Printer USB Cable Not Detected

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Last Updated - January 16, 2024

Printer USB Cable Not Detected


How To Fix Printer USB Cable Not Detected

Printers make our life more hassle-free as we can perform various tasks including printing, scanning, and faxing. But unlike any other devices user’s experiences can be affected in various ways which can create a great nuisance in life by which users can easily annoyed. The most common issue users face with the printers even after giving so many commands is when Printer USB Cable Not Detected. Basically, users experience these types of technical glitches when their printers are connected to a compute USB cable. If you came across the Printer USB Cable Not Detected issues and don’t know how to handle them appropriately then reach to our helpdesk for instant support and assistance.

It is very annoying when we need to print something important and the printer shows the Printer USB Cable Not Detected errors. We are available round the clock to make sure that you get the most genuine solutions for Printer USB Cable Not Detected issues. We understand that it is important to resolve errors instantly as printing errors affect work as well. We have the most skilled and experienced team of technicians who are ready to make sure that users get the most genuine printing experience from their printers. So, don’t get stressed if you face issues with the USB while printing.

Reasons For Getting The Printer USB Cable Not Detected Errors

There are numerous reasons associated with the Printer USB Cable Not Detected errors which can hamper the user’s experience. Some of the most common errors are listed below:

  • Connected USB cable becomes unstable or corrupt due to numerous factors.
  • The firewall stops the printer to detect the USB connection.
  • Desktop requires necessary updates results in USB external hard drive errors.
  • Windows may be missing essential updated due to corrupt downloads.
  • THE printer USB controller becomes corrupt or unstable.
  • The printer needs updated drivers to make a proper connection.

Apart from the above-listed reason, there can be many technical issues that result in the USB detecting errors. Don’t get stressed as these issues can be resolved within no time by getting the desirable assistance from the experts.

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Troubleshooting Steps To Fix The Printer USB Cable Not Detected Error

If your printer is connected with a USB cable and you still getting the Printer USB Cable Not Detected errors then users need to check out the printers screen for the errors notifications. If you checked everything and there are no errors then users need to verify that the printers are selected as the default printer. Users can also try to reset the USB cable to eliminate the Printer USB Cable Not Detected errors. If you still facing these issues then follow these steps:

  • First of all, start by clicking the Start button, and then choose devices and printers.
  • After that Right-click on the respective Printer icon and choose Remove device.
  • If you are unable to remove the printer drivers from the operating system, then double-click on the device option. Then you can see the print queue. Remove everything from the print queue.
  • Once it is cleared again try to remove the device. After successful removal of device restart your desktops.
  • Now users need to install the printer driver again with the help of setup disc as per the instruction appear on the screen. In case you do not have driver disc then users can also visit the official website of the printer and download up-to-date driver for the desirable printer model.
  • After that In Devices and Printers, choose Add Printer.
  • Now choose the option Add a local printer.
  • Now click on the use existing port radio option, click on the available drop-down menu and select the virtual port for USB i.e., USB001. Users need to choose the correct port that’s why it is suggested by experts that always start with the lowest port numbers.
  • Now, install the required drivers from the disk or the official website.
  • Select the desired driver file and open it by clicking. After that hit the OK button for further process.
  • In case you need to enter or change the name of the printer. Do that.
  • Choose the available option do not share this printer and click on the Next button.
  • Now select it as the default printer and click on the test print pages.
  • If you successfully printed the test page then your issues will be resolved. If you are still unable to print then try again with another virtual port number.

If you still face the issues even after trying so many times then don’t waste your time anymore reach to u and get the most genuine tech support and troubleshooting solutions from industry experts. Our Printer Setup experts help you in resetting all the devices in a more convenient manner.


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