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Printing desired documents and files with the sharp printer. It is an easy process as they offer the most smooth and hassle-free printing experience. The sharp printer is mostly used in the corporate offices as they come up with the most advanced configurations and perform various tasks at the same time. But like any other printers, they also can affect the user’s experience by numerous technical glitches. Most of the technical issues will be resolved by restarting the printers. But what to do when the issue is with the charger unit? Don’t get stressed Sharp Printer Code C1-10 can arise because of various issues in the charging unit.

Sharp Printer Code C1-10 issues can be resolved easily by following some basic steps. These issues can mainly affect the user’s printing experience as the printer is unable to get the required power supply. It is suggested by experts that users need to make sure that all the wires are connected properly to a power source. If you are unsure about how to resolve the Sharp Printer Code C1-10 error you can also get help from the certified sharp technicians which can be easily accessible through our helpdesk. We make sure that you get reliable and quick solutions and get the best printing experience from your sharp printer.

Reasons For Sharp Printer Error Code C1-10

Sharp Printer Code C1-10 error can arise because of various reasons associated with the charging units and needs to be repaired instantly. If these issues are not resolved on time the users need to face the power issues. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

  • One of the most important reasons in getting Sharp Printer Code C1-10 errors is the improper installation of the main charging unit (BK).
  • Another reason for getting the error is abnormality or faults in the Main charger unit (BK).
  • Improper placement and installation of the developer unit (KCMY)
  • Fault or issues in the sharp printer developer unit.
  • Unwanted disconnection issues in case of high voltages with MC PWB connector.
  • Breakage of high voltage harness of the charging unit.
  • Issues associated with the high voltage MC PWB unit.
  • Faults with the PCU PWB units.

These are the most common reasons associated with the Sharp Printer Code C1-10 errors. Users need to get a replacement for the required sharp printer parts to get a reliable printing experience.

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Methods To Fix Sharp Printer Code Error C1-10

Sharp Printer Code C1-10 can be resolved by inspecting and replacing some technical parts easily. For that users need to take care of some things so that they can easily eliminate this error code and get the stable power unit to the sharp printer.

  • First of all, users need to check the main chargers output with the SIM8-2.
  • If the output is correct then users need to check the output of the developing unit in the SIM8-1.
  • Insect for the disconnection issues replaces the main charger if there any issues encountered during the inspection.
  • Inspect the developer unit for nay issues if there any then replace the developer unit as well.
  • Now inspect and check for the disconnection issues with the high voltage MC PWB connector. If any technical issues found to try to replace it as well.
  • If everything is working fine then check the MC PWB and PCU PWB units. If there any issues found in them replace them instantly to get a reliable printing experience.

If you don’t know how to replace or inspect the issues associated with the output units then you need to reach the sharp printer tech experts instantly.


Sharp printers are the most advanced printers and have some complex hardware parts and the issues associated with them are hard to resolve if you don’t have any technical skills and knowledge to solve them. Sharp Printer Code C1-10 error can be resolved with the help of experts only as these errors need some kind or replacement units and internal parts which are not possible for you to change on your own. If you don’t know how to get connected with the sharp printer experts reach our helpdesk and we make sure that you get reliable and quick solutions from them for Sharp Printer Code C1-10. Our Sharp printer setup team can help you in reaching out to the expert technicians who can resolve these issues with the utmost care and dedication. You can rely on our seamless assistance as we understand that it is essential to have some support in case we don’t know how to reach to the industry’s expert technicians.

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