Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup

Last Updated - April 1, 2023
Excited about your new Canon Pixma G3411 Printer? Canon Pixma G3411 is a reliable and compact printer. It is wireless and easily connect through Wi-Fi. A complete package of high-yield ink for both home and office use. Also, the Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup is effortless. Experience high-quality printing with Canon Pixma G3411 Printers.

What to expect from Canon Pixma G3411?

  • It is highly cost-effective. You may print a maximum of 12000 pages from 2 black ink bottles up to 7000 pages from a set of color ink bottles.
  • Also, avail quality print. It uses FINE technology and a hybrid ink system. Further, it uses dye-based colors for borderless printing for A4 size pages.
  • Subsequently, it is also best for scanning. Apart from printing, it produces scanning through smart devices. Simply use the Canon Print app on your device and print. The connectivity is of recent technology and smart.
  • Also, connect through Canon Print App with inbuilt Cloud Link and Mopria to send and print documents. The process only takes few seconds to print after the command.
  • Effortlessly, set up Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup through any smart device. use for printing and scanning.
  • Moreover, it is highly reliable. It can print a large number of copies at once.
  • Additionally, the operations are quite simple. It operates with a 1.2” mono segment LCD and connects directly through Wi-Fi.
  • Even checking ink levels is effortless. The ink levels are front-facing. You can check from time to time easily.
Hence, it is an ideal printer for home and office use. You can easily state it as a durable and easy-to-use printer.

Specification of Canon Pixma G3411

Display Type & Size LCD (1.2 inch segment mono)
Functions Wi-Fi, Print, Scan, Cloud Link
Print Resolution Up to 48001 x 1200 dpi
Print Technology 2 FINE Cartridges (Black and Colour) Refillable ink tank printer
Standard Ink Cartridges GI-490 <PGBK> GI-490 <C> GI-490 <M> GI-490 <Y>
Scanner Type CIS flatbed photo and document scanner
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1. NET Framework 4.5.2 or 4.6 is required
Supported Mobile Systems iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile
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How to Connect Canon Pixma G3411 Printer to WiFi?

Although it is quite simple and easy to set up any wireless printer. Any users can easily connect their Printers to the Wi-Fi for use.
  • Connect the Printer to the available Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then, you may connect your computer or mobile to the same connectivity.
  • Finally, download the app on your device and connect with the Canon Pixma G3411 Printer. Easily use to print anything and everything.
However, before you connect your device to Pixma Printer, there are few essential points to know. Make sure to fulfill the conditions before trying. It will contribute to easy access. First, always ensure to check the connection or connectivity. The access point or router for the internet connection should be operational. Any glitches in the connection can obstruct smooth operations. As a result, your Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup may not run smoothly. Therefore, always check the connection first. Second, essential to check the computing device. Either a computer, laptop, or phone can easily connect. But, you must ensure that the device is successfully connected to the internet. Without the internet connection, the device cannot connect with the printer. Hence, connect a fully operational device. For instance, verify the connection by browsing through any browser. If the connection is strong, then you may proceed with the connection. Also check: Canon mg3122 wifi setup

How do I connect my Canon Pixma G3411 printer to Wi-Fi?

Are still confused about how to connect your printer to Wi-Fi? Briefly, it is quite simple. Yet, many users are unable to connect. The steps are quick and only take few minutes. You can still follow the steps in the manual. Still, if you are confused or are facing problems, then you may try these steps. The entire process can bifurcate into two parts. Although, the Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup is straightforward. First, you will have to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. Second, connect the Printer with the computer. So, here’s are the steps to follow- Part 1: Connect Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup
  • Always turn on the power on your printer before any action.
  • Then, press on the SETTINGS BUTTON.
  • Proceed to DEVICE SETTINGS through the ARROW BUTTON.
  • LONG-PRESS ARROW BUTTON. Continue until you find LAN SETTINGS. Click OK.
  • Again, Press on ARROW BUTTON until you reach WIRELESS LAN SETUP. You may click OK now.
  • Wait until the printer is searching for an available Wi-Fi network. The light will be blinking meanwhile. Do not confuse and wait patiently.
  • Further, as soon as your Printer detects the connection, press OK.
  • Once, Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup finds the connection, Enter your Wi-Fi password. Click OK.
  • Again press OK. You will notice CONNECTED on your screen.
  • In case, it takes a long to find the Wi-Fi connection. Press STOP and re-start the process.
NOTE: While entering the password, always remember these passphrases. Enter Passphrase: 1 will indicate numerically. Also, Enter Passphrase: A will indicate Upper Case Alphabets. And Enter Passphrase: a will indicate Lower Case Alphabets. Part 2: Connect your Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup to a computer device Similarly, you will have to connect your Canon Pixma G3411 Printer with your computer. To use the printer, you can connect through the same Wi-Fi. Here are the steps to follow-
  • After completion of Part A, go to your computer device.
  • On your keyboard, press the WINDOWS LOGO + R at the same time. A pop-up will appear RUN.
  • On the bar, Open, enter control/name Microsoft.DeviceAndPrinters. Click OK.
  • Select Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup to add the printer from the screen.
  • Then, cautiously follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.
  • If necessary, you may also set your Canon Pixma G3411 as the default printer.
Finally, you will complete the Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup. Try to print one page for testing. In case there are any problems they can resolve. Also check: Canon ts3322 wifi setup
What to do if your printer is not working properly?
Usually, the Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup takes few minutes. Also, it is effortless. Yet, if you face problems, it can be because of two reasons-
  • Either you receive random error notifications
  • Or, the printer is not printing.
Further, you may see these, due to any corrupt printer driver. The driver is fixable. Run DRIVER EASY on your computer. It will automatically identify the problems and resolve them. Also, you may try to find and resolve it manually. Act according to your comfort. Be careful while downloading any drivers while manually updating drivers. It may corrupt other drivers as well. That is why it is best to run it automatically. Hence, it may be easy to the setup printer. Yet, confusing at the same time. Follow these steps to set your Canon Pixma G3411 Wi-Fi setup. It will help you complete the process within few minutes. Hopefully, these will benefit you.  For any technical help contact canon printer support team.
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