Printer Not Found On Network – Here’s How to Fix It

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Last Updated - January 16, 2024

Printer Not Found On Network – Here’s How to Fix It


You installed your printer on the wireless network and get the Printer Not Found On Network error while performing your urgent printing task. Typically these are the most common issues and can arise due to network issues with the printer, desktop or router. If you get the network error then you need to check that both of your devices share the same network connections. Don’t get stressed if you inspected everything successfully and still getting the Printer Not Found On Network errors.

There are several factors that result in Printer Not Found On Network errors. These errors may vary from loose connections to the outdated drivers as well. In this post, we’ll how to fix this error and what are the main causes

Reasons Why Users Get The Printer Not Found On Network Issues!

In most cases users get the Printer Not Found On Network issues is the communication errors between the network devices. As one of the most common issues users can easily resolve these issues by inspecting some of the factors especially the network connections. Some of the reasons by which users get the Printer Not Found On Network errors are listed below:

  • Outdated drivers installed in the devices
  • The password of the Wi-Fi router has been modified or changed.
  • Loose connection between the printer and the desktop.
  • Important drivers corrupt and downloaded or installed in an improper way.
  • The firewall settings automatically stopped the printer to make a stable connection.
  • Devices encounter several issues due to third-party drivers and software.
  • The printer automatically disconnected from the available wireless router or network.
  • The distance between the printer and the router is exceeding the limit.

Some Important Troubleshooting Steps To Eliminate Printer Not Found On Network Errors!              

If you trying to give commands and get the Printer Not Found On Network errors and followed most of the known steps to get the instant resolutions but still the issues persist then try to restart your device again in the control center. Some of the troubleshooting steps are listed below for instant solutions:

Method 1 – Verify Available Network Devices

check available network

  • First of all, the user needs to verify that all the devices are connected properly.
  • After that switch off the printer and turn back on again.
  • Sometimes built-in network connection card affects connectivity. Reset the network card by turning off the printer again.
  • Verify the network interface in case it’s disabled.
  • Now users need to verify the connection between desktop and access points.
  • Now verify the router and cable on the available network. In the case of wired connections.
  • Switch off the router or switching hub & turn it on again.
  • If the switching hub is not working properly because you reconnect it several times. It shows the change in IP address even if all settings of the accurate IP address. Now fix these issues by resetting the switching hub and router by restarting them.
  • Now validate the security settings of all access points.
  • After that, configure your device and printer having the same SSID used for the WLAN or router access point.
  • Now, restrict privacy separator.
  • If required settings of the router and access points are configured accurately then Printer Not Found On Network errors will be resolved. If you still get the errors then you need to verify the firewall settings as well.

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Method 2 – Verify Essential Firewall Settings

printer not found on the network

  • If Windows Firewall security software is active users get the Printer Not Found On Network errors as it can automatically reject the essential network connection needs to make proper connection.
  • Now the user needs to change or modify the firewall settings to disable the firewall on the desktop. Users can also temporarily modify the firewall settings to permit network connection.
  • When users get the firewall notifications experts to suggest that it can be resolved easily by establishing temporary security settings to establish a stable network connection.
  • After finishing everything users need to reinstall the essential driver and software and verify the devices even if they found or not.
  • When users try to manually configure the IP address, they need to check the Custom Install settings as well. When users choose the available network connection they need to mention the IP address at the Network Search Type option when the window appears.

firewall setting for printer

After following these steps users can resolve the Printer Not Found On Network errors. If you face any issues while performing any of the steps reach to our helpdesk and we offer you the most genuine assistance with no time.

Reach To Our Expert Technicians And Get the needed solutions To Resolve Printer Not Found On Network Issues!

Printer Not Found On Network issues can be more complex than expected if you follow most of the troubleshooting steps and still facing the issues. Reach our printer setup experts to make sure all your concerns associated with the Printer Not Found On Network errors will be resolved with the utmost care and dedication.

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