Not Sure How To Install Brother Wireless Printer Setup? Read on!

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Last Updated - January 12, 2024

Not Sure How To Install Brother Wireless Printer Setup? Read on!


If you are wondering how you can setup your Brother printer, you don’t have to wonder no more. Here, we will offer you simple steps through which you can get your brother printer up and running and no time and start getting printouts of your important documents. It is a renowned name with the customer based all around the world.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Here are a few steps through which you can get your Brother Wireless Printer Setup:

Step 1

Get to your interface by following the guiding manual. Once able to access the interface, go to computer’s browser and write down the router’s SSID number, authentication method, encryption mode and encryption key.

Step 2

Put in your Brother wireless printer into your router via an Ethernet cable. This needs to be connected physically only during the process of the printer setup. Then insert the Brother driver software installation CD in your computer’s drive and run the setup program. Then you need to go to ‘Wireless Setup And Driver Install’ and select ‘Step By Step Install.’ Brother Printer Setup can be done by just following these steps.

Step 3

Check the ‘With Cable’ radio button and click the ‘Next’ button twice. Select the option beginning with ‘BRN’ in the list of Available Network Devices. This is followed by selecting the wireless network with your router’s SSID on the next screen. In case it doesn’t show up, hit the button marked ‘Add’ and enter the SSID number manually. Enter the authentication method, encryption mode and encryption key on the following screens to get Brother Wireless Printer Setup processed further.

Step 4

Disconnect the cable when prompted, and give your consent to the license agreement. Check the radio button labeled ‘Search Network For Devices’ and choose from a list of discovered devices’ and select your Brother Printer Setup from the list shown to finish the installation.

Step 5

Use the CD to install the necessary drivers on any other computers that you may be connecting the printer with. Select ‘Driver Install Only’ in the setup program instead of conducting a wireless setup on any such subsequent computers.

If you need any further assistance with Brother Printer Wi-Fi Setup, you can contact the helpline number and solution will be provided in no time.


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