Xerox Printer Says Out of Paper When It’s Not – How to Fix

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Last Updated - February 19, 2024

Xerox Printer Says Out of Paper When It’s Not – How to Fix

Xerox Printer Says Out of Paper When It's Not

Xerox printers are multifunctional and all-in-one laser printers. But sometimes, the Xerox printer says out of paper when it’s not. It can be bothering if the Xerox printer does not recognize the paper and continuously sends the printer out of paper error. These cases can occur for many reasons, and one must understand the solutions that could be helpful. So, let us first understand the possible causes of the Xerox Printer saying “tray is empty” as it’s not.

Xerox Printer Says Out of Paper When It’s Not – The Possible Reasons

Customers find it irritating when the Xerox printer says out of paper when it’s not in reality. More irritating could be the inability to discover the cause of the printer’s out-of-paper error. If the Xerox printer has paper in the tray but says “Empty,” here are a few possible reasons.

Printer is Overstacked with Papers

The most common cause of Xerox printers being unable to recognize the paper is that the device is overloaded with paper more than the printer can handle. So, try to stack papers in the Xerox printer in a limit that can easily picked and rolled by the printer. 

Papers Have Damaged Corners

To avoid any error, you must keep the papers on a Xerox printer properly without any damages or folds. Thus, ensure papers are of good quality, and the bad papers must be removed. Moreover, stack the papers correctly in the printer depending on the lines.

Dirty Paper Rollers

The condition of the printer’s paper roller must be good; it should be cleaned regularly, and there should not be any dust on it. If they are not cleaned, it will affect the printer’s performance and cause the generation of paper missing errors.

Incorrect Print Settings

Another probable cause of paper not showing in the printer can be because of incorrect printer settings. If the configuration in the printer menu does not match the type, size, or orientation, then it will generate the out-of-paper in the Xerox printer.

Outdated Printer Driver

If the Xerox printer driver is not updated to the latest version, then it will cause multiple errors. The printer out-of-paper error is no exception. Due to the older version of the Xerox printer driver, the printer and the device will face communication problems. The printer will find it difficult to interpret the instructions and thus can often produce misleading errors.

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Resolve Xerox Printer Out of Paper Error

You will not be able to print a single page as the printer is not recognizing any paper. Your printer tray does have sheets, but the error continues to reflect on the printer’ LCD display. If you have detected the possible reason for your Xerox printer being out of paper, then you need to take the following measures to rectify the things.

Conduct a Software Reset

If the false error of the printer showing out of paper continues to persist, then you can also perform a software reset.

  • Click on the login/out tab on the control panel.
  • However, log in with a system administrator and then continue with the machine status tab from the control panel.
  • Then, choose the tools tab on the touch screen.
  • Continue with clicking on tabs for troubleshooting and resetting.
  • Select the software reset tab, then select all software and select reset.
  • After choosing the reset button, the printer will start rebooting.

Switch Off or Restart the Xerox Printer

There are two switches on the Xerox printer; one is situated behind the front door that controls the main power of the printer. Second, the power/wake tab is located on the control panel, which controls the printer’s electronic components when powered off and starts a software-controlled shutdown.

So, you can restart the printer when your Xerox printer says out of paper when it’s not. It is the most common solution.

Note: Do not plug or unplug the power cord when the power switch is in the position.

  • Press the power tab from the printer control panel.
  • After that, choose from the mentioned options:
  • For restarting the printer, choose Restart.
  • Press sleep to put the printer on sleep mode.
  • While in sleep mode, the touchscreen will also be switched off.
  • Select power off to power off the printer.
  • In case the Xerox printer does not respond to a single press of the power tab, then press and hold the tab for 5 seconds.
  • There will be a wait message, which will reflect on the screen when the printer powers down.
  • Later, after 10 seconds, the touchscreen will go dark, and the power tab will flash until the printer has completed powering down.

Reduce the Paper Load

It could be possible that you have stacked a lot of paper on the printer tray. In most of the Xerox printers, you can find the maximum paper mark located at the top of the tray. Ensure that the pile of paper does not go beyond the mark.

Check the Paper Condition

Another basic practice that you can carry out to eliminate the problem of printer out-of-paper error is to observe the paper’s condition.

  • Ensure that the paper size and thickness are the same.
  • Keep all the sheets in the correct order.
  • Also, ensure that papers are not curled.
  • Moreover, the paper specifications on your Xerox printer should match the paper settings in the device.

Clean the Printer Roller

As we have discussed above, a dirty printer roller could cause the false error of missing papers. Thus, you need to regularly clean the printer roller.

You can simply disconnect the printer from the power source and remove all the papers from the tray. After that, take a wet towel and clean the roller. Re-establish the connection, and you may not find the error message anymore.

Update Your Printer Driver

After inspecting all the hardware problems, if the Xerox printer still says out of paper when it’s not, then you need to check the printer driver. As soon as you update the Xerox printer driver, many problems, including the printer out of paper, will automatically be eliminated.

Xerox Printer Says Out of Paper When It's Not

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Xerox printer say the paper tray is empty?

If your Xerox printer displays that the printer tray is empty, then you need to check the paper specifications. Ensure that the papers of the correct size are loaded on the paper tray. Also, verify the tray settings from the control panel.

Why is my Xerox printer saying no paper when it has paper?

The problem can happen because of the media behind the tray that can block the sensor and prevent proper paper sensing. You must remove and clear the paper from behind the tray and then replace the paper tray.

How do I clean paper rollers on a Xerox printer?

For cleaning lower rollers, you can follow some steps:

  • Use the pre-packed alcohol-soaked wipe and place and hold the wipe on top of the white and black rollers.
  • Use the thumbwheel to turn the rollers.
  • Must scrub the rollers properly until they are cleaned.

Can the overloading of paper be an error of the Xerox printer showing no paper?

Yes, overstacking of papers on the printer can be a cause of Showing no Paper when there are papers on the printer. So, try to stack papers in the Xerox printer in a limit that can easily picked and rolled by the printer. There is a mark on the tray up to which papers should be stacked.

Can incorrect paper settings cause the error of printer out of paper?

In your Xerox printer settings, if you have specified different paper settings and are using different papers, then it will not recognize it. The size, type, and orientation should match with the settings. Your Xerox printer will keep on indicating that the paper tray is empty when it is not.

Does updating the Xerox printer driver eliminate the false out-of-paper error?

Yes, updating the printer driver will eliminate many errors, and false out-of-paper error is one of them. With the help of the latest version of the Xerox printer driver, your device’s OS and printer will communicate effectively and will not produce any false messages.

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