How To Change Toner In Sharp Printer

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Last Updated - January 15, 2024

How To Change Toner In Sharp Printer


How To Change Toner In Sharp Printer – How Toner Works

Unlike Inkjet printers, Laser printers use toner to process the printing task. Toner is essentially a power mixture. The particles therein are liquified by the heat of the fuser. The melted toner is thereafter printed on the paper. The toner is generally processed through toner cartridges. The image sent to be printed is first converted into a laser image, which is then imprinted on a copier drum, which then copies the image onto paper. Searching the web for ‘How To Change Toner In Sharp Printer’? We would first like you to go through these points to make yourself aware of how these laser printers work.

  • The process starts the moment you press ‘print’ on your computer device. The information is first sent to the printer’s memory. Printer memory is the storage that contains all the data.
  • There is a wire placed near the drum called Corona Wire. This wire gives a static electric charge to the components around it. It is a high-voltage wire and therefore works quickly.
  • The Corona Wire thereof charges the copier drum, which gains a positive charge from it. And it is spread uniformly throughout the drum.
  • Simultaneously, the in-built circuit activates the laser to make it draw the image on the photoreceptor drum. The laser beam sent does not move, rather it is made to bounce off a rolling mirror, which in turn scans the whole image and prints it on the Photoreceptor Drum.
  • The Photoreceptor drum has a negative charge on areas that are meant to print black on the paper and a positive charge for the areas that are to be left white or blank.
  • The ink roller that touches the drum, coats it with the powder mixture, i.e., toner. It is this ink roller that has the toner spread all over it. The toner is heated in such a manner that is stuck onto the roller with ease.
  • The toner is filled with a positive charge, to make it stick on the photoreceptor drum, which has a negative charge. Opposite electrical charges attract is the underlying principle here.
    Areas on the Photoreceptor Drum that have a positive charge do not attract any ink
  • This process builds up the final image that is to be printed on the paper. The paper coming in contact with the Photoreceptor Drum with a positive charge comes out colored, whereas, the spots with a negative charge print nothing on the paper.
  • Paper sheets are fed from a hopper into the printer and it is moved finally towards the Photoreceptor Drum.
  • The negatively charged paper attracts the toner. The desired image is printed on the paper thereof.
  • This paper further moves through two hot rollers called the fuser unit. The toner particles are fixed into the fibers of the paper due to the heat and pressure emitted from these rollers.
  • The paper comes out from one side of the copier. And since the whole process of printing relies on electrostatic charges, the papers freshly printed are warm.

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Steps To Change Toner In Sharp Printer

If you have ever had to wonder ‘How To Change Toner In Sharp Printer’ we are providing you with ways to change the toner of your Sharp printer. These are easy to carry out and entails minimal effort. These steps, if carried out in sequence, will help you with ‘ How To Change Toner In sharp Printer’.

  • Start off by lifting the scanner assembly. It is the top-most cover on the Sharp printing machine.
  • Now open the top cover, that directly covers the toner cartridge. In order to change the toner cartridge, this step needs to be carried out.
  • Therein, you will see a photoreceptor Drum. Take out the Drum Assembly from the printer by simply pulling it out straight.
  • Press the ‘Release’ lever on the Drum Assembly. It will loosen the cartridge. Take the used cartridge out.
  • Before fixing in the new Toner cartridge, make sure to give it a light shake to ensure that the toner is spread uniformly across the cartridge. Also, make sure not to touch the imaging drum at the bottom of the toner cartridge. This often results in bad-quality image processing.
  • Put the new toner cartridge in. you will hear a snap sound when it is placed in its place.
  • Put back the Drum Assembly. And close your Sharp printer’s access port.
  • The toner cartridge has been replaced and the new one is ready to be used. You can print it right away to see if it is working. The moment your Sharp printer starts processing, your computer will recognize that a new toner cartridge is being used.

Users frequently run into outdated toner cartridges. If you are also wondering How To Change Toner In Sharp Printer, the procedure has been elaborated. You can also contact our sharp printer setup team to get your toner changed or replaced.

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