Canon Printer Won’t Print? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Last Updated - December 12, 2023

Canon Printer Won’t Print? Here’s What You Need To Know

It is quite often encountered with printer malfunctioning amidst the critical printing jobs are “ON”. It is highly advisable to immediately fix the Canon Printer Won’t Print issue. Feel free to connect with us as our team of experts ensures for timely repair and fixing of your printer-related problems. Canon printers may work for several years and they could work well while printing a lot many documents at times. The Canon printer is an amazing product as it can deliver seamless printing jobs for long hours of usage but they can cause hassle when they stop printing.

Figuring Out Why Your Canon Printer Won’t Print?

There might exist innumerable reasons why your printer is not printing. However, as per the industry sales trend, Inkjet printers are a perfect example of everyday printing But you hesitate to use the Canon Inkjet printer as you fear that they might stop printing, thus, making you face a hectic schedule.
      • If your Canon Printer Won’t Print anymore, then you are suggested to check for any prompted error message on the display.
      • Do check for any warning messages or indicators through flashing LEDs as it might be a sign of any internal error like the paper jam.
      • Always take care of the paper tray and make sure that there right quantity of high-grade paper fed in the tray.
      • Ensure that the ink cartridges have not gone empty if it has, just refill them back again.
      • Ensure for any loose connections in the printer setup.
      • Make sure that both the computer and printer are connected to the same Wireless Network. Also, ensure that the wifi signal strength is quite acceptable.

    Easy Tips & Daily Hacks To Resolve Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue

        • Make sure to get your Canon printer connected with a compatible power supply.
        • Just keep to hold & click the ON switch to switch ON your printer machine to initiate the Canon printer device.
        • When the Power LED is turning to flicker, then you must not go ahead unless it remains to lit.
        • If the Canon printer machine is connected to the PC utilizing a USB cord, ascertain that it is plugged correctly.
        • Confirm that you are using a USB cable that is compatible with your Canon device.
        • For wireless connectivity, make sure that the Canon printer is connected to the network appropriately.
        • Make sure that the front input feeding of the paper tray of the Canon printer is accessible.
        • On the off chance, the print task is under process due to a command prompted.
        • The print functionality will take place only when your Canon printer is marked for consideration as can be seen over the dialogue window.
        • Ensure that the printer tray is installed correctly to fix the Canon Printer Won’t Print issue.
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      Basic DIY Guide To Remove Canon Printer Not Printing Issue?

          • The Canon Printer Won’t Print issue appears when the device has lost its comm channel with your Mac or Windows user system.
          • Ensure to initiate a reset on your Mac or Windows-based system and then connect to carry out a print operation.
          • If the signal strength is low, it is recommended to keep your Canon printer within the range of the network router.
          • The error can also appear when the printer is not communicating with the network router.
          • Power Off the printer and the router, and then power them Up to restore the communication.
          • Try switching Off the firewall and another similar application on your PC for a short duration of period.
          • Ensure that the Canon printer and your desktop are associated with the same Wireless Fidelity network.
        If these steps fail to remove the Canon Printer Won’t Print issue then we advise you to switch to the advanced DIY GuideRelated: Canon mg3620 printing blank pages

        Advanced Guide To Remove Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue?

        When you encounter print tasks stuck or facing a Canon Printer Won’t Print issue in the print lineup then it is required to revisit the printer settings and then open the printer queue.
            • Make sure to clear the paper jam error by opening the printer cover and loosening the cartridge header. Just wait to eradicate the pages that got stuck and reinitiate the reinstallation of the cartridge.
            • Make sure that the pre-installed device drivers are not damaged in any form. However, In such a case of the device driver error, you are required to keep an updated driver and make sure to download and install the right printer device driver that goes well with your printer device.
            • The Canon Printer Not Printing anything due to incompatible power sources as it creates issues while printing.
            • The null mobile printing application might not synchronize with the ‘print machine well. Therefore, you must ensure that the printer application makes an auto-selection of your printer machine scans the documents, and then attempts to print them.
            • Canon printing device driver software application requires to be updated from time to time for the printer to function in a good way. Printer drivers must be updated from time to time so that the printer can print effectively.
          If these steps fail to remove Canon Printer Won’t Print issue then we advise you to switch to Expert mode step-by-step DIY Guide
          Expert Mode For Step-By-Step Guide: How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Not Printing Issue?
          There are various probable causes to why your Canon Printer Won’t Print properly. By fixing the printer you can identify. The printer is engineered with many inbuilt features as it comes packed with pre-loaded software programs that will more precisely be meant for troubleshooting your printer. Once the primary reason for the problem is identified, you can easily fix the printer not printing problem. You are advised to use various tools directly suggested by experts to fix the issue with Canon printers. Stay tuned till the end as we suggest expert-driven methods to fix the “not printing issue”, which are as follows:
              • Firstly, ensure to check if the ink cartridges are not empty, to check this you need to print a calibration page that provides you with the ink levels.
              • For Windows, click on the hardware tab.
              • Inside the hardware tab, click the ink management option, to confirm the ink levels.
              • Ensure to use authentic ink cartridges only, it is recommended to buy the ink cartridges from genuine dealers.
              • If regarding the cartridges, all is OK then check with the print paper inserted in the paper tray.
              • Make sure to check whether or not the refill is done for print papers in the paper tray.
              • Make sure to have installed the latest firmware and the device driver. To download or update the device driver software, please check to visit the official website.
              • At this step, to check whether the persists or not, perform the test print now. It is usually expected that your printer problem has been solved letting you have seamless printing again.
            If your Canon printer still not printing then it is advisable to run Hard Reset. Follow the mentioned below steps to Run “Hard Reset”. If these steps fail to remove the Canon Printer Won’t Print issue then we advise you to run a hard reset.Related: Canon mg7520 not printing
            Initiate Hard Reset: To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Not Printing Issue?
                • Firstly, turn “OFF” the printer and unplug it from the wall outlet.
                • Remove all connecting chords from the printer.
                • Let the printer be in “Rest Mode” for at least 60 seconds.
                • Re-Plug the printer to the power source.
                • Reconnect all the requires wires at input-output ports.
                • Turn the printer in “Power On” state.
                • Run a Test Print.
              After running “Hard Reset” your Canon Printer will get functional again. In case if you’re still having the issue contact canon printer setup team for help.

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