How to Fix Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding?


Canon Printers are a great way to handle all your printing tasks. Moreover, you can use these printers for copying and scanning tasks as well. The printer offers you a highly productive solution with reliable printing. But, sometimes you may face Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding issue. Here, we will discuss the steps to fix the problem and work with the printer reliably. There can be various reasons for this problem including server issues, compatibility issues, internet connection issues and much more. You need to configure the exact problem and then perform the fixing steps corresponding to it.

Why My Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding

When you are using a Canon printer, you may fail to print the files successfully as the Printer might not be responding accurately. Moreover, it is the worst condition when you are stuck between important tasks. The problem can be due to various reasons including,

  • You exceed the printer’s limit
  • The printer is out of Ink, paper or toner.
  • Outdated driver or software
  • Print Spooler not working
  • Device Incompatible
  • Network Issues

You need to configure the exact reason for the problem to proceed with the solution.  However, if you fail to recognize the problem, you may proceed with the troubleshooting steps below to handle the issue and resolve it.

Troubleshoot and Resolve Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding

To start the troubleshooting process, make sure that the printer you are using is incompatible with the device to which you connect it. Also, maintain the active internet connection for the accurate functioning of the Printer. Follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

Checking Printer’s usage limit

Firstly, the problem may arise due to the exceeding usage limit of the printer. You can check the maximum printing limit of Canon MG3600 in the manual. You need to cut down the number of prints per month to resolve the problem. If the exceeding limit is not the problem with your printer, then move to the next step to fix it.

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Outdated Driver or Software

There can be various problems with the software due to which you may face Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding issue with your device. You need to update the driver or install the updated driver online from the authorized site. Follow the steps below to resolve the driver issue.

  • Firstly, go online on the official Canon website. Make sure your device is working on an active internet connection.
    • After that, go to the ‘Driver and Software package’.
    • Now, enter the name of the printer as Canon MG3600.
    • Hit the download button corresponding to it.
    • Wait for the download to finish and hit the downloaded file to run the installer.
    • The installation wizard will open up.
    • Follow the instruction of the installer and finally, end up the process using the ‘Finish’ button.

Resolve Issue with Print Spooler

If you are facing Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding issue, then it can be due to an issue with the Print spooler. In case the printer spooler will stick with its jobs, then it can not continue with the printing tasks. You can resolve the issue, by restarting the device. To restart the device, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, switch OFF the device, and disconnect it from other sources.
  • Now, unplug it from the main power source.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and then plug it again.
  • Again start the device and check for the solution to the problem.

Check for the Compatibility of the Device

To work precisely with the Canon MG3600, you need to first check the system requirements of the device to which you connect with the printer. If the device is not compatible with the printer, then you may face printing issues. To resolve the problem, you need to arrange a compatible device and replace it with the system you are using.

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Run the Troubleshooter

The printer troubleshooter can automatically help you to resolve the problem. Follow the steps below for Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding:

  • Click on the Window Logo key. Then, click on the ‘troubleshooter’
  • Go to the search results and click on the ‘troubleshoot’.
  • After that, click on the name of the printer.
  • Finally, click on ‘run the troubleshooter’.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • Go with the flow of instruction, and finally finish the process.
Configure the correct port of the Printer

You may face Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding issue if the port is not correct. Follow the steps below for it:

  • Firstly, click on the Win key on the device.
  • Secondly, click on the R button.
  • On the search bar, click on the ‘control’ button.
  • Hit the enter key.
  • Locate the ‘View by’, click on the large icon.
  • After that, click on ‘Devices and Printers’.
  • Now, click on printer properties on the Canon printer.
  • Click on Change Properties.
  • After that, click on the OK button.
  • Now, click on the Port section. Check the port for various instructions such as,
    • It contains the name of the Printer.
    • USB or DOT4
    • WSD, network or IP
  • Click on Apply button, then hit the OK button.
  • Now hit the General tab and after that, click on the Test Prin page. 
  • Check for the solution of the problem Canon MG3600 Printer Not Responding.

So, using these troubleshooting steps, you may resolve the printing issues with your Canon printer. You can even follow some of the preventive measures to avoid the error in future. Firstly, make sure you use an active internet connection, check the network cables and connection cables before printing, maintain the compatibility of the device. After that, follow the correct printing guidelines for accurate and reliable results. If you need more help then contact canon printer support for more help.

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