Is a Home Printer Worth It 2024 | Decode The Printer Truth

Last Updated - February 20, 2024

Is a Home Printer Worth It 2024 | Decode The Printer Truth

Is a Home Printer Worth It 2024

Nowadays everything is going paperless. Whether you want to fill out insurance forms, tax returns, or college assignments everything is online. The days of storing hundreds of pages of files are gone. People store documents electronically on Google Drive or iCloud storage. So, does having a printer at home is worth? Printers are an excellent investment but only some of the time they are worth purchasing for your home. Let us dig more into the significance of the home printer.

Are Home Printers Worth Giving a Shot?

Purchasing a printer for your house is a personal choice. But, if you have a dilemma about whether home printers are worth it or not, then you should consider the following factors in favor of it.

Home Printer Worth It

Save Time

If you have a printer at your residence, then you can save a huge amount of time. You don’t have to rush to a nearby printer’s shop. If you have something to print at the last minute, then home printers will act as a vital asset. For example, if you want to plan a quick birthday party, then printing birthday cards becomes easier with multi-function printers at home.

Analyze the Print Budget

Do household printers make a good investment? Not everyone will find a printer at their home worth it because of the per-page cost. If you do not require printouts very often, then you may prefer to go to a nearby shop. It will be cheaper for you. You don’t have to buy expensive printers for it because the price of the printer will not match the cost of printouts at the service shop. On the other hand, if you print at higher volumes, then buying a home printer will put less burden on your pocket.

For example, the price of the printer is $200 along with ink and other accessories. On the other hand, the cost of print per sheet at shops is 15 cents. So, if you print 1000 pages from a nearby stationery shop in a year, then it will cost you $150. It will be less than the price of the printer.

However, if you are a student or have a home office, then you may be printing in bulk. In such cases, using the outside printing services will be very costly. Therefore, possessing an in-home printer will be budget-friendly.

Residential Space

The dimensions of the printer are the least deciding factor, whether you purchase a printer or not. If your residence has enough space, then getting a printer for your home is an easy choice. However, if your accommodation has less space in addition to fewer printouts, it is not worth buying a printer.

Frequency & Volume

How many pages you print in a day or annually is a very important factor in deciding the worth of home printers. As discussed above, when you print in higher volumes on a regular basis, the cost of printing will be higher. Thus, you can save money by getting your own printer. College students or individuals with home offices need hard copies in large numbers consistently. Thus, it will be advantageous for them to have a residential printer.


The specific needs and usage patterns also play a key role in choosing the right printer. Buying a printer that does not match up with the level of performance and functions you desire will turn out to be a liability.

There are monochrome, color, inkjet, and laser printers. Also, there are multifunction printers, designed to serve various purposes. So, if you need more black-and-white printouts, then monochrome printers will be worth it for your home. On the other hand, if you require color printouts of high resolution, laser printers will serve the purpose. 

In addition to printouts, if you perform a copy or scan function, then all-in-one printers will be the most practical choice for your home office. When you have an all-in-one printer at home, then you have to go nowhere and execute your tasks quickly.

Quality of Printouts

Usually, home printers are smaller in size. Due to being smaller in size, the brands will provide lesser functionality in a printer and thus compromise quality. You will receive higher-quality printouts from expensive printers.

If you are more keen on the quality of output, then outsourcing the job will be the right choice.

Check the Connectivity

What options are available at your home to connect the printer to other devices? If your house has strong internet connectivity, then a printer with Wifi connectivity will prove its worth. If your house does not have a wifi router, then purchase a printer with in-built Bluetooth. Choosing the printer with connectivity options available at your home will serve the purpose.


If you have the right printer according to your needs and usage pattern, then the printing task becomes easy. Having a printer at your residence allows you to print from the comfort of your home. With smart printer apps, you can print anytime from anywhere. When you save extra dollars on printing then you also have healthier mind space.

Customize on a Go

Having a home printer also provides you with the flexibility to print out your own design and pages. At a print shop, you don’t have that creative freedom and have to go along with the same monotonous layouts. But, with your own printer, you can perform experiments.

Someone who is in a creative field should surely own a printer to produce more personalized and customized printouts.

Average Lifespan of Home Printers

On average, a home printer can serve for three to five years depending on the labor. If the individual maintains the printer with regular cleaning and maintenance, it can serve even longer. Thus, investing in a home printer will be the correct decision. If you are a college student, then home printers will save time and money whenever you need hard copies of your assignments or synopsis.

Decide Yourself If Home Printer Worth It For Home

In the age of electronic media, hard copies are becoming extinct. However, there are many instances in daily life, when one has to take out prints. It is up to the individual how much productivity they want from their printers. Parallelly, does their printer is able to level up with the output required?

The frequency, quality, and volume of the job is a deciding factor in the worthiness of your home printer. Given the complexity and amount of jobs, printing in bulk at home is not an affordable option. If you are in a creative field, you must also consider the quality. As such, it is imperative that the print be as crisp and high-quality as possible.

If you own a home office, then it might not be worth your time by the time you’ve stood there loading the paper, replacing the ink cartridges, sending items to the printer, and so on. But, considering the dollars you save, it is a significant asset. Moreover, the flexibility to take out prints at any hour of the day with the help of your home printer free up your mind space. Additionally, the in-home printers used under supervision can last up to five years. Thus, in the long run, home printers are a more profitable choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it useful to have a printer at home?

If you have to perform printing tasks at regular intervals, then printers at home can be very useful. It will be convenient as you can take printouts anytime from the comfort of your home and help you to save extra dollars. 

Is it cheaper to have a printer at home?

The cost of the printer depends on the use. If the individual uses the printer for printing a few documents, then a household printer is a budget-friendly choice. On the other hand, if the output required is in bulk, in-home printers will put a hole in your pocket because of additional expenses like cartridges, papers, and maintenance.

Does it make sense to buy a printer?

Buying a printer is a sensible choice if you print pages very often and want to have control over the expenses. Moreover, it adds convenience and allows for customization whenever you require it.

How much should you spend on a home printer?

A good home printer can cost you between $150 to $200. However, individuals should select the printer after comprehending the requirements at their home office. The monochrome printers will cost less than color printers.

What is the life expectancy of a home printer?

The average lifespan of a home printer with proper maintenance is five years. After that, wear and tear in internal components will reduce the productivity of the printer.

Which type of printer is best for home use?

Inkjet printers are a worthy choice for your home. For high-quality color printing and photographs, inkjet printers perform better. However, laser printers are a good choice if you print huge quantities of text documents.

What are the 4 features of a printer you need to consider?

For home printers, you should consider:

  • Value
  • Compactness
  • Paper and ink capacity
  • Type of printing

What are the advantages of having a household printer?

Having a printer at home allows you to save time and money. You can print anytime and do not have to rely on a printer shop. Also, it will be a budget-friendly choice in the long run.

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