Printing Problems Solved: Guide for Epson Error Code 0x69

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Last Updated - October 6, 2023

Printing Problems Solved: Guide for Epson Error Code 0x69


Epson printers are known for their unmatchable printing features and vibrant colors. Users can get the most genuine and smooth printing jobs on every single command but unlike any normal printer, they deliver some technical glitches as well. Due to these issues, the printing experience of users may hamper. One of those common errors by which users get trouble while giving commands is Epson Error Code 0x69. When this error users are unable to print their desired documents as printer stopped accidentally and whenever users try to give command they get the Error Code 0x69.

Epson Error Code 0x69 can arise due to the improper functioning of internal hardware’s including – motherboard failure and issues, misconfigurations of systems and issues with other internal parts as well. But important thing us that these issues can be resolve within no time if you know how to troubleshoot them. In case you have any concerns and queries follow all the listed steps below to get your printing jobs done on time and resolve Epson Error Code 0x69.

Common Issue By Which You Are Facing Epson Error Code 0x69!

There are numerous issues which can affect your printing experience and shows you Epson Error Code 0x69 while printing, some of them are listed below:


      • Missing or lost printer files.

      • Improper and violated access to the Epson printer.

      • Registration issues.

      • Epson printer is unable to locate %PROGFILES64%\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\Epson WF3640 path in the settings.

      • Corrupt motherboard.

      • Missing components used for an obligatory Bluetooth application.

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    Steps to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 0x69

    It is suggested by experts that users need to follow some common steps before starting the troubleshooting steps to eliminate Epson Error Code 0x69:


        • Before starting the troubleshooting process unplug your Epson printer from all power sources. Also, make sure that there no paper stuck in the printer head.

        • After that try to remove the printer cartridge to check the actual issues.

        • Microsoft offers various tools to check and eliminate issues like Epson Error Code 0x69 easily. Install required Microsoft tolls to resolve the desired issues.

        • Try to clean the printer head and nozzles as clogged nozzles can be sole reasons for delivering issues like Epson Error Code 0x69.

      Reliable Steps To Resolve Epson Error Code 0x69?

      If you are facing Epson Error Code 0x69 and don’t know how to fix them appropriately then follow below-listed steps carefully and get crisp and smooth printing experience from your printer. Before starting the troubleshooting steps make sure that you are connected to a stable power source:

      Step 1 – Epson Error Code 0x69 can be arises due to printer circuit issues as well. It indirectly connected to the priming ink system and engine. SO, there are possibilities that Epson Error Code 0x69 can be resolved easily by following the below-listed steps;


          • First of all, users need to start the Epson printer and turn on it again as it starts rebooting?

          • Wait until the printer restarts (15 minutes maximum).

          • Now check whether the Epson Error Code 0x69 is resolved or not. If the issues still persist wait for some time and start with the second step.

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        Step 2 – If the Epson Error Code 0x69 is not resolved even after following all steps carefully. The issues are related to the outdated operating systems and version of the window. Follow below-listed steps to resolve Epson Error Code 0x69:


            • Start the process by starting your desktop.

            • After that click on the start option and enter the window update in the search box and hit the enter button to open the desired options.

            • Then choose the window update option to start the updating process of your operating version.

            • Now, wait to check whether any updates are available or not. When the updates are available compete them.

            • After updating your windows versions click on the restart to apply the changes by sing in as the administration.

            • After that head to the start option and select all programmes option to open the accessories option.

            • From the accessories, move to systems tools and selected select restore option.

            • As you select the restore option a dialog box appeared on the system display where you need to choose the option to restore my desktop for an earlier time and head to next step.

            • Now choose the option latest system restore to complete the process.

            • As the process is completed users need to click on the next about the confirmation window to finish the updating process.

            • At last, restart your desktop and after a successful restart gives a command to print a test page to check whether the Epson Error Code 0x69 is resolved or not.

          If you followed all the steps ad still getting Epson Error Code 0x69 issues reach out to our Epson connect printer setup utility helpdesk and we help you in connecting with the reliable troubleshooting experts.

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