How to Fix Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming, Paper Jame Issue?

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Last Updated - January 15, 2024

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming, Paper Jame Issue?


Lexmark Printer is a high-quality standard printer that provides the best printing solutions at minimum cost. It offers reliable solutions to its customers at all times and is subjected to fewer faults and failures. However, you may sometimes face Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming issue if there is any paper jam, or the guides are not in their correct position. The paper jamming issue does not allow you to follow up with the printing tasks anymore. So, there is a need to resolve the problem first to perform the printing jobs accurately. Here, we will discuss the main factors that can cause the printer jamming issue and the steps to resolve the problem finally for the printing solution.

Why Does My Lexmark Printer Keep Jamming?

If you are facing the jamming issue corresponding to your Lexmark printer, then there can be several factors responsible for it. You need to configure out the main cause of the problem that relates to your printer. After that, you can perform the solution for it:

  1. Dirty or worn pick rollers
  2. Paper jam inside the machine
  3. Paper guides are not in the correct position
  4. The input tray contains more paper than its capacity
  5. Loose paper guides

So, these are the responsible factors that can cause the paper jamming issue in your printer. You can resolve the problem by performing appropriate steps for its solution.

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Steps to Troubleshoot and Resolve Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming

If you are facing a jamming issue with your Lexmark printer, then you can perform the steps below to fix the problem and proceed successfully with the printing tasks.

Dirty or worn pick rollers

Firstly, check for the dirty rollers. If there is any dust or dirt on the rollers, it may restrict the machine to perform its operations. So, the rollers must be clean for the printing to take place accurately. Follow the steps below to clean the rollers of the Lexmark Printer.

  1. Switch OFF the printer firstly, and unplug it from the main power source.
  2. Now, open the printer and navigate to the left side of the printer.
  3. Open its main door, and remove the cartridge securely.
  4. After that, take out the toner cartridge by handling it with both the handing and giving it an outward jerk at 45 degrees. This way, the toner cartridge will separate from the printer.
  5. Now, close the main door to its half and locate the roller. After that, search for its mounting arms.
  6. The next step is to release the roller that is attached to the mounting arm. So, press one end of the arm in the outward direction to remove the roller securely.
  7. After that, you need to clean the roller with a little warm water to resolve Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming issue.
  8. Dry out the roller and clean it thoroughly. Make sure that there are no dust particles on it before placing it back in the machine.
  9. Lastly, place the roller at its desired position and attach the mounting arm again to it. After that, place the cartridge properly and close the main door.

Now, check for the solution to the problem. If there is any issue relating to the dirty roller then it will surely be resolved. You can now perform the printing tasks successfully. If still, you are facing Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming issue, move to the next step.

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Paper jam inside the machine

The issue may also correspond to any paper that gets jammed inside the machine. So, to resolve the problem, you need to take the paper out and also its torn particles. After that, you can continue with the printing jobs. Follow the steps below to remove the jammed paper from the printer:

  1. Firstly, open the front door of the machine.
  2. Pull tray 1 out of the printer, and open it properly.
  3. Hold the paper that is stuck inside the machine, and pull it out securely and slowly.
  4. Check for the torn pieces of the paper inside the machine and pull it out.
  5. Lastly, close the front door of the printer and check for the solution to the Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming problem.

If the problem relates to the jammed paper, then it will surely be resolved. Hence, you can now follow up with the printing jobs successfully.

Loose or Incorrect Paper Guides

The Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming problem can also be because of the loose paper guides or incorrect position of the guides. You need to place the guides in their correct position and they must be fitted tightly with the machine. So, you will be able to perform the printing tasks without any error or failure. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, remove the papers from the input tray.
  2. Now, pull the paper guides in the outward direction.
  3. After that, take sufficient papers that must not be more than the maximum height of the capacity mark on the tray. After placing the paper in the correct position, make the paper guides pull inwards.
  4. Now, check that the paper guide touches the papers, but not press it.
  5. Lastly, check for the solution to the problem.

After that, send the printing command to the printer and check if the error persists or not. If yes, then move to the next step.

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The input tray contains more paper than its capacity

The problem Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming may also occur if you place more papers in the input tray than its overall capacity. Before placing the papers in the tray, check the printer requirements. Also, load the papers below their maximum mark to avoid any overloading. In addition, check paper size and style requirements for your printer to compensate for the correct printing solution.

If still, you are facing the paper jamming issue with your Lexmark printer, you may call the customer care executive and discuss your problem. The executive will help you to resolve the problem and continue with printing tasks accurately with the Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming error.

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