Ricoh Printer Not Recognizing New Toner | Reason & Solution

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Last Updated - February 20, 2024

Ricoh Printer Not Recognizing New Toner | Reason & Solution

Ricoh printer not reading toner

Ricoh laser printers are faster than inkjet printers and useful for high-volume prints. The laser printers work on toner cartridges instead of ink cartridges in the inkjet printers. The toner cartridge is a powder-based print medium and is affordable to refill. It has two main components – the drum and the roller. With usage, these components wear out. But, the user can replace it easily. However, after replacing the old toner cartridge, users may find that their Ricoh printer is not recognizing the new toner. 

The individuals don’t have to panic as this is a very common problem. If your Ricoh printer is unable to detect the toner, then there are a few troubleshooting steps that can fix this issue. But before that, let us find out how the Ricoh printer behaves under this problem.

What Happens When the Ricoh Printer Does Not Detect Toner?

Some signs indicate that the Ricoh printer is not recognizing the new toner. A few of the basic indicators are:

Ricoh printer not recognizing new toner

Error Message on the Screen

When the Ricoh printer is not reading the toner even after installing a new one, then it will exhibit error messages on the LED panel. According to the specific Ricoh printer models, the screen may show:

  • The printer cartridge was not detected
  • Cartridge error
  • Toner not compatible
  • Toner protection enabled
  • No toner installed
  • Cartridge not recognized
  • Replace toner cartridge

Flashing Indicator Lights

If you don’t have a Ricoh printer with an LED display, then you can observe the indicator lamps. These LED lights will flash when your Ricoh printer is not detecting the toner. It will alert the user.

  • The printer cannot be used.
  • Some of the functions are disabled, or the toner is almost exhausted.

Discontinued Printing Operation

Ricoh printer will discontinue the printing process when it fails to recognize the toner. When the cartridge is not set correctly Ricoh will not be able to print and automatically stops the printing process. This is a basic malfunction sign of any printer. Once the machine stops printing, the user should perform basic checks and they can find the fault of the toner easily.

Below Par Print Quality

If the toner is not detected by Ricoh, then the functioning of the printer is compromised. The customer will find the output of lower quality. The printout will have missing text, irregular toner distribution, or faded content. It is a convincing sign that the printer’s toner is defective.

Excessive Noise from the Printer

In case the cartridge is not set properly, the user can notice the excessive noise coming out from the printer. The loud sound indicates that the toner components are facing friction that will ultimately lead to wear and tear. This can lead to damage to other components also. Therefore, the user must pause the print operation.  

Common Causes for Ricoh Printer Not Detecting Toner

Whether you have an older toner or have installed a new one, it may be possible that the Ricoh printer does not recognize it. There are a few common reasons that disable the printer to identify the toner/cartridge.

Ricoh printer not recognizing new toner

Protective Taping is Still in Place

When you replace the older cartridge with the new one, the protective strips may be still intact. The taping hinders the Ricoh printer from detecting the new toner and thus acts as a root cause.

Incorrect Toner Installation

All printers work effectively when the installation of all the components is correct. Therefore, when you do not put the toner correctly in the slots, an error message will appear on the screen.

Internal Memory is Frozen

One of the common causes of non-detection of the toner is the poor working of internal memory.  Sometimes, the internal memory of the Ricoh printer is unable to recognize the new toner and fails to reset the ink level and toner level. Therefore, you will find the old ink level due to frozen internal memory.

Incomplete Circuit Due to Dirty Metal Contacts

All the Ricoh printers are equipped with metal contacts that help in completing the circuit. The circuit allows the printer to communicate with different components. The dirt on the metal contacts does not allow the toner-specific chips to read the signals and hence printer work gets affected.

Incompatible Cartridge Model Installed

The toner in your printer goes undetected if the model of the cartridge is not compatible with the Ricoh printer. Not all the OEM cartridges in the market are suitable for Ricoh printers. Some may get drained before the anticipated page output. Thus, incompatible toners may affect the workflow of your printer.

Printer Firmware is Not Updated

Every printer must have the latest version of the firmware. With the updated software, printers can easily detect the compatible toner. Also, when the software is outdated the Ricoh printer will not be able to establish functions and therefore it will find difficulty in reading the toner.

Troubleshooting Steps for Ricoh Printer Not Recognizing New Toner

It is not a challenging task to resolve the issue of new toner not being recognized by the Ricoh printer. There are certain ways that a user can employ to get their printer up and running.

Reinstall the Toner Properly

If the Ricoh Printer is not recognizing the new toner, then reinstalling the toner again will be the first choice of the user. When the user positions the toner correctly in the relevant slots and attaches it completely, the printer will detect it easily.

Remove the Tapings

It will be a good practice to remove any sort of protective tapings and plastic covers on the toner before installing it. This will not interfere with the relay signal between the printer and the toner.

Check the Toner Compatability

It will be best for users to verify the compatibility of the toner before purchasing. There are a lot of aftermarket toners and not all are suited for the different Ricoh printer models. Therefore, the customer must check the specifications of the printer’s toner and buy the suitable one.

Reset the Internal Memory

The internal memory tracks the level of the inks and signals whenever it gets low. However, when you install a new one, and if it does not show the correct levels, then you have to reset it. You can go to the control panel of the device and after that to the system settings. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to erase the memory.

Clean the Metal Contacts

Cleaning the metal contacts helps to relay the signals and allows smooth communication between the printer and toner. You can use the cloth or cotton buds to remove the dirt or any residue.

Update the Firmware

When your Ricoh printer is not detecting a new toner, then the software can be a culprit. Updating the firmware can resolve a lot of problems. When you have an updated printer driver it helps in detecting the compatibility and ensuring proper printing functioning.

How to Replace Toner in Ricoh Printer?

If you want to have a longer life for your Ricoh Printer, replacing it at the right time is a must. You need to take the following action to perform the replacement.

  • Firstly, check the compatibility of the new toner.
  • Locate the toner compartment and remove the old one.
  • After that, insert the Ricoh new toner and ensure that it settles correctly in the slot.
  • Now close the access panel and run a test print to determine the successful installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Printer not working after replacing the toner?

If your printer is not working after replacing the toner, then possibly it has dirty metal contacts or you have not installed the toner correctly.

How do I get rid of replace toner error?

You can get rid of the “Replace toner error” by taking these steps:

  • Firstly, open the front cover.
  • Now, take out the drum unit and press the start button.
  • Install the new toner and press the start button twice.
  • Close the front cover.

Why is my Ricoh printer not recognizing the new toner?

If the Ricoh printer is unable to read the new toner, you may have installed an incompatible toner. You may have also not fitted the Ricoh printer correctly in the slots that led to this issue.

How do you clean toner messages on the printer?

Cleaning the toner messages on your printer is an easy task. Start by pressing the START button, and remove and place the drum back into the printer. After putting it back, press the START button twice and close the front cover.

How does a printer detect a new toner has been inserted?

Most of the toner cartridges are equipped with a reset lever. Once you install these toners, it automatically moves and generates a signal about the new toner installation. The toner sensor then removes the “Replace toner message.”

What are the probable reasons that cause Ricoh printer to not detect the new toner?

There are a few possible reasons which make the Ricoh printer unable to read the toner. It can be an older firmware version, incorrect installation, dirty metal contacts, and using of an incompatible cartridge model.

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