Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages

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Last Updated - December 8, 2023

Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages


Canon Printer is the most promising name in the printer tech segment. Canon is a brand based in Japan and is highly recommended by tech professionals around the globe. The Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages issue occurs due to a Canon Printer Error that rarely occurs and needs a permanent fix to experience hassle-free printing jobs. Despite this issue, tech experts still suggest purchasing this model more certainly as it has great utility features. Canon Printer, despite the Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages issue, is a masterpiece and its state of the art lies in the better-designed connecting circuitry which surely enables it to make it functional flawlessly without a moment of fail even when it is designed to operate for a major part of the day. In this article, you may get to know about the reasons why this Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages issue erupts and also, how to restore the normal printing jobs by troubleshooting the issue with ease.

Get Repair Guide & Solutions On Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages Issue

Getting stuck with Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages is the most common problem of the Canon printers MG3620. The Canon Printing Blank Pages issue happens when there’s no ink inside the Canon’s Pixma printer. The other likely reason for the Canon Printing Blank Pages issue to happen is that the cartridge vents get blocked, it might have created a vacuum inside the ink sets of cartridges. For any help, you can reach our experts.

Primary Shortcomings That Can Lead To Causing the Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages

The following are a few of the other issues that cause Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages. 1. Breather Tapings The first issue highlighted by IT experts is the high-grade tapings, it must be effectively eradicated. As it stops it creates a vacuum over the ink cartridge. Which ceases the ink to come out on paper. This results in printing blank pages. 2. Prior Installation of a New Cartridge The second reason is to install a new cartridge before the cartridge dries up and runs out of ink. If the printer is giving you warning signs of low ink, if you ignore the ink level in the printer it will introduce air in the printer and will cease the printer to cause blockages of the printer. This prevents the printer from printing blank pages. The process won’t completely go to a halt, but you might see some lines over the printer. 3. Using Low-graded or Third-Party Ink Cartridges If there has been a low-grade ink cartridge in use, the probability of witnessing the obstruction of the ink cartridge nozzles, they use a third-party ink cartridge. If the ink runs at the right rate. This needs the ink to be used at the right level. Ink malfunctions at multiple levels if it is a third-party ink. This ink level dries up really soon. Also check:Canon mx490 not responding

Secondary Shortcomings That Can Lead To Causing the Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages

Mostly this issue happens whenever there are some hardware issues.

  • There can be some issues within the cartridge, and the cartridge can fail if you do not have its cartridge in check correctly.
  • Ink levels are low, also there can be fundamental issues behind the Canon printer not working.
  • Software issues can be prevented.
  • Printer drivers can cause problems.
  • Errors in exiting the printer software.
  • The issue can also be with the laptop and the computer.

You may not be using the printer regularly

Easy Hacks To Resolve Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages Issue Permanently

Here are the steps to fix the issue of Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages-

  • On your Windows desktop screen, open the control panel, and inside that open devices and printers.
  • Right-click over your printer’s name and select the properties.
  • In the printer’s properties section, first, check the device’s settings & click over the preferences.
  • Under the preferences, click the option of the printhead.
  • You might need to use this option to click on services and clean printhead.
  • You may need to utilize this option various times before the print head gets cleaned completely.

If the steps above fail to remove the Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages issue and if the issue persists then we suggest you to kindly switch to the basic DIY guide. Also check: Canon MG7520 Not Printing

Basic DIY Tips To Get Fixed The Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages Issue

We all frequently face issues, related to the Canon printers, out of which one of the most common issues is Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages. However, it is a common issue that the printer stops printing while completing an outstanding job.

  • Please try & print on a steady basis, this lets the ink going. This activity ceases the printer’s flow and stops the ink from being blocked.
  • Utilize only high-quality generic cartridges, usage of high-quality generic cartridges should be used and utilized. Use quality ink to generate high-quality printouts. Ensure the nozzles are not choked and blocked.
  • Make sure the printer is placed in a low-temperature and dry place. The ink inside a printhead is located at a vast distance from the windows & shifts the prints to a cooler position. Hence this may prevent any hindrance from taking place.
  • When a user faces some issues of printer’s cartridge & ink getting clogged, the printout results go in vain & fade away.
  • Clogged nozzles of ink prevent the printer from doing the printouts. It may also stop printing in black ink.
  • Reset the printer with a muslin cloth. Ensure no dust particles enter the vents of the printer. This step allows you to cleanse the printer.

If the steps above fail to remove the Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages issue and if the issue persists then we suggest you kindly switch to the Advanced DIY guide. 

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Advanced DIY Tips To Get Fixed The Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages Issue

In case you need to resolve the issues please install the cartridges properly. Read the manual of installation clearly to ensure that you can easily set up your Canon printer precisely. If your printer doesn’t set up the ink precisely, or you aren’t able to fix this issue correctly, then you can follow these steps- 

1. Check the ink level If you know that your ink levels are low. Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages happen when your Canon printer prints blank pages whenever the Canon printer’s ink cartridge gets empty. Try some menu options, which are present in the printer. Please cross-check if it works well or not. 

2. Unclogging printer heads The issue generally happens when the printer is not used for very long. This may cause the printing of blank pages. So, you should focus on cleaning the blocked parts of the cartridge. Sometimes, the printer’s software installed might assist you in installing the printer. You can also remove and reinstall the cartridge so that if the software is of no use. You can check how to align Canon Printhead for more information. 

3. Updation of device drivers Please update the printer drivers, if it is outdated to get rid of the Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages issue. The printing command might not work for obsolete & outdated drivers. We recommend you do not take a massive risk regarding these cases. If the steps above fail to remove the Canon MG3620 Printing Blank Pages issue and if the issue persists then we suggest you kindly connect with the Canon MG3620 wireless setup experts panel to fix the issue with ease.

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