Epson L3150 WiFi Setup Demystified: A Comprehensive Guide

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Last Updated - December 16, 2023

Epson L3150 WiFi Setup Demystified: A Comprehensive Guide

Epson L3150 is an economical and reliable printer that you can use for business as well as for commercial purposes. It offers you cost-efficient printing and is compatible with any type of computer. You can opt for the Epson L3150 WiFi Setup for fast and reliable printing. You can also connect your device directly with the L3150 printer using the Wi-Fi Direct option available. It is effective when you wish to print via phone. In this, you do not have to first transfer the content to the computer for printing. But, the most suitable option for handling your prints are setting up the Printer wirelessly and printing via a Wi-Fi network.

What to Remember Before Epson L3150 Setup

Setting up the Printer wirelessly is quite easy and quick. But, there are some safety recommendations you must follow before you proceed to set up the Printer. There is a high possibility for loss of data, virus threats and printing problems if you do not follow these safety rules. Stick to the measures listed below:
      • Maintain and use a secure network connection. You can maintain the security of the network by protecting it using a strong password. Also, remember to change the password periodically.
      • To avoid any security issues, make sure that you connect your device to the router or wireless device that supports a protection firewall. The ISP is responsible for protecting your connection using a high protective firewall.
      • Always prefer to set your passwords instead of using the default ones. Default passwords are easy to crack and can cause loss of data and information.

    WPS Setup For L3150 Printer (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

    You can connect your Printer wirelessly over a network if its uses a router that is WPS enabled. You can check for the WPS button on your router (or its software supports WPS) and can proceed with the Epson L3150 WiFi Setup. There are separate set-up procedures for the L3150 Printers with LCD screens and without LCD screens. Let us study the complete setup process for both types of Printers.Also check: Epson l3110 wifi setup

    Epson L3150 Wireless Setup For Printer with LCD Screen

    If you are using an L3150 Printer with an LCD screen, then you can proceed with the steps below for its complete setup.
        • At first, you have to access the Wi-Fi setup menu of your Printer. To reach it, directly use the home screen of the Printer.
        • If you are not able to get the Wi-Fi setup mode on the home screen then, navigate to right and left arrow keys and use it to reach the Wi-Fi setup option.
        • Click on the ‘OK’ button to use this mode.
        • If still, you are not able to reach the Wi-Fi setup mode, then use the up and down key to locate it and use it.
        • Now, locate and click on the ‘Push Button’ or ‘WPS’ button.
        • Move to your router and click on its WPS button. The router will now start detecting your Printer, and you will get its presence on your Printer’s screen.
        • Move to the Printer screen, and click on the ‘OK’ button to continue with the secure connection.
        • Again click on the ‘OK’ button for confirming the connection.
        • So, this ends ups your Epson L3150 WiFi Setup successfully.
      Before following up with the Wi-Fi setup process, make sure that you have set up your Printer completely. Insert the ink trays, sheets, and make proper power connections for its working. Also, make sure that you are making a secure connection that is password protected. After making the connection, first, try to confirm it by giving a test command and checking if its work properly or not.

      Epson L3150 WiFi Setup For Printer without LCD Screen

      If you are working on Epson L3150 without an LCD screen, then you have to proceed with a different method for connection and setup. Follow the procedure below:
          • Firstly, locate the Wi-Fi button on your Printer’s screen. Click it and hold it for at least three seconds.
          • Wait for the light to flash and release the Wi-Fi button as soon as the light starts flashing.
          • Locate the WPS button on your Router. Click it and check for your Printer to connect it.
          • When you connect the Printer, the Wi-Fi light on it begins to flash.
          • After the successful connection, the light on the router and the Printer will glow and tell the presence of a secure and active connection.
          • You can now send a test command to check the successful connection and proper working of the Printer.
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        How Do I Connect My Epson L3150 To WiFi?

        The most reliable and comfortable way is to connect your Epson L3150 to WiFi and use it for any Printing tasks. To connect it to the Wifi, first, make sure that you are using an active internet connection. Also, check that your router is secure by a protective firewall. Now, follow the steps below to connect Epson L3150 to WiFi:
            1. Click on the WPS button on your Router. If you do not have a WPS button on your router, then check for any other wireless button on it.
            1. Now, move to your Printer and click on its Wi-Fi button. Hold it till the light starts flashing.
            1. Now, you will get the connection details on the screen.
            1. Click ‘OK’ to make a wifi connection between your Printer and the Network.
            1. Send printing command and check the connection status.
          Epson L3150 WiFi Setup using Wi-Fi Direct
          You can also continue to establish a secure connection using Wi-Fi direct mode. To proceed with the Epson L3150 WiFi Setup via Wi-Fi Direct, follow the steps below:
              1. Approach your Printer.
              1. Press and hold the Network Status button. Simultaneously press and hold the Wi-Fi button.
              1. Wait for the Wi-Fi light and the WiFi Direct light to flash.
              1. As soon as the light flashes, release the two buttons.
              1. Now, navigate to the Network Status button, and hold it for few seconds.
              1. The Printer will now print the status sheet allowing you to view the connection status.
              1. Now, set your username and password, which is mentioned on the status sheet, under the Wi-Fi direct column. This completes Epson L3150 WiFi Setup.
              1. Send and check the printing command.
            If you need help then talk with live rep at epson printer support.
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