How to Find the Right Solution for Your HP Laser Jet Issues

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Last Updated - December 21, 2023

How to Find the Right Solution for Your HP Laser Jet Issues

HP Laserjet Printers are specially designed to meet all your needs at the office and home. You can print, copy and scan using the HP Printers. It allows an easy and user-friendly way to work with the printing commands. The setup and installation of the HP Printers are quick and easy to be performed. You can prefer the “HP Easy Start” online at 123.hp/laserjet to install the software and perform the complete set-up of your HP printer. You can install and set up the HP Printer using the wireless and USB connection using the stepwise guidance. You can get solutions for troubleshooting problems if you face any while connecting HP laserjet Printer to WIFI.

Quick Support For Printers

You can visit online to get the full support system to set up and install your Printer. If you are stuck with “How Do I Connect my HP Laserjet Printer to my WIFI?”, then you can easily get the entire solution of it online at 123.hp/laserjet. It helps you with the quick guide of all the HP Printer families. The various help and support you can get includes,
      • Printer Setup Wireless
      • Printer Setup using USB
      • Downloading Printer Drivers
      • Software Installation
      • Troubleshooting Procedures
      • Connecting Printer to your Computer
    You can get instant help online and set up your Printer independently in a professional way. You can also resolve the issue if you come across any of it. To get success at one time, you have to follow the procedure step by step and restrict to all the guidelines mentioned there. If you wish to get the solution of “How do I Connect to HP 123”, there you are at the right place at 123.hp/laserjet. Here, you will get the full instructions for installation, software as well as diagnostic and repair details.You can search for the software and the driver relating to your Printer and install them or update them. It also allows you to use “HP Print and Scan Doctor” that helps to analyze any issue and provides a reliable solution for it.Also check: HP laserjet 1020 connect to wifi

    Role of Hp Printer Software

    You can get online help for the Software that your Printer supports. The experts available online helps you to manage your Printer and use the best recommendable software for it. These further help you in the management of various tasks, including
        1. Helps in Installation of Printers Drivers
      You can install the Drivers of the Printer by first downloading it directly from the link provided on the page, and then installing it on your device.
          1. Helps to Create your account on HP
        It also enables you to create your account successfully and completing all the desired steps necessary for its operation. As a result, it reduces your chances of failure while making any connection later.
            1. Helps to register your Printer to your account
          It also guides you for the entire process you must follow to register your Printer to use it.
              1. HP smart Software also helps you in printing, scanning and copying files
            After successful registration, you can get the expert details at 123.hp/laserjet, for using the Printer to print, scan and copy the files.
                1. It also helps you to handle the printing commands remotely
              You can also access the Printer remotely and use it for printing the files and documents.Related: HP LaserJet MFP M126NW Setup

              How Do I Connect my HP Laserjet Printer to my WIFI?

              You can easily connect your HP Laserjet Printer to WIFI by following up with a series of steps. You can refer to these steps online at 123.hp/laserjet. Here is the full procedure for it:
                  1. Restoring Default Settings for Printer’s Network
                Firstly, set the Printer with the default network settings. After making all the settings as default, wait for two hours as the Printer will enter in the WIFI setup mode. Follow the steps below:
                    1. In the Printer, access the Setup or Wireless menu.
                    1. Go to Network Settings, and then click on the “Restore Network Settings” option.
                    1. If you are using the Laserjet Printer without a touch screen, then press the ‘Wireless Button’ and hold it for few seconds. As the ‘Attention’ lights start flashing, release the button. Now, wait for the flashing of ‘Wireless light’.
                      1. Installing HP Smart Application
                    Now, the main step to your question “How Do I Connect my HP Laserjet Printer to my WIFI? ”, is the installing of the HP app. To proceed with installing the HP smart app, you can get the full guidance and the app link online at 123.hp/laserjet. You can install this application on your phone or computer. Follow the steps below:
                        • Open the device on which you want to install the app.
                        • Now, switch ON your router and place it close to your device to get the uninterrupted network connection.
                        • Connect your device to the network using the WIFI connection.
                        • Enable Bluetooth on your device to make HP smart app reachable to the Printer while performing the setup.
                        • Now, download and install the app on your device using the online link at 123.hp/laserjet.
                        • If you get any prompt to sign in using the Microsoft account while installing the app, then you can continue by hitting the “No Thanks” button.
                        • Enable the “device location” on your mobile or computer.
                        • The HP smart app will use your location and detect the Printer while performing setup.
                          1. Signing To HP Account in App
                        The next step is to sign up for the account to use the services of the Printer. You can get the full details to perform the sign up at 123.hp/laserjet.
                            • Sign in to your account in the HP smart app and enter your credentials.
                            • Then, click on the “Add Printer” option.
                            • Go with the flow of the instructions to complete the setup process.
                              1. WIFI Connection:
                            Lastly, you can connect your Printer wirelessly with the device by following up with the connection procedure online at 123.hp/laserjet. You can also prefer to follow the steps below for a successful WIFI connection.
                                • Move to the control panel of the Printer.
                                • Now, use your WIFI network connection to connect it to the printer.
                                • Place the router and the Printer close to each other.
                                • Open the menu bar, and go to “Wireless Settings”.
                                • Choose the name corresponding to your network, and then type the password for it.
                                • Hit the connect button.
                                • This completes HP Laserjet Printer’s connection to your WIFI.
                              Also check: HP Laserjet P1102w Wifi Setup

                              How Do I Connect To HP 123?

                              You can connect to HP 123 using the WIFI connection. provides you with the best guidance and the support to connect your Printer to the device using either the wireless connection or the wired connection. You can also get full help for resolving all your issues acquiring while performing the setup process.It works for the entire family of HP Laserjet Printers. You can choose the Printer that you are using and get the support relating to it. At, there is a search bar at the top of the page that allows you to enter the name and model of your HP Printer and get the best setup and installation guidance relating to it.If you still need help contact team at hp support number.
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