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Zebra printers are one of the finest printers across the globe. As it comes packed with a range of amazing features, since, it’s available in multiple sizes and power-packed configurations which makes it a bestseller product among the printers available in the market. You can choose any of them as per your requirement and budget. If you already using the Zebra printer and are facing any tech-related issue, then you are advised to connect with us, as our team of experts render for permanent fixes to all your printer related tech issues.

With our team of experts, we pledge to serve our customers to satisfy and ensures timely fix of tech queries, we can be accessed remotely to get fix all your tech-related queries via phone and chat. Our timely fixes of queries make us one of the leading players in the service sector. Also, with a huge list set of satisfied clientele all over the world, we are a reliable source of help for your Zebra printer tech issues in case if your Zebra Printer Not Printing. Our extraordinarily feasible way to work with absolute care while providing guidance and help for any Zebra printer issues 24/7 is incredible and is really worth.

Some Common Reasons – Why Zebra printer Not Printing?

  • The printhead may contain or have an accumulation of dust and debris or the Print label is stopping the heat transfer.
  • There may be unreliable media in a Direct thermal application.
  • The ribbon bar and media type might not match properly.
  • If the ribbon is inked from the wrong side.
  • Usage of unauthorized or faulty cables and connections.
  • Operating turn on/off your Printer using a faulty power outlet ports.
  • The faulty router in connection to the PC and Printer could be a cause for a disrupted connection.
  • A firewall is not checked to be OFF.

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Tips To Fix the printing Issues:

  • Ensure the printer is loaded correctly.
  • Check the inked side of the ribbon.
  • Use a matched ribbon and media.
  • Clean the printheads properly.

If the issue of Zebra printer not printing anything is still there, then you can visit the official website of the printer and take help from there. The team of experts will render their exclusive services to fix all issues and queries related to Zebra Printer.

Troubleshooting The Zebra Printer Not Printing Issues – Permanent Fix

If you are finding difficulty in concluding daily printing tasks using your Zebra printer as you might encounter a commonly occurred issue as your Zebra printer not printing properly, you need to fix the issue by trying some fixes. Initially, go for the basic troubleshooting as it is easy and requires less time and effort for resolving the issue. The steps of troubleshooting are as follows:

  1. Ensure to check for the connectivity, cables and connections made should be in the right order In case if they are not plugged rightly, Then you are advised to plug the machine and other peripheral equipment directly into the wall outlet instead of connecting them via extension cables.
  2. Also, make sure to check that the network wires are firmly connected in between the computer and the Zebra printer set.
  3. Strictly keep a tab on a pattern of  LEDs blinking, by which you can assess whether the network installed is in OK condition.

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If the above-mentioned steps do not fix the issue and still there is an issue then you are advised for advanced troubleshooting. The steps are as follows::

  1. Make sure to check the status of the Printer: You should check whether or not there is paper available in the paper tray, ink cartridge/toner status.
  2. Press Halt to Cancel all Jobs: If your Zebra printer hangs and stops the printing tasks to compete, this prompted delay can cause the job queue to overburden which may damage the hardware. You are advised to initiate the force quit using the Control panel tab on your computer.
  3. Reboot the printer and make sure to set your Zebra Printer as Default. If you make Zebra as the default printer, all the printing jobs will be carried out easily.
  4. Now, always look to Update Drivers of your Zebra Printer, in-order to fix Zebra Printer Not Printing Issue as mostly, the error is prompted when the driver is outdated. You re advised to have installed the updated version of the printer driver software required for the proper functioning of Zebra printers.

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