How to Fix Canon MX490 Not Printing – Troubleshooting Guide

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Last Updated - October 5, 2023

How to Fix Canon MX490 Not Printing – Troubleshooting Guide


Get the most with the Canon Pixma MX490 wireless printer that is also a copier, scanner and a fax machine. With its outstanding connectivity options on Google Cloud Print and AirPrint, print from more locations than ever from your compatible smartphone or tablet with the Canon MX490. Loaded with some splendid time saving features, this wireless all-in-one printer encompasses an automatic document feeder that can take up to 20 sheets. Despite its stupendous features and easy-to-use functionalities, there are times when you may get stuck with some sudden malfunction with Canon MX490 that may spoil your work for the day. One of the errors reported sometimes by the users is the Canon MX490 Not Printing, that may leave you stranded.

Canon MX490 all-in-one printer can print from multiple computers with ease. This printer Machine is ideal for use in just about any type of setting at your home or workplace. This Energy Star certified printer also helps to minimize the carbon footprint and due to its compact size can fit in anywhere. However, sometimes, when the Canon MX490 Not Printing error crops up, you want to get it going with some quick do-it-yourself steps. However, when it does not resolve the issue, it is always the best to take the troubleshooting steps prescribed by the experts.

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The Quick Steps to Fix the Canon MX490 Printer Not Responding

Canon Pixma MX490 is a wireless device that helps you print your documents from any application even without the USB cable. Sometimes when we go for printing any important document from your PC, it ends up being completely unusable by getting stuck with the Canon MX490 Not Printing issue. While there may be plenty of reasons behind your printer behaving this way, a few of these can be taken care of right on the spot with some easy do-it-yourself steps:


      • You can do the hard printer reset to resolve the Canon MX490 printer issue.

      • Switch off your Canon MX490 printer and remove the plug from the wall socket.

      • Next, remove the printer cable from the back of the printer.

      • Now, you require to leave the printer at rest for one or two minutes as the next step in resolving the Canon MX490 Not Printing issue.

      • Now, Replug your Canon MX490 printer directly to the socket without any use of the surge protectors.

      • Now, you need to reconnect the cable that is removed from the backside of your Canon printer.

      • Now, switch on the Canon MX490 printer and wait until it becomes quiet.

      • Do a test print and check if the printer responds and the Canon MX490 Not Printing issue is gone.

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    Steps to Fix Your Canon MX490 Printer Not Printing Issue

    For Canon printer, a printing problem may come up for numerous reasons. You have to troubleshoot the issue in order to fix the problem coming along.


        • If your Canon printer is not printing in any way, you have to first check if the ink cartridges are properly filled. This you can do by printing a calibration page and checking the level of ink therein.

        • For checking the level of ink, open the Canon MX490 for Windows and click on the ink management link and this will show you the level of ink contained in the ink tank. In case, the ink shows full and still your Canon MX490 Not Printing issue doesn’t go away, check the genuineness of the ink cartridge being used in the printer in question.

        • It is always advices to get our ink for your Canon printer from genuine retailers. If you are not using the genuine printer ink, then your Canon printer not printing issue will keep on coming. In case, there is no issue with your cartridge, you need to check the quality of the paper used.

        • Next, you need to check that the paper width guides that are used to set your paper within the printer that they are in their proper place. Also, check what type of papers does the Canon MX490 printer supports and load only those into the tray.

        • Also, you must be aware that the printer does not print if it is running out of papers. The paper tray specified in the printer settings should be the same that is put with paper inside the printer to get rid of the Canon MX490 Not Printing issue.

        • Your printer will definitely work properly if the things are taken care of. Other than that, resetting the Canon MX490 printer would also resolve many issues with your printer.

        • You don’t need any hard reset if your Canon printer responds well and does not bring up any error. In this scenario, you need to check the status of the firmware as well. If it is outdated, you need to update it on a time-to-time basis.

        • Visit the official website for the latest firmware for the Canon MX490 printer. Clicking on the Download button and update the Firmware of your Canon printer.

        • Next, perform the test print to see if the Canon MX490 Not Printing issue has been resolved and your printer is responding well.

        • Further, the next would be to uninstall all the printer driver and other printer application software from the attached computer. For this, the cache files should be deleted so that there won’t be any issue while re-installing the driver.

        • For installing the printer driver, Go to the ‘Devices & Printers’ via the control panel. Locate your Canon MX490 device and right-click on it. Click on the Remove Device link in the displayed menu listing.

        • Next, you need to browse the Canon official website to download the updated printer driver application software that is compatible with the OS version on your computer.

        • Updated and right version of the printer driver software is essential to download to fix the Canon MX490 Not Printing issue.

      For any help with the process and procedure mentioned above you can call our Canon mx490 wireless setup team for the right direction and help.

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