Rollo Printer Install Failed – Rollo Not Connecting to Computer

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Last Updated - January 16, 2024

Rollo Printer Install Failed – Rollo Not Connecting to Computer

What was once clearly confined to the office space is now being used in most homes. So yes, we are talking about printers. Whether to print data for the board meetings or your kid’s first school project.

However, like every machine, printers are bound to fail. And not everyone can afford technical support for every minor issue.

Therefore, now is the time when DIY solutions for electronics are paramount. Thus, today we will focus on one such issue.

Let us discuss the error message – Rollo Printer Install Failed.

To keep it understandable, let’s divide the information into:

    • Firstly, the reasons for this error.

    • Secondly, possible solutions.

Reason for Rollo Printer Install Failed

In short, there are a couple of reasons for the error message – Rollo Printer Install Failed.

    • Outdated Driver – Drivers are essential for hardware working; they allow communication between your system or hardware. Developers consecutively release new updates to work out the bugs & issues. In case your driver is outdated, it may no longer be compatible with your system.

    • Corrupted Driver – In case your driver is corrupted, your system won’t be able to provide commands to your printer. Thus, your printer will not work.

    • Bug in System/Printer – It isn’t unheard of for a computer to experience bugs. Thus, leading to an unexpected error in its functioning. However, bugs are very rare & not a severe issue.

    • Defected Hardware – On the other hand, if you’re down on your luck, your product might just be defective. The manufacturing process isn’t 100% foolproof, & no two products are identical.

Now that you know about the most common reasons for the error – Rollo Printer Install Failed.

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What to do for – Rollo Printer Install Failed?

(H3) Update the Rollo Printer Driver – As established above, your driver may most likely have the issue. In order to solve that, the first thing you should do is update your printer driver. Therefore, to update your driver:

    • At first, open This PC & select Program & Features. Then, locate the Rollo Printer Driver & uninstall it.

    • After that, download the latest Rollo Printer driver from the official website.

    • Then, extract the downloaded file & open the setup. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

    • Lastly, check if your printer is working correctly.

(H3) Reinstall the Rollo Printer Driver – On the other hand, updating may not work. And you might have to reinstall the Rollo Printer Driver. In order to do that, you need to follow these steps:

(H4) Remove the Printer from the Device List – To keep it simple, keep the “View By” of the Control Panel to Category. Now that you know that, proceed,

    • Firstly, open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

    • Secondly, select View Devices and Printers/Devices & Printers.

    • Thirdly, locate your Rollo Printer in the list & right-click on it. Then, select Remove Device & grant the administrative permission.

    • After that, power down the printer & remove the printer’s USB connection cable from your system.

Uninstall the Printer Driver

    • Once the printer is removed completely, go to the Control Panel’s main menu.

    • Then click on “Uninstall a Program” under the Program & Features. Once the window opens, locate the Rollo Printer Driver.

    • Subsequently, right-click on it & select Uninstall. Then, complete the setup.

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Download & Install the Latest Printer Driver

    • Secondly, based on your product, select the type of printer.
        • Wired

        • Wireless

    • Thirdly, click on “Step 2: Install Driver” and click on “Download Windows/Mac Driver.”

    • Fourthly, locate the downloaded file in your directory and extract it.

    • Then, open the extracted folder & open the driver setup. And follow the instructions to complete the driver installation.

Add & Configure the Printer

    • Once the latest driver is installed, connect your printer’s USB cable to your system.

    • Then, power on the printer & go back to the control panel.

    • Once there, open the Devices & Printers & locate your Rollo printer in the list.

    • After that, right-click on it, and select Printer Preferences.

    • Once the printer settings are open, configure the printer according to your needs.

    • Lastly, click on Apply & Okay.

Your printer should now be ready for use.

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Hard Reboot Your Printer

Also, the next option is to hard reboot your printer. To do that,

    • Firstly, make sure your printer is powered on & connected to the system.

    • Secondly, using the power button, shut down the printer & disconnect the power cable. Then, remove the cable from the wall socket & remove the USB connector from the system.

  • Thirdly, restart your system & wait for 60 seconds. After that, reconnect all the cables & power on the printer.

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