Printer Says No Ink But Cartridge is Full

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Last Updated - January 16, 2024

Printer Says No Ink But Cartridge is Full

While working with the Printer, you always have to maintain a check on its ink levels. If there is not sufficient ink in the cartridges, then the Printer will display an error message.  It does not allow you to print the files anymore. In such cases, you have to fill the ink levels and then try to print the files again. But, there are times when you have filled up the ink levels in all the cartridges, and still, the Printer is generating an error. You configure that ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’. What can you do in such cases? How can you continue with your printing task and remove the error message on the screen? We will follow up in detail on why the Printer still shows an error after filling up the ink levels and how to fix this issue.

Why Does My Printer say no ink but the cartridge full?

There can be various reasons corresponding to this situation. The main reason is that you have not placed the correct cartridge in its position. There are some other reasons also including,
    • The Cartridge Installation problem
    • Protective tape is not removed while placing the new cartridge
    • Cartridges are remanufactured
    • Dirty or damaged chips
    • Cartridge Protection is set as ‘enable’
    • Incorrect color for the ink cartridge
Due to all these reasons, you may face the issue and be unable to print successfully. You have to check all these points before proceeding with the printing task. Also, take proper preventive measures while placing the ink cartridges in their respective slots. Do not spill the ink on the Printer.Related: Cartridge cannot be used untill printer is enrolled

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’

To fix the issue, you have to follow various proper steps relating to its cause and remove the error on the screen. You can then continue to print your files successfully. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve this problem.

Remove all the Protective Tapes

You have to take proper care to remove all the protective strips or tapes before inserting cartridges at their respective positions. If you will now remove the tapes, then the Printer will not register the cartridge and display an error on the screen.

Reset Internal Memory

You may also encounter a problem if you do not reset the internal memory. Sometimes, the Printer does not update its internal memory even after installing the new ink cartridge and displays an error on the screen. To fix the problem ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’, you have to first check and reset the internal memory and then perform the printing operation. Follow the steps below to reset the memory and resolve the issue ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’:
  1. Take the new ink cartridges and replace them with the old ones.
  2. Check if the Printer recognizes these new cartridges. If ye, then you get the solution automatically. If not, then follow the next step.
  3. Remove the Cartridges and check all the slots. Be careful to insert it properly after checking for any surface damage. Also, remove the dust and dirt from the color slots, if any.
  4. Now, Switch OFF the Printer by pressing its power button.
  5. Unplug the Printer from the main power source. This step is necessary as the Printer can also go to sleep mode if we switch it OFF using only its power button.
  6. Again, plug in your Printer to the main power source. Turn the switch ON.
  7. Insert the new ink cartridges in their respective slots.
  8. Now, Turn the Printer ON by pressing and holding it power button for a few seconds.
  9. Check for the solution of ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’.

Disable the Cartridge Protection

You can move to the Printer’s settings and check if there is a tick corresponding to the Cartridge Protection. If yes, then this stops the cartridges to work for any task. To continue with the printing task, disable the Cartridge protection option, and print successfully.

Insert the Ink Cartridge In its Respective Slot

Check all the ink cartridges for their respective slots. If there is any cartridge inserted in another slot that does not represent its colour, then you may face a ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’ issue. Also, check that you install the cartridge with the toner. After taking proper measures and checking all the cartridges in their respective colour slots, you may again try to print the file and check for the success of the operation.

Set the TCP/IP Port

The issue ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’ may also arise in case there is an issue with the TCP/IP Port. Follow the steps below to set the port accurately.
  1. Move to the ‘Start’ option.
  2. Go to ‘Setting’, and then go to ‘Devices’.
  3. Locate the option ‘Printers and Scanner’.
  4. Click on the option ‘HP Printer’.
  5. Hit the Manage’ button
  6. Click on the ‘Printer Properties option.
  7. Move to the ‘Port’ section.
  8. Hit the ‘Add Port’ button.
  9. Now, select the option for ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’.
  10. Open the window and type the required Printer Name and its IP Address.
  11. In almost all cases, it will fill up the port name automatically.
  12. Hit the ‘Next’ button.
  13. Click on the “finish’ option.
  14. Move to the Printer Port section, and hit the ‘Close’ button.
  15. Click on the ‘Apply’ option and click on the ‘OK’ button.
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Clean the Chips and the Color slots
The Printer will not work accurately if you insert the cartridge in the dirty slots and the chips are also not clean. You may face the issue ‘Printer says no ink but cartridge full’ in this case. So, make sure that before inserting the new ink cartridge, you clean all the chips and slots properly with a tissue or a cloth. Then insert the cartridge. Also, check the ink is not spilled on the slots. If there is any, then clean it with a wet towel. Make the slot dry, and then insert the new ink cartridge properly. Now, try to print the file and check for success.Also Check:
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