Unboxing and Configuring Your Epson L3110: A How-To Guide

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Last Updated - December 21, 2023

Unboxing and Configuring Your Epson L3110: A How-To Guide

epson L3110 wireless setup
Epson L3110 is a multifunctional Printer that focuses on productivity. The Inkjet Printer comes with three years of ink cartridges. It has an integrated ink tank, that helps to refill the ink without any spilling. To work efficiently with Epson L3110, you need to install the software for the Printer and drivers. Here, we will discuss the entire process for Epson L3110 Wireless Setup. You can download the software either from the CD or online. You can also use this Printer in the office for copy and scan purposes. Its printheads are so reliable that they always print like a pro.

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Compatibility of Epson L3110 Printer Setup

To proceed with the Epson L3110 Wireless Setup, you will first have to check whether your operating system is compatible with the Printer or not. Unless you use the compatible OS, you will not be able to print or meet success with the printing command. Below is the list of all the OS that is compatible with the Epson L3110 Printer, and you can perform Epson L3110 Setup on them:

Windows 1032-Bits; 64-Bits
Windows 8.132-Bits; 64-Bits
Windows 832-Bits; 64-Bits
Windows XP32-Bits; 64-Bits
Windows Vista32-Bits; 64-Bits
Mac OSX-Intel; X-PowerPC

How do I connect my Epson l3110 printer to WIFI?

There are series of steps that you should follow in sequence to perform the Epson L3110 Setup. We will study each step in detail so that you find it easy to set up your Printer by yourself. Following are the steps that you must follow for it:

      1. Unpacking the Printer

      1. Fill the Ink Tanks

      1. Turning ON and Charging the Ink

      1. Loading Papers

      1. Installing Software

    These are the five main steps you have to perform for Epson L3110 Setup. We will now study the complete details of all these five main steps.

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    Epson L3110 Setup – How to Do It The First Time?

        • The first step is to unpack the Printer. For this, open the main Carton in which the Printer is packed. Now, remove the tapes and open the box.

        • Take the Printer out of the Box.

        • Now, you may find out that there are various protective tapes on the Printer also. Remove all the protective tapes cautiously.

        • Make sure not to open the ink bottles in this step. If you’re confused then speak with an experts at  +1-877-640-8752 for steps by steps assistance.

      Fill the Ink Tanks

      In the next step, you have to fill up the ink in the tanks. Epson L3110 provides you with ink Cartridges for a maximum of three years. Epson L3110 Wireless Setup process is incomplete without this step, as you will not be able to print even a single document or file without filling up the inks. Follow the steps below for this:

          • Carefully handle the ink so that it does not get spoil.

          • If accidentally, the ink spills over the Printer, then wipe it off gently using a towel to get rid of permanent stains on the Printer.

          • Use only genuine ink for reliable and efficient printing. Non-genuine ink can also cause damage to the Printer.

          • To fill the black ink, open the tank cover and cap first. Open the BK ink bottle. BK represents ‘Black’.

          • Turn the bottle cap to open the bottle by holding it in the upright position.

          • Now, fill the ink in the black ink port. Hold it and slowly bend it to fill the slot. Pour the ink slowly, and do not squeeze the bottled ink at once.

          • When you configure the completion of the ink tank, and then slowly remove the bottle. Close the bottle with its cap and keep it safe.

          • Repeat this process for all the other coloured inks to perform the Epson L3110 Setup with coloured printing.

          • After filling all the inks, close the ink tank cover.

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        Turning ON and Charging the Ink

        Now, it is time to switch ON your Printer. It is the actual starting of the Epson L3110 Wireless Setup. Follow the steps below:

            • Take the power cord. Connect one end to the Printer and the other end to the power outlet.

            • Make sure that the connections are tight and secure.

            • Now, turn ON the Printer by pressing its power button in the front. As soon as you turn the Printer ON, the ink light will flash for few seconds. Wait for the stability of the light.

            • After the light is stable, move to the next step.

          Loading Papers

          Loading papers is easy and quick. Make sure that you load the paper within the capacity limits.  Also, load the accurate size papers into the tray for the best Epson L3110 Wireless Setup. Follow the steps below to load the papers.

              • Approach the feeder guard and flip it in the forwarding direction. You will now see the paper support panel. Raise this panel and tilt it in the backward direction.

              • There are also edge guides present on both sides. Make them out.

              • Now, load the paper into the tray. The paper can be A4 size, letter size, short edge first and glossy.

              • After loading the paper properly into the tray, slide in the edge guides to support the paper.

              • Approach the output tray and pull it out.

              • Now, raise the stopper for the papers.

            Next, you are ready to install the software for completion of Epson L3110 Setup. Installing software for the Printer and Driver is a must step for Epson L3110 Wireless Setup. The Printer will not work accurately if you will not install this software.

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            Installing Epson L3110 Printer Setup

            Perform Software installation very precisely as a single mistake can lead to irrelevant results. You can install the software directly from the CD or DVD that you get with the Printer. Id in case, your CD is not available or it is not working accurately, you can also download the software/setup online from the authorized sites. For the best Epson L3110 Wireless Setup, make sure that you download the software from the official site only.

            Perform the steps below:

                • Turn On your Computer, laptop or PC from which you want to install the drivers.

                • Insert the CD that you get along with the Printer.

                • The screen will now show you a pop up for “Auto Play Windows”. The driver software will require your permission to run and install on this device.

                • Hit the ‘Run’ button to install the driver.

                • After the driver is running, the screen will display an option to open it.

                • Hit the ‘Yes’ button to proceed further.

                • Now, the screen will show you the agreement instructions. Read the instruction thoroughly. Click on the check box corresponding to the instruction “I have reviewed and accept the installation agreement”.

                • Hit the ‘Next button.

                • It will begin your installation.

                • Hit the ‘Confirm’ button to connect your Computer and Printer.

                • You can now use a USB cable or proceed with Epson L3110 Wireless Setup for connecting the Printer.

                • Click on the ‘Continue’ button.

                • Click on the ‘Finish’ button.

              It is the complete procedure for Epson L3110 Wireless Setup. You can also prefer to connect the Printer using the cable. Make sure that while connecting the Computer and the Printer wirelessly, you must connect both of them to the same network, and the internet speed must be high. For more help reach out to epson printer support team at  +1-877-640-8752.

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