Canon Printer Stuck On Processing – What You Need to Know

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Last Updated - December 13, 2023

Canon Printer Stuck On Processing – What You Need to Know


Canon Printers are known worldwide, and they always deliver the optimum performance when it comes to their services. But sometimes, it happens that the Canon Printer is Stuck in processing due to some faults and failures. The error that is generated while processing relates to many different possibilities. It can be due to a spooler, a stuck printing queue, network issues, cable issues, connectivity problems, and many more. A wise decision must be to predict the problem first and then work on its solution. There are various troubleshooting methods you can adopt to clarify and rectify the Canon printing processing issue. The main problems relate to:

  • Network Communication Issues
  • Paper Jams
  • Incompatible Drivers
  • Loaded Queue
  • Clogging of Print-head
  • Printer Hardware

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Canon Printer Stuck on Processing due to Network Communication Issues

canon printer stuck on processing

We will first analyze the error state and then address the next step. Check that your printer is not displaying any error on the screen, and it acquires its error state while processing. It can be due to some network connectivity issue. If suddenly the Canon Printer is Stuck On Processing, then turn OFF your printer.  Unplug the power source from it. Then unplug your router for some time and switch it back. After the router is all set, it is not time to plug the Printer again. Now, switch ON the Power and check if the Printer is responding or not. If you experience no improvement in the Printer’s processing, then proceed to the next step.

  • If the printer is showing an Active state and the network signal shows high strength, then try to curtail the gap between the Printer and the router. Also, take away all the electronic devices that come in between the Printer and the router.
  • If the above step does not resolve the problem, then follow this step. Disable the software firewall which is present in your computer or device. There are high chances of a Printer responding to the command if you disable the firewall or make it inactive temporarily.
  • If the printer is showing an Inactive state you can see the wrong SSID Name corresponding to it. Then disconnect the Printer from the current network and reconnect it to the original network. This fault happens when there is a change in the Router or there is a change in your SSID name or password. Every time you change your SSID credentials, make sure to reconnect your devices with the new credentials successfully.

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Paper Jams and Ghost Jams

Another reason for incomplete processing can be due to paper jams and Ghost Jams. There are various culprits related to paper jams. Check if the placement of the papers is proper in the input tray or not. A slight change in the position of the pages can result in a paper jam and the Canon Printer Stuck On Processing.  To resolve the problem, remove the paper from the tray and line it again by positioning it accurately. Also, check the paper tray must hold the pages within the limit. Overloading of papers can also result in jamming and will stop the processing of the Printer. For Canon Printers, the maximum limit is 100 papers at a time.

Printer Driver Causes Canon Printer Stuck On Processing

It is not always the hardware that we can blame for processing errors. There are times when the software is also responsible for it. The major problem with drivers is that they can go out of date, incompatible with the printer, or have any update problems. If you are encountering Canon Printer Stuck On Processing after updating your Printer’s Driver, it means that your Driver is not incompatible with the printer. Restore it to the last version and try again for printing. Also, check if you are pending some Driver updates. Your printing can also stop due to a pending update. Check the Driver update in ‘Settings” and perform the update, if any. Now, again give the command to the printer and check if the issue still pertains or not.

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Loaded Queue Resulting in Late or Stuck Processing

After finishing your Printing jobs, the printer automatically clears the print queue itself. But, this fails sometimes, and the Print queue is not empty. It mainly occurs in cases of postponed, held, or stopped command. It blocks the queue, which shows that your Canon Printer is Stuck On Processing. To clear the print queue, follow these steps:

  • Turn OFF the Printer and unplug from the Power Source.
  • Click on the “Window” button.
  • Go to ‘Service’, and open Window Services.
  • Scroll down halfway, and locate ‘Print Spooler’. Right-click the print spooler option and click the ‘Stop’ option.
  • Now, go to Windows Browser and open Windows > System 32 > Spool > PRINTERS.
  • You will see some existing files in this folder. Delete all these files and empty the folder for resolving Canon Printer Stuck On Processing.
  • Now, Switch ‘ON’ your printer and plug in the power source.
  • Restart the printing service.
  • Check for success without any stuck-on processing.

Dry Ink Leads to Print-head Clogging

If you are using your printer after some days, then there is a possibility that your ink may get dry. It results in clogging. It will show you the signal corresponding to the change Cartridge. You will be unable to print with the clogging and the Canon Printer Stuck On Processing. To resolve this issue, adopt the Paper Towel Method. Get ready with a dry paper towel and one damp paper towel. Keep the Cartridge upside down with the print head on the towel. At the end of the Cartridge is the print head made of copper or gold color. Blot it a few times on the towel, and the ink will come out. If there is no ink coming out then, you are blotting the wrong part. Now, take a dry paper towel and hold the Cartridge over it for one minute. After all, this work put the Cartridge back and then start printing. It can resolve Canon Printer Processing issues.

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Printer Hardware Problems with Cables and Low Memory

Sometimes, the problem is not with the Printer or the Computer. The hardware can also be responsible for Canon Printer Stuck On Processing. The hardware includes USB cables, which get torn out or decay with time. To resolve this, you have to swap the old cable with the new one and check the printing task. It is a problem where you will not get any notification, and you will have to face its effect. So always arrange an extra USB cable which can help you anytime. Secondly, there can be a problem with RAM or ROM memory. These days, the printers are very sophisticated. There is a fixed memory for the printing task. This memory corresponds to certain megabytes or gigabytes, depending upon the device. If you connect your printer to several devices, it gets several commands. Then, there is a possibility that you may run out of memory. You have to take care that you do not connect too many devices with a single Printer. You mainly prefer this arrangement on a local network, at home, or in offices.

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