HP Envy 6055: How to Get Your Printer Online with Wi-Fi

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Last Updated - December 26, 2023

HP Envy 6055: How to Get Your Printer Online with Wi-Fi

hp envy 6055 wifi setup

HP Envy 6055 Connect to Wifi

HP Envy 6055 is an all-in-one Printer that handles the entire task relating to printing, scanning, and copying. It allows a two-sided printing facility that can save both, paper and time. You can directly connect this printer to your phone via the Smart app which allows fast and easy printing facilities. It has vast support for wireless connectivity. To print, scan, and copy efficiently and reliably, you have to perform HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi. After making a successful and secure connection, you can use it virtually from anywhere. It comes with a limited warranty of one year.

HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup – Connect Your Printer Wirelessly

Connecting a Printer over WIFI requires total protection and security over the network. For HP Envy Connect to wifi, you have to first make sure that you are using a highly authorized network. There are two options by which you can connect your Printer wirelessly and use it to print copy and scan. You can use HP Smart Application or WPS for connection over the wireless network. Perform the steps below to perform HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup

Installation of HP Envy 6055

Firstly, you have to prepare the installation of the HP Envy 6055 Printer. You have to arrange a high-speed network connection and secure it using a username and password. Perform the steps below to prepare your Printer for installation:
      1. Note the username and password of your wifi connection.
      1. Now, navigate to the router, and switch it ON.
      1. Also, switch ON your computer.
      1. Now connect your computer with the router using the username and password for the connection.
      1. Now, place the printer close to the computer so that there is no interruption in the connectivity of the network.
      1. Also, check that you place the router within the range limit for high-speed wifi.
      1. Now, your setup is ready for HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi. Proceed with the next step to connect your Printer.

    HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi

    Now, you can connect your printer with the computer using the wireless network. Make sure that your internet is running at a high speed. To continue with the HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup, perform the steps below:
        • Reach to your Printer, and access its Control Panel.
              • Go to the Wireless Wizard of the control panel.
              • Check the list of the network names on the wireless wizard.
              • Select the name corresponding to your network.
              • If the wireless wizard does not show the name of your network, and select the add network option and add the name of the network.
              • Now, write the password corresponding to your network.
              • Go with the flow of the instruction for a successful connection.
              • Move to the next step if you configure a successful connection.
              • You can check the success of the HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi by printing the test page after installing the required drivers and the software.
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        Downloading and Installing Software

        Now, download and install the software for the accurate functioning of the Printer. To download the software, you have to check the software that is compatible with your Printer. Follow the steps below for downloading and installing the software to achieve success in HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi:
            • Switch ON the Computer and the Printer
                  • Connect the computer with an active internet connection.
                  • Now, open the web browser.
                  • Go to the search bar and search for HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup driver.
                  • Hit the enter key.
                  • Type the model name of your Printer
                  • Go with the flow of the instructions and navigate to the “Download Driver” page.
                  • Now, in this window select the driver that relates to HP Envy 6055 Printer.
                  • Hit the download button, and wait for it to complete.
                  • Now install the driver in your device and go with the flow of the instructions to finish it.

            HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi Using HP Smart Application

            You can also perform the HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup using the HP smart application. Make sure that you download the app from the authorized store or site. You can use the smart app connection if you do not have a WPS button at the back of the router. Perform the process below for HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi using the HP smart app:
                1. Switch ON your Printer.
                1. Now, reach to the back of the Printer and press the wireless button. Hold it for at least ten seconds till the Amber light start blinking.
                1. Now, open your device. Go to the app store or play store.
                1. Search for the HP Smart App on your device. Hit the download button corresponding to the app.
                1. Wait for the download to complete and then install the app.
                1. Go to the home screen. Click the app icon and open the HP smart app.
                1. You will see an option for “Setup a New Printer” on the home page. Click it.
                1. You can see the HP Envy 6055 name on the screen.
                1. Hit the “setup” button and follow the instructions for HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup.
                1. Now, choose the username of your WIFI, and write the password corresponding to it.
                1. The app will automatically start the driver installation on your device.
                1. After that, it will connect it to the WIFI successfully.
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              HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup Using Wi-Fi Direct
              You can also perform HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi using Wi-Fi Direct when your local WIFI option is not available. You have to print a Wi-Fi direct page using the printer. This page will show you the details for connection setup. Follow the steps below:
                  • Navigate to the Information button on the Printer.
                        • Press and hold the button for few seconds.
                        • When you see that the light for other buttons in the control panel is flashing, then release the information button.
                        • Now press the Information button and Cancel button simultaneously.
                        • It will print the page with all the instructions.
                        • To switch ON the Wi-Fi Direct of the Printer, click on the ‘Information, ‘Cancel’ and ‘Resume’ buttons simultaneously.
                        • Now, reach your Computer’s WIFI Settings option.
                        • Choose the name of your Printer as HP Envy 6055.
                        • It completes your HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi. You can now print the page, and check the success of the connection.
                  While following up with the HP Envy 6055 WIFI Setup, you have o make sure that you are using a high-speed internet connection. The connection must be highly secure to avoid any virus or malware attack. You can access the Printer virtually from a long distance using the wireless connection. A strong Wi-Fi connection always ensures the success of HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi process.While printing the page or a test page or a Wi-Di direct instruction page, make sure that you have inserted the papers into the paper tray. Also, check that you are using the papers as per the configuration compatible for the Envy 6055 Printer. Also, check the ink levels and the printing heads to avoid any failure while printing. If you need more information then contact hp printer support phone number for help.
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