Zebra Printer Not Printing

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Last Updated - January 15, 2024

Zebra Printer Not Printing

Zebra printer comes up with reliable printing configurations. But sometimes, it may suffer from printing glitches due to improper connections, pending firmware updates, hardware and software issues, etc. Here we will discuss Zebra Printer Not Printing issues. If there is a printing issue with your Zebra Printer, then you can simply resolve it by performing a power cycle, improving the network connection, canceling all the pending jobs, performing pending updates, and much more. However, if nothing works to fix the issue, then perform the factory reset of the device. Let us discuss in detail the factors responsible for the printing issues with the Zebra printer and how you can fix them.

Why My Zebra Printer Not Printing?

There can be several factors that may be responsible for the Zebra Printer Not Printing. These are as follows:
    • Poor cable connections
    • Internet connectivity issues
    • Pending updates
    • Too many Jobs stuck in the queue
    • Incompatible device
    • Wrong printing papers used
    • Empty or low ink cartridges
    • Hardware faults
    • Software errors
    • No Drivers Installed
So, these are the possible causes of the printing issue with the Zebra printer. You can configure the exact cause of the problem and perform the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Troubleshoot and Fix Zebra Printer Not Printing

The user facing the printing issue can perform the steps below in series to fix the issue and carry on with the printing tasks again. You can check for success after each step, and head over to the next step if still the issue persists. So, perform these steps in series:Loose Cable ConnectionThe printing issue may pertain to loose cable connections or any damage to the cables. So, the user has to tighten up all the connections and also check the connecting wires for any damage or burn. Moreover, check the ports in which you are fixing the cable, In case of any damaged port, the printer may suffer from connection issues and thus not be able to print the document.

Slow Internet Connection

Secondly, you need to check the network speed. The user can perform the online speed test and focus on the ways of improving the speed in case it is low. So, to improve the speed, firstly place the device close to the router. After that, restart the router and reconnect the device with it. After that, check for the success of the Zebra Printer Not Printing issue by printing a test page. If the page prints successfully, it means you can follow up with your jobs. Otherwise, go to the next step.

Incompatible Device

Also, an error may arise if you are using a device that does not meet the requirements of the printer. In the case of incompatible devices, the connections may not be relevant and thus you may face printing issues. So, before making any connection or downloading the drivers, make sure that your device is compatible with the printer. You can check for compatibility online depending on the model of your printer.

Perform Pending Updates

Check for the firmware and driver updates online. In case, there are some pending updates, then firstly update the driver and then follow up with the printing task. The old version of the driver may interrupt the printing jobs by throwing an error or failure as Zebra Printer Not Printing. So, it is necessary to check for the driver and firmware updates timely and perform it whenever you trigger an update.

Check Paper Specification

The printing failure may also be present in your device if you are printing on a paper that is incompatible with the printer. Every printer has some paper requirements to print which define its size, shape, thickness, and quality. You need to first check the paper requirements of your Zebra printer and place only those papers that meet its specifications for the printing task.

Checking Ink Levels in the Cartridges

One or more empty ink cartridges or a low ink level in the cartridge may also relate to the Zebra Printer Not Printing issue. So, before performing the printing task, check if there is sufficient ink in the cartridges. Fill up the ink which is lesser than the minimum mark and then perform the printing jobs for success. In case the issue persists, perform the next step.Hardware and Software IssuesCheck for the existence of any hardware or software problems with the device. In case of any issue, take appropriate action and check for successful printing solutions.

Perform a Power Cycle

Follow the steps below to perform the power cycle and resolve the Zebra Printer Not Printing issue.
    1. Firstly, turn ON your printer.
    2. Go to its rear side and press the switch near the power socket.
    3. After that, disconnect all the connecting cables with the printer.
    4. Now, wait for 5 minutes.
    5. Finally, connect all the cables back to their places and turn ON the printer again.
    6. Check for the success of the printing services of the device.
Setting the Printer As Default
It can be s situation in which you have not selected your printer as Default to perform the operations. So, follow the steps below to make the Zebra printer as default:
    1. Firstly, click on the ‘Start’ button and go to the ‘Settings’ option.
    2. Now, go to the ‘Devices’ section and click on the ‘Printer and Scanner’ option.
    3. After that, go to the “Let Window Manage My Default Printer” checkbox at the bottom of the window and mark it as a check.
    4. Now, a list will open up on the screen. Select the name of your Zebra printer.
    5. Lastly, click on the option “set as default”.
    6. Restart the printer and check for the success of the operation.
Factory Reset of the Printer
If nothing else works and you are not able to get the solution to the problem of Zebra Printer Not Printing, then you can perform the ‘Factory Reset’ of the device to its original configurations. Make sure to save your data somewhere as after performing the factory reset, all of your data will be lost.Also, check: 
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