Canon Printer Error Code 1403—Solutions and Troubleshooting

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Last Updated - December 12, 2023

Canon Printer Error Code 1403—Solutions and Troubleshooting

The state-of-the-art printer set was launched by Canon which is a trusted brand. Canon printer brand is also a renowned product lineup installed for high-performance print jobs while handling any assignment work. It is designed simple enough to be used by anyone and everyone. However, at times customers encounter this Canon Support Code 1403. On the off chance, you face this error and are in demand, you need to get this error removed at the earliest. It is advised not to get annoyed or to feel panicked even If you have no idea how to get this Canon printer error code 1403 issue fixed. The tech experts are always ready to assist you or help you out at any time 24/7. Here the experts will surely instruct you to guide you till your query is resolved and give you one of the best solutions as soon as possible. Professionals are available around the clock for your help. Therefore, you can contact them at any time around the clock.

What is support code 1403 on the Canon printer?

Canon Support Code 1403
On the off chance that your Canon printer prompts an error message reading as “Canon Support Code 1403 error”, as it is been reported by a lot of its users daily and as per the majority of the cases, it is identified that the Canon Support Code 1403 issue resides with the canon’s print head. This error message shows up if any faulty ink cartridges are installed or when there is an immobility issue with the print head. In any case, sometimes the Canon printer device might get these uncommon printing errors, error code 1403 is one of them. This error appears due to faulty print head placements.In case your printer is of an old variants series and the roller has turned faulty, the best way is to supplant it. If your printer is of the latest dispatches and is not an older design and you feel like this issue has not happened because of a faulty print head, you can connect tech assistance for the Canon printer and get your  Canon Support Code 1403 resolved with ease.Related: Fix canon mx922 error code b200

Reasons for Canon Support Code 1403 To Appear

This error code indicates that there is a problem with the printhead.
      • The error can be an indication of the cartridge error.
      • When there is faulty or damaged circuitry, this Canon Support Code 1403 issue is what you get.
      • When the cartridge installation is not meant to be done with accurate dimensions.
      • Although if certainly, if anything takes place it is the case when you should choose to remove the ink cartridges with newer ones or older ones that are operational.
      • This error appears due to wrong printhead placement.
    Therefore we advise you to stick to the DIY guide mentioned below to get to apply troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.Related: Fix Canon printer error code 5200

    How do you fix a Canon printer error 1403?

    We realize that at this point, the print head has become damaged and thus this error occurs because of a problem in the ink cartridge segment at times. You are advised to perform anything it takes to not get panicked Just follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the Canon Support Code 1403 error:
        • Firstly, turn OFF the power of your printer to disconnect all the cables connected to your printer.
        • Ensure to open the printer access door and stay tuned for a few minutes to hold & wait for the Canon printer cartridge to slide over a corner from the print head segment.
        • Ensure to remove the print head from the printer.
        • Replace the old ink cartridges with the new ones and make sure the ink toner cartridges are rightly placed & installed in the printer segment.
        • If you are using cartridges that are still newer, you are advised to use cotton swabs and soak them in hot water sample a blend of boiling water and isopropyl.
        •  Once done, ensure to stick to cleanse the canon’s print head and then ink cartridges itself. In the same manner, most of the segments that contact should be perfectly cleaned from inside and outside accurately.
        • Now make sure to perform this step until the moment that you get the perfect clean-up of all ink build-ups.
        • Once you are done with applying all the steps, it is advised to wait & hold for 20 seconds till the moment the ink cartridge gets empty and then choose to change the ink toner.
        • Place the print head and all the ink cartridges back into the printer. Ensure the print head is installed with accurate settings and ink cartridges are in working condition before getting them inserted into the printer.
        • Make sure to check all sorts of things related to an ink toner cartridge that could have resulted in Canon Support Code 1403 so it is advisable to you to be careful enough while you insert ink toner.
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      How do I clear a Canon printer error?
      Note: The frequently appearing Canon Support Code 1403 issue can be fixed in a reasonable quantity of time just in the case whether you have any issues while presenting the various Canon variants, then considering all the things, then don’t get annoyed but choose to connect us by dialing our tolled/tollfree number and also connect to talk to our experts via given phone numbers. Introducing drivers to take into account the Canon Support Code 1403 technical error is an iterative display repetition that is to be done.
          • On-Call basis: You are allowed to dial us on our consultation number, just go to the website and check the most recent one to get in touch with our Canon printer setup experts-driven pro-team which covers all natures of specialists.
          • On the mailing system basis: Via this model, our technician team will provide trusted services considering the easiest form of resolves to sort the Canon Support Code 1403 issue.
        We are utmost satisfied to assist you at any point, generally, we don’t hinder you for a single time to connect to canon printer setup exploiting the best of ways mentioned above already and you may look for assistance on the Canon Support Code 1403 issue on a normal course with ease.Also, check how to fix Canon Mx490 not printing

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