various factors affecting the printing experience:
  • First of all, users need to make sure if the brother printer is connected to a stable power source or not.
  • Second thing users need to check that the printer is showing any errors or not.
  • Another factor users need to check whether the printer is connected with desktop accurately through USB cable or wireless Router.
  • Users need to check that printer has the most updated drivers.
  • Users also need to check whether their brother printer is selected as the default printer or not.
If you have any issues in performing any of the steps you can reach out to the experts fully trained and certified in resolving sleep issues related to brother printer.
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